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How can we shape urban development towards sustainable and prosperous futures? This course will explore sustainable cities as engines for greening the economy. We place cities in the context of sustainable urban transformation and climate change. Sustainable urban transformation refers to structural transformation processes – multi-dimensional and radical change – that can effectively direct urban development towards ambitious sustainability and climate goals. We will connect the key trends of urbanization, decarbonisation and sustainability. We will examine visions, experiments and innovations in urban areas. We will look at practices (what is happening in cities at present) and opportunities (what are the possibilities for cities going forwards into the future). We bring together a collection of diverse short films and key short readings on sustainable cities as well as interactive forums and a practical assignment to create an online learning community. This course provides key examples of activities to promote sustainable cities in Scandinavia, Europe and around the world. We utilize films and reports by WWF, the Economist Intelligence Unit, ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, UN-Habitat, C40 Climate Leadership Group, Arup, Sustainia, the Rockefeller Foundation, and ongoing research projects. This course is produced by Lund University in cooperation with WWF and ICLEI. It is available for free to everyone, everywhere! The International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE) at Lund University is an international centre of excellence on sustainable solutions. The IIIEE is ideally suited to understand and explain the interdisciplinary issues in sustainable cities and greening the economy utilising the diverse disciplinary backgrounds of its international staff. The IIIEE has been researching and teaching on sustainable solutions since the 1990s and it has extensive international networks connecting with a variety of organizations. 5 hours/week 5 weeks duration 30 films 10 teachers...



Sep 29, 2019

This course has been approached not just for academic purpose but also it is a moral oligation to carry forward what has been taught. I thank the authorities and faculties who have made presentations.


Sep 01, 2019

Thank you for creating this course. It's very well planned and there are some very important informations and ideas were shared during this course.\n\nThank you again.\n\nKind regards,\n\nKristina.


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by Mohamed E

Aug 27, 2018

it was an amazing course

by Judith V

Aug 16, 2018

Exceptionally well organized and presented by experts in the field from around the world. Best Coursera class I have taken!

by Audrey B

Aug 31, 2018

Very good to learn the basics

by Ekanayaka M R J

Oct 25, 2018

Thank You for offering such a valuable course free for me.

by Widanalage S S H D M

Oct 31, 2018


by Mirihana A E K J

Oct 26, 2018

very good

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Oct 26, 2018


by Milinda C G V

Nov 08, 2018

Thank Coursera


Nov 13, 2018

this is a good cause


Nov 14, 2018

Thank You

by Kekunawela P S S

Nov 14, 2018

Thanka you Cpoursera

by Dissanayaka M D M S

Nov 16, 2018

Thank you Coursera

by Walpita H H M

Nov 16, 2018

Thank You Coursera

by Kande G k m

Nov 16, 2018

Thank You Coursera

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Nov 16, 2018

Thank you Coursera

by Dewapriya S H j

Nov 16, 2018

Thank you coursera.

by Kariyakaranage C S P

Nov 21, 2018

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Nov 21, 2018

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Nov 21, 2018

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by Rathambalage S S R

Nov 26, 2018

Thank You Coursera

by Cyrus M

Oct 09, 2018

Very informative, learnt a lot that has fueled my passion for sustainable buildings and cities

by Chris K

Sep 30, 2018


by Ovie A

Sep 30, 2018

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. I learned a lot and i hope to build upon the knowledge i acquired here. I wanna thank the organizers of this course for putting in the energy and effort necessary to make this a reality.

by Gabriela

Oct 02, 2018

Great course- it's a good introduction to the sustainability world. The material is great!