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This six-module program, developed by Google, will train you to be a Certificated Professional Installer (CPI) of radios which utilize the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) band to provide communications infrastructure. You can expect to leave this training with the skills you need to get started as a Certified Professional Installer. Through a mix of video lectures, step-by-step explanations, and quizzes, the program will introduce you to CBRS terminology and concepts, the role of a CPI, and how to fulfill your responsibilities to determine installation parameters, provide information to the Spectrum Access System (SAS), and troubleshoot. Upon completing the course and passing the online certification exam, you will receive your CPI credentials and your information will be automatically registered with WinnForum. If you want to learn about CBRS in general, but don’t need to be certified, check out our CBRS Professional Training course <>....

Become a CBRS Certified Professional Installer by Google: 26 - 50 / 54 レビュー

by Tim S


Great time effective course

by Hoang D


online learning was great

by Lawrence J


Course was made simple.

by Century S


Very well explained.

by Dan S


Excellent course!

by Andrew J H


Great course.



Great course

by Landon S


Great course

by Mark B


Great course

by Brian M


Great Job!

by Del S



by Robert S


Pretty dry, but I was able to pass with just two complete watches so I'm happy about that. As usual there were some questions on the final exam that were NO WHERE in the course, which is annoying but far better than many microsoft tests I have taken. Never found the suplimental material that the course references... but who cares... i passed!

by Gabriel E R


would be a better experience if the video and screen shots would sho on the side of the text that the instructor is going thru so that user does not have to go all the way to beginning of text to be able to view any slides instructor is showing.

by Jacob D


Information was perfect! The program itself was a little annoying. I had to wait 30 to 45 minutes after watching the videos to to take the quiz. Other than that the information was perfect and passed the test with no issues!

by Dale B


A few grammatical mistakes on test made me do a double take but all in all not bad.

by Sean G


Excellent course and the training provided was very detailed and easy to follow.

by Daniel F


Some of the quizzes contained material not explicitly covered in the course.

by Lu U


good demostration and detail courses illustrations

by Wei P C


Good training

by Julius M


T​he course was OK and the difficulty level of the tests after each section was fair.

The ProctorU exam at the end was technically the worst thing that happend to me since a long time. The process bad, a system check offered by ProctorU indicated compliance and at the login of the exam, a new download was required which failed. The person on the ProctorU side tried to configure the system compliant to the rules of ProctorU. It was a mess.

by Nicholas A


I like the presentation of the material but there was a lot not covered by your materials that I was asked about on the exam and I was disappointed that such an expensive course wasn't more complete.

by Chih-ping H


Good material and quality lecture videos. However, no slides available and lack of any support or update. Issues left unresolved for YEARs. Will file complaints to Winn Forum.

by Ben M


Instructor talked VERY fast, was hard to keep up. Otherwise, great course, easy to navigate.

by Bradley H


The course was informational and I was able to pass the certification test, but I am extremely dissatisfied that I am not able to revisit this information even after I have paid for the materials and the certification test. There should NOT be a limit on how long I can view information that I paid for.

by George H


A horrid end-to-end user experience. The videos are virtually worthless as the presenter reads the script way too fast. People for whom English is a second language will struggle trying to understand her. Just put her on mute. However, you need to take screen shots of the slides of the video, as that is the only way to have them available to study as they are not available for download! With the screen shots and provided transcript, you have basic study materials, which you need to augment using the Resources materials. There is more useful information on additional Winnforum docs. All in all a very user unfriendly and abusive learning experience. The pain doesn't end there however. When you go to take the test, it is surprisingly revealed to you that your computer and test environment need to meet certain requirements.

The whole ProctorU process is just awful. Especially if you do not have access to the proper type of computer (surprise for all you Google-centric people!), room and connectivity. Google should make this clear before you plunk down your money. I went through hell trying to accomplish that in our rural, underserved community, ironically just the kind of place where CBRS could be really useful in bridging the Digital Divide. The impetus for my taking this class is that we are working with community groups who want to set up and maintain their own FWA "micro ISPs". For instance, the ProctorU video system could not provide my video even though we had been on Teams and Meet calls quite seamlessly right before hand (I had to go over to a neighboring colleauge who had the "right" kind of computer but we guess the wrong level of connectivity). The ProctorU and Google support were useless.

I finally had to drive to the next county, where the community college's testing center figured out a way for me to take the ProctorU exam. Cost me another 25 bucks. They administer other online virtual proctoring systems and were amazed at how bad ProctorU was. The antiquated ProctorU system and it's "Proctor" and "Technician" managed to screw up the set up process by restarting the computer and thus wiping out the session, so I had to figure out how to reconnect and had to go through the lengthy and awkward set up process all over again. I had to beg my new "proctor" not to restart the computer.

As you may surmise, we will NOT be recommending this course to others we know who want to become actual CPI's. There are people who are installers for things like satellite dishes who want to be part of these community efforts. And Google has moved way down the list of potential SAS providers if this is how they treat their customers. I can only assume that all the high ratings for this class came from Google employees and friends and family.

By the way, it would be nice to know which questions you got wrong. I passed with a 92% score, but would like to know which 4 questions I got wrong.