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In this course, you will learn how to find GIS data for your own projects, and how to create a well-designed map that effectively communicates your message. The first section focuses on the basic building blocks of GIS data, so that you know what types of GIS files exist, and the implications of choosing one type over another. Next, we'll discuss metadata (which is information about a data set) so you know how to evaluate a data set before you decide to use it, as well as preparing data by merging and clipping files as needed. We'll then talk about how to take non-GIS data, such as a list of addresses, and convert it into "mappable" data using geocoding. Finally, you'll learn about how to take data that you have found and design a map using cartographic principles. In the course project, you will find your own data and create your own quantitative map. Note: software is not provided for this course....



Aug 04, 2020

It is one of the best course of the specialization. I learned a lot about data acquisition, map design elements and principles and exporting map. It gave me a greater knowledge of map designs.


Aug 17, 2020

A nice and well explained course again. i think if some sample data can be supplied to the trainees when you are demonstrating something in ArcGIS it would be more helpful to practice.


GIS Data Acquisition and Map Design: 76 - 100 / 109 レビュー

by Amaefula I

Jun 07, 2019

I love this program

by Joel O U

Jul 02, 2020

Awesome Experience

by Arezoo R

Aug 08, 2020

Awesome as always

by Bharat B K

Apr 03, 2020

Very Good course.


Jun 30, 2020

Excellent course

by Sathish L

Jun 27, 2020

Very good course

by Francisco J G D

Feb 21, 2020

Excellent course


Sep 14, 2020

Wonderful one

by Fawaz A

Jun 02, 2020

Great lessons

by Lochan J

Sep 04, 2020

nice course


Apr 26, 2020


by Mohammad S R

Jul 23, 2020


by Ratan D

Apr 25, 2020

very Nice

by Diana M B

Oct 16, 2020


by Md. W I K

Jul 20, 2020



May 20, 2020


by Walid M A

May 09, 2020



Apr 18, 2020


by Anthony R

Jul 07, 2020

Full points to the course tutor for being immensely knowledgeable of and enthusiastic about the subject matter. The course content itself is deeply interesting to me and it is well taught. My major issue with this course is the way the final assignment is graded. If you look through the discussion forum for the assignment you will see students pimping reviews and full grades while asking for the same in return. And some of these submissions do not deserve full grades. I also get the impression that if you do not give someone full grades you are not likely to get the proper review and grade your submission deserves. There ought to be some controls against this otherwise it defeats the purpose of putting any detailed work into the assignment and also robs the honest workers of the grade and review they deserve.

by Gemma E

Sep 21, 2020

The instructions were quite intense but complete so it was easy to understand the instructions given, However, since ARCMap is no longer in use and only ARCGIS PRO is given as a student trial, the directions do not exactly translate to assist in using the current software available. The instructor is very easy to understand and his teaching style is great! Just wish it was updated to assist in working with the latest software

by Jeff M

Jul 21, 2020

This course provided a good overview for the motivated GIS student. I got a lot out of it, but it was also frustrating to see some steps taken by the instructor that I could not immediately replicate on my end - and have no one to ask for help! This is not a course to rush through, and I benefited greatly from working on my own maps during pauses that I took in the course itself.

by Sharon L

Aug 27, 2020

Very informative course, finding that searching for the data is the most difficult part.

Perhaps have links to some of the data used in the examples would be of benefit, found that could not edit tables for some of the data that I downloaded, became very frustrating to do a simple calculation.

by Timothy R

Jul 10, 2020

The map layout and design portion of the course was extremely helpful on how to make maps more readable and enjoyable to look at.

The use of GIS data to make the maps is also well done. I wish the course would update to incorporate ArcGIS Pro (the new version of ArcMap).

by Duncan P H

Mar 30, 2020

As a beginner this was a useful course. I would like to have more information on the examples shown so I could reproduce them as worked examples. I was confused by the final project instructions relating to the use of ESRI basemaps.

by Manuel C D

Apr 29, 2020

Gran curso, dificultad adecuada, material y conocimiento aportados muy buenos.