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In 2015, the UN launched the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Adopted by 193 member states, the goals represent an important international step in setting humanity on a trajectory towards sustainable development. Within this course, you will get a historical overview of how sustainability has been understood, as well as a thorough introduction to the SDGs – what they are, how progress can be measured, and how the SDGs are relevant for the management of the global systems supporting humanity. The course will examine how various societal actors are responding to and implementing the SDGs. While all of the SDGs are essential to sustainable development, SDG 13, Climate Action, is usually perceived as the most urgent in terms of the need for a swift implementation on a global scale. Therefore, particular focus is given to this SDG. Through the course, you will gain up-to-date knowledge of the current understanding of human impacts on the Earth at the planetary level. Progress towards establishing global management of human interactions with the climate system within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is also discussed. The course is designed and taught by Professor Katherine Richardson, who is a member of the 15-person panel appointed by the UN General Secretary in 2016 to write the 2019 Global Sustainable Development Report. In each lecture, Katherine interviews experts who provide insights relevant to the topic at hand....



Thank you for offering this course (The Sustainable Development Goals-A global transdisciplinary vision for the future). I have passed it but I am not sure how can i get the certificate at this stage.


I loved it, ver interesting and relevant information to the situation we face nowadays! Everyone should take this course to understand that we must evolve as a society to have a better world for all.


The Sustainable Development Goals – A global, transdisciplinary vision for the future: 51 - 75 / 867 レビュー

by Beverly M D C


The course is excellent. It has a thorough discussion of the key concepts that encompasses the foundations of the Sustainable Development Goals. It provides highly contextualized examples for these foundational concepts. The readings and interview videos are very helpful in applying the concepts to real world setting. The quizzes are substantial enough to assess the understanding of the student. Overall, the course is highly recommended. Thank you University of Copenhagen and Coursera for this course.

by Chaithanya


I think this course has been extremely informative and it gives a real-world picture of the current scenario, in terms of wealth, economy, pollution-i.e in the perspective of global development. It is pertinent for each and every one of us to be informed about these facts,to ensure that we realize our duties as a global citizen and we contribute to sustainable development for our future as well as the future generations. Thoroughly enjoyed the videos and the reading material. Highly recommended!

by Deepak B S


Well designed course that fulfills its objective of providing clear and concise overview of Sustainable Development Goals and its relevance for the management of the global systems supporting humanity. I believe this course will provide every learners with sense of shared responsibility toward achieving Sustainable development Goals.

Thanks to Professor Katherine Richardson and University of Copenhagen for the course & for easy accessibility of the same to every interested individual.

by Maria R


This course really made me think about how our actions interfere in the world in general. The teacher explains everything in a very dinamic and nice way, it's like a conversation, actually. Each week, there is a new subject related to sustainability and each video has an interview with someone from the field and it makes it more interesting. I really recommend the course. Congratulations and thank you to coursera and the University of Copenhagen for giving me this huge opportunity.

by Hussain M F


It’s an insightful and well structured course on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).Engaging guests with various expertise has added a new dimension. It provides a critical overview on social, economical, environmental and political aspects and their interconnectivity to achieve sustainable development. Materials helped visualize the global scenarios nicely. Core challenges to implement SDGs has been extraordinarily dealt using real life examples in the course.

by Aarti v d


I really liked the way prof. Katherine Richardson, leader of the sustainability science center at the University of Copenhagen, explained each and every sustainable development goal effectively. interviewing several experts in the field of sustainable development helps us to understand more about the actual reality of a world in living.



by Shivam g


A really important course for all parts of the society be it students or even CEOs of large multinational companies. There is an emergency going on in the world and action needs to be taken and with these SDG's a foundation has been laid with goals and objectives that have indicators which will keep on expanding as we go forward and all of us need to align with these goals for a sustainable future where there is complete equality and no one sleeps hungry.

by Giovanni F G


Um bom curso para entender os Objetivos de Desenvolvimento Sustentável (ODS) e sua relação com a sociedade. Possui bom material de apoio para aprofundamento sobre a relação dos Objetivos de Desenvolvimento Sustentável (ODS) com o planeta e a forma como exploram seus recursos. Abarca as ideias de progresso relacionadas aos danos causados ao planeta e a forma como os ODS contribuem para o arrefecimento da ação antrópica ao Planeta de forma extraordinária.

by Alexis D


Very well-made and interesting course. To be honest, I did not have really high expectations about this class. I thought it was going to be about "green growth" and how can economies can grow infinitely within a more "sustainable" framework. And thanks to the amazing teacher it was not. It was very critical how our economic system, and gave very inspiring insights about how can Human society evolve differently. Thank you for this course

by Gonçalo M B


A very succinct and straight-forward approach of one of the most salient topics today and in the near future: sustainable development and the 2030 Agenda. Overall, the course is well structured and the materials very appropriate and balanced. Thank you to all the faculty and staff involved to deliver this course, through awareness and skill learning, this is an example of the collective action needed to achieve the SDGs.

by Oria P


A very informative and "to the point" course. This course highlights the interdependency and the common goal of all 17 SDG's. I would recommend this course to anyone working in health care, education, agriculture, environment, energy, politics, economics...ok, everyone! It is so important to keep this bigger picture in mind, with all its factors, while we continue with our more specific mission, towards a common goal.



Very important course to the current development of the globe in all the perspectives , SDG is guidelines to all for the develop of our community. The course is nicely designed to achieve the target of the subjects, various guest lecturers and resource persons all helped to students to understand the course and the special thanks to the course lecturer, university of Copenhagen and UN organisations

by Aedrian A


This course presents an intimate, behind-the-scenes perspective on the Sustainable Development Goals, its ambitions and its issues & limitations. Professor Richardson, one of the people at the helm of the day-to-day efforts in framing and negotiating the contents of this strategy, has done a great job in relaying her experience and expertise in making the Goals "accessible" to the everyday person.

by Donavan R


I really enjoyed how the course is developed using both experts in the field and the UN SDGs reports to give students the opportunity to learn why and how these SDGs were developed. The complex interconnections between the SDGs does make more sense after the case studies are presented. Moreover, I liked the instructor so much that I have decided to take more courses that she teaches in Coursera.



The present course is well designed and presented in a comprehensive way, so that the social work practitioners and other developmental professionals would able to avail and it is very useful to them to know the SDGs and its implementation agenda 2030. Thank you for this opportunity, your team encouraged me to complete the course within time and enabled me to go through several unique concepts.



This course was very insightful and has helped me deepen my knowledge about ways to sustainable development now and in the coming years. More importantly the content was aligned to a global scale which broadened the perspective of sustainability.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to know more about the Global Sustainable Development Goals it's aims, importance and challenges.

by Ginny H


Entiendo este curso se debería facilitar en los centros educativos y universidades a estudiantes y profesorado. Debería ser un requisito para los miembros de cooperación internacional y funcionarios gubernamentales, quienes a fin de cuentas son responsables de políticas públicas. Las Naciones Unidas, con representación en todos los países miembros, podría llevar a cabo esta coordinación.

by Tim P


This course offers a very good introduction to sustainable development. It includes a selection of literature and interviews with experts on a broad range of sustainability aspects. As a participant you get to know how the future can be shaped in a more sustainable way and which roles households, institutions and governance have played and will have to play in the future therein.

by Monica G


Excellent. Presentation, clarity of concepts, reflections, interactions of all the areas linked to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Visions clearly stated and addressed.

Global context and specific approaches lead to an understanding of the topic and its relevance.

They also encourage social commitment and greater involvement in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

by Froilan I A


The speaker is very knowledgeable of the course content. She asks very critical questions on the issues of the Sustainable Development Goals. I learned a better understanding of the goal of promoting the sustainability of the Earth's systems while improving the quality of life among countries. I recommend this course for those learners who want to study the SDGs.

by Vivian W



Katherine Richardson is able to convey information on climate change and sustainable development in associated and vital aspects of life on earth. You get to watch videos as she talks to top thinkers in their field and often associated with the UN. This is excellent curriculum and enjoyable to watch. This class was put together by super competent minds.



I am very happy to have been offered such a course. This course educates us on the importance of conservation of nature and the many problems that humans face due to exploitation of the environment.

Others are suffering because of the excessive exploitation of nature by the nations of the First World. It is recommended that such things be included in the study.

by Shahab u d


A very wonderful and necessary course for all the people around the globe as we all are stakeholders in achieving sustainable development goals. A thumbs up to the instructor for such an amazing, interactive and detailed insights about such an important topic. One of the thing which can be improved is the length of the videos. They shall be shortened. Thanks



Within a short amount of time, this course provides so many useful contents and insights from professionals. Personally, it had offered me so much knowledge and widened my ideas about SDGs, helped me to think globally and locally, with lots of disciplines involved. This course is one of the best and hopefully will be useful for my current and future study.

by Dharmendra D


your teaching method is very impassive and streamlined in which the customer and a lot of other data you are one and the material you have collected is also very useful during this course and you have been very helpful to the perspective of other professors. I am glad to join The SDG course in Coursera site. thank you professor ma'am for your heard work.