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"¨Microservices"" describes a software design pattern in which an application is a collection of loosely coupled services. These services are fine-grained, and can be individually maintained and scaled. The microservices architecture is ideal for the public cloud, with its focus on elastic scaling with on-demand resources. In this course, you will learn how to build Java applications using Spring Boot and Spring Cloud on Google Cloud. You'll use Spring Cloud Config to manage your application's configuration. You'll send and receive messages with Pub/Sub and Spring Integration. You'll also use Cloud SQL as a managed relational database for your Java applications, and learn how to migrate to Cloud Spanner, which is Google Cloud's globally-distributed strongly consistent database service. You'll also learn about tracing and debugging your Spring applications with Google Cloud's operations suite. To succeed in this course, you should be familiar with the Java programming language and building Java applications with tools such as Maven or Gradle. You should also have general knowledge of Google Cloud." >>> By enrolling in this course you agree to the Qwiklabs Terms of Service as set out in the FAQ and located at: <<<...



Awesome for hands on and practical approach of creating and deploying spring cloud app in gcp services , especially gae and gcp cloud config concepts was in particular was well explained in course .


Its wonderful Experience with plenty of explanation on the topics covered inn each of the tasks.\n\nit really helped my self to build Micro Service based application enabled with GCP Services


Building Scalable Java Microservices with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud: 176 - 200 / 268 レビュー

by Anshuman R


This course was very insightful in understanding GCP APIs but it heavily relies on dependencies from Google instead of spring's own libraries.

by Curtis P


Nice course if you are looking for an overview of Google Cloud Platform. It covers use of spring starters for various GCP PaaS services.

by Joaquín I V P


Muy buen curso aunque no aborda muchos temas de Spring en sí. Se aprovechan de Java/Spring para lucir los servicios de Google Cloud.

by Fares S


A very interesting course ! Unfortunately I faced some technical problems but I could solve them with online research

by Ramkesh


It was great experience. Assignments are quite handy and gives exposure to commands and good learning in an easy way.

by David A


Very good, but it is not completely updated and the Cloud Spanner laboratory could not do it since it does not work.

by Esther A


There were few labs instructions which were not correct. Thus giving it a 4/5 stars. Overall it was a good course

by andres m o


Excelente curso para migrar las aplicaciones al cloud siempre que se tenga los conocimientos básicos de spring

by Chris Q


A good start, but a little bit simple.

If there is a Specialization of Spring Boot and GCP, I'd love to enrol.

by Pankaj M


At a high level course is prety good. Content should be in more depth to understand microservices better

by Marcelo R H M


There are some labs with data does not loaded, so I have to wait and canacel the labs and starts again.

by Varnit T


It was good.It will be good if student will have the opportunity to write microservice code itself.

by Alberto G


Some labs don't work oob. I think there free resources with similar quality in Google QWikLabs.

by Lucas S


Good introduction to GCP main features and good opportunity to a hands-on in GCP tools

by felix g


Some labs made it difficult with ressources not provided though lab is running

by Jose C R


Very exciting course to learn the basics of GCP with spring boot microservices

by bnb h


Well explained, make ease of learn a powerful google technologies and tools.

by Carmen L F


Great support from google staff, any issue can be asked. Good quality course

by Shobhit G


It is very knowledgeable and excellent course.every one need to learn it.

by Sergii S


Some samples was not working by default so need to googling the answers



could be better ,if provided by more descriptive video lectures

by Giovanny S


Outstanding content and methodology, amazing lab excercises!

by Galen S


I liked the labs, but the final lab did not work properly

by Anshuman C


Complete exposure for any programmer to the GCP platform

by Bint e Z


It was a good course but lacks in detail understanding.