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This course offers an intimate, story-based introduction to the experiences of six transgender children and their families. Through illustrated stories and short teaching videos, learners will gain a better understanding of gender identity and the gender spectrum. Stanford physicians, K-12 educators, and transgender faculty members offer practical tips for parents, teachers, healthcare providers and anyone who wants to help create a more gender-expansive environment - one in which all people can live authentically. As a global community of unique individuals, we can begin to build a world that is ready to nurture and love each and every child. Due to the sensitive nature of the story-based course content, we have chosen not to offer course certificates for this course. Simply put, we feel that the thoughts, ideas and sentiments of these remarkable children and their families... are priceless. We are confident that, like us, you will end up learning more from them than you could ever imagine. Together, we can lay a stronger foundation for all children. Join us as we explore health, across the gender spectrum. Additional note: When submitting answers to quizzes, you may be asked to enter your "full legal name". This feature is primarily for verification purposes for courses that offer a certificate on Coursera, so it does not really apply to this course. We recognize that, for some individuals the name they use does not match the one on their legal documents. Please feel free to enter the name you normally use in these boxes....



I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. My stepson (born a female) is transgender. This course has helped me understand things more and gave me a lot of pointers on how to do things. Thank you so much!


I love how concise and easy to understand the videos were. They all get straight to the point and it was really a mind-blowing experience to learn about the differences and what we can do to support.


Health Across the Gender Spectrum: 251 - 275 / 526 レビュー

by Jomarie k A G


Thank you, Stanford University! I was able to widen my perspectives with regards to embracing unity among diversity!

by Teresa B


excellent content and very timely. Thank you for providing this course and thank you all for sharing your stories.

by john


This was very helpful to understanding how we can all help expand and include everyone across the Gender Spectrum.

by Lila H


Great introduction to the language and concepts of gender identity. Moving videos augment the learning experience.

by Erika N


It was a great learning experience and I feel motivated to fight for a world that respects and values ​​diversity

by Allison C


Wonderful course. Great videos and quizzes. A fantastic resource for parents, teachers, and healthcare providers.

by Carly J


amazing vital course for all parents, professionals and anyone who wants to make the world more inclusive , thank

by Consuelo H


A great space to lear about the gender spectrum and people! So take and learn to make this world a better world!

by Sage V


Especially loved the Week 2 Materials. Good combination of medical/logistical information and personal accounts

by Audra B


Great mix of academic, conceptual, theoretical, factual, and real human experiences about the gender spectrum!

by Mark P S


Comprehensive yet compact course covering current concepts and literature in the field. An EXCELLENT course!

by Argelia G


Excellent content presented in a very kind and human manner: through the voice of the main figures! Loved it!

by Gwendolen M


This was a very good course. I loved all of the personal stories and the way they were shared with respect.

by María G T


Un curso que deja excelentes conceptos con entrevistas muy interesantes que representa el curso enteramente.

by Marie S


The videos were informative and enjoyable to watch. The content was straight forward and easy to comprehend.

by Alexander W


This is an important resource in helping our society become more knowledgeable and accepting of all members.

by Jennifer C


Thanks so much for offering this course and helping others to learn about Health Across the Gender Spectrum!

by Catalina D A L


Muy buen curso, explica claramente la temática abordada con muchos testimonios que ayudan a comprender más.

by Marc-André S


Very nice course on a topic that is still not understood. Provides concrete advice on how to change things.

by Luis F B


Wonderful course, especially for those who work in the health sector; to understand, care and love better.

by Maria F d O V


The best of all was hearing the children speaking for themselves and telling how they felt. Heart warming!

by Simone S


Such an important and valuable course. I love the combination of personal stories with informative facts.

by Adelina A


I finished the class feeling enlightened and wanting to expand my learning to include the social fields.

by Deleted A


The course is very informative and clear. The additional experiences added makes it more understandable.

by Poliane m a


Mostra uma idéia bem direta sem muitos rodeios facilitando a compreensão e objetivo do curso.

Thank you.