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In this course, you’ll learn about the key components of health care, and the economics behind their principles and pricing strategies. Professors Ezekiel Emanuel of Penn Medicine and Guy David of the Wharton School have designed this course to help you understand the complex structure of the health care system and health insurance. Through study and analysis of providers and insurance through an economic lens, you’ll learn how basic economic principles apply to both principles and payment methods. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to identify different types of health care providers and understand the dynamic between the providers and patient so you can employ best practices and maximize profit for your health care organization....




This was a great overview of the healthcare sector and establishing an understanding of payment models that are not discussed in medical school. Visual aids helped to discuss and display concepts.



Very well organised. Key concepts were explained clearly with graphics and examples. Good to obtain understanding of the fundamentals of health care delivery in the US and the insurance market.


The Economics of Health Care Delivery: 26 - 50 / 113 レビュー

by Premila B


T​his is one of the best healthcare courses I've seen on Coursera. Interesting, well presented content. Good balance use of slides. Great speakers.

by Ricardo C


Good introduction of the Heath Care market without being too detailed. It is exactly what I needed to start a position in the Health Care industry.

by Rahul C


Fantastic grounding in US healthcare system for anyone looking to work, innovate or understand the system for further research or entrepreneurship

by Robert Z


The course covered a lot of material in easily absorbable lessons.

I not only learnt a lot, I actually understaood the whys and hows.

by Regina M


Very informative and interesting courses. It did not feel like a drag to complete. The test questions were appropriate for lectures.

by Kevin M


Very in depth picture of the American Health Care System. I suggest other health systems can be included also for foreign students.

by Kinanti K C


Good introduction, covered the most important basics that students need to understand for the economics of health care delivery.

by Lina


Very informative introductory to the key players in the U.S. healthcare system and how the difference forces drive the industry.



Great course for anyone interested in learning about health insurance and the in and outs of Health and Hospital Economics.

by Gautam K


Course is really good. I am also looking for any additional course on Healthcare Pricing model, changes and evolution.

by Julie S


Very informative on the whoas of the US Healthcare system. Very helpful to understand the background and foundation.

by Lismaury G


A​MAZING!! Very interesting course with brief lectures but very informative. Would greatly recommend to anyone!

by Olutobi T O


This is a great course and offered me the opportunity to learn about the fundamentals of healthcare economics.

by Tamilla M


This is excellent course covering the US health care system structure including financing and major players.

by Greg K


G​reat overview of the healthcare system and the current forces at play for the delivery of services.

by John T T


Well crafted and delivered. great introduction to the health care market, applicable to any setting.

by Brandon B


This is an incredible crash course into the impact of and complexity of the healthcare industry!

by Claudia l


excellent materials

excellent instructor and videos. I am very pleased with the course content.

by Jitendra A


I feel privileged to undergo this course as I could learn so many concepts pertaining to U.S.

by Christopher V


I enjoyed these lectures, the course was easy to follow and followed a logical progression

by Juan E A B


I liked the course, very well structured, very good content even with very clear examples.

by Assem A A


it was marvelous course, condensed & very informative about the health care system in US

by Miao G


Excellent course, content is very well presented and provide great overall picture.

by Andrea F E


Very interesting and well-delivered course on the basis of Health Care Economics!

by Helen A E


very informative. Easy to follow along. instructors and lesson plans very good