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There is strong demand for alternatives to pharmaceuticals for a variety of common illnesses due to concerns of safety, efficacy, and a desire for more “natural” products. Despite this growing interest, “conventional” healthcare providers may have little to no knowledge about herbal medicines, which is further compounded by the sometimes misleading information in the media and on the internet. This course provides the necessary background for providers to begin to incorporate herbal medicines into their practice, particularly in regards to their therapeutic properties, efficacy (or lack thereof), and safety concerns, including quality control and potential adverse effects. Continuing Education Credit This course has been designed to meet Minnesota Board of Nursing continuing education requirements for 16 contact hours and may be eligible for CE credit from other professional boards that allow self-documenting of continuing education activities. It is your responsibility to check with your regulatory board to confirm this course meets your local requirements and, if necessary, to provide them with the certificate of completion you get if you pay for and fulfill all the requirements of this course....



I loved this course. I became passion about Botanical now. The way is explained, so clear and so complete. I totally recommend it! for those that are interested in a more natural approach of medecine.


Very good course and it suits for everyone who likes herbal medicine.The instructor and a presentation doing very well for a course.I really like it and will keep going on for my botanical approach.


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by Dr. N F


Want work on this and thinking to write grant proposal

by S C


Thank you! I have learned so much about botanicals

by Archna D


It is a good experience for me.

by Donna-Marie W


Good introductory course.

by ahmad r



by Emayamsavitha



by Madelyn S


Very good introduction to herbal medicine and botanical options for a wide range of health conditions.

by Joy S


Really good info. Would give 5 stars but it has locked quizzes and peer review.

by Singh S S


This is an awesome app from which we get to learn many of thing

by MD. A I S


Good course

by Paula S


Thank you Amy Taylor for such a wonderful, well explained and concise course. The materials you prepared are invaluable, I took very few notes because these materials were practically enough as a ready reference of the course contents. The reference sheets for botanicals are a real treasure.

Also, the way you explain the concepts covered in the course is very straight forward, clear, concise. You have such a pleasant personality and the way you convey your experience, thoughts and botanicals information in the videos really gets to the audience.

I particularly liked the videos on the preparations of botanicals. Although pretty much anyone might know how to make a tea, it's good to see it done, as well as a macerate. I would have liked to see a video on how to make a tincture, though. This is probably the only preparation method that is not fully clear to me. Do you use 50% water and 50% alcohol? Or is it more alcohol than water? Not clear in the course notes or videos either. I've used tinctures in the past, but would actually like to see how one is done to be able to prepare it myself.

Thanks again for a great course! I not only enjoyed it, but it will be extremely helpful in my everyday practice.

by Eleni T


It was a very useful course, especially for someone who hasn't ever tried natural methods in order to heal symptoms of their health. It's a good opportunity for everybody to take ideas about medicinal plants or common herbs that may already have in their home, of how to use them with safety. In general, the presentations were very well organized, the notes were to the point and if someone wants, they can be use in the future for an info key about a health issue, or about a botanical. Every detail has its scientific reference, and if not it gives you the tools of how to do your own research. Although it's intermediate level, this course isn't difficult. I recommend it for every person who is interested about natural health approaches, alteranative plant uses or just want to enrich their knowledge and improve their life.

by haipin c


Dr Amy Taylor is a good course instructor.

This course has provided a good foundation and overview of Herbal Medicine. I thoroughly enjoyed the videos, research abstracts, reference summaries, pictures, and description details of the herbal plant which I personally find very helpful and useful information. The knowledge acquired from this course has given me more confidence to recommend appropriate botanicals for appropriate conditions when needed.

I hope there will be more Herbal Medicine courses (Intermediate and Advanced Levels).

Thank you again, Dr Amy and University of Minnesota.

Wishing you and all in the team who have made this course possible well and happy always!

by Spencer B


I had some reservations about this course. I am a physician and have really never been exposed to botanicals so was not ready for a logical presentation by a fellow physician. Dr. Taylor allowed the student to work carefully through the herbs with a very logical progression based on science. The botanicals were described by usefulness and potential side effects. She made the course actually interesting and fun. If I had to pick a physician to be part of the 100 people to survive a horrible near end of world event, I would certainly have an ED physician with this kind of knowledge (a mind game played by a British physician and published in the NEJM a decade ago)!

by Nikitas-Apollon P


I was really impressed with the clinical and scientific relevance of this course. I am impressed with the emphasis on safe use of botanicals, the indications and counterindications discussed in the course. I am not sure I would have found information on botanicals as clinically useful as in this course elsewhere. This course, while focusing on a selected number of botanicals manages to provide the learner with information that can be clinically useful and be used in line with more "western" approaches. A trully integrative experience!

by Manuel O H L


A beautiful course that brings brilliant information about the use of botanicals to treat certain health issues, the importance of knowing the scientific research, contraindications of the use of certain botanicals in terms of health and reactions with pharmaceuticals, besides other diseases. This is a wonderful course, that brings a great aproach to anyone interested in using botanicals for simple things like anxiety issues, migraines, certain types of pain.

by Evaluation R


Dr. Amy Taiylor is a fantastic instructor. This course is extremely valuable for anyone interested in integrative health. A couple of the quizzes were tricky which requires that you go back to handouts/reading and review again - which is a GOOD thing!. Getting a project peer-reviewed is sketchy - takes forever and can hold up your pace. In general, an extremely valuable learning experience.

by Paula K


Amy Taylor was amazing and explained things in simple to understand ways. I've been a pharmacist for almost 20 years and it's not always easy to explain things simply and energetically. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in herbal medicines and I love the attention to detail concerning the safety profiles of the botanicals covered in this course.

by McKayla J


This course offers the specific type of information I've been having a hard time finding with other herbal courses. Interactions with pharmaceuticals, scientific research on herbal functions, all from a medical professional. I really appreciate the teacher and her background. This is the best herbal medicine course I have taken and I've gone through a few of them.

by Alfiya S


The course introduces us to the world of botanicals medicine. It covers many topics about botanicals: their benefits and risks, how to choice of quality botanicals and how and when to use.

The teacher told everything so pleasantly and interestingly that now I want to dive even deeper into this topic. Thank you Amy Taylor for high quality and useful information.

by Emiko T


This is such a beautiful course. I am so glad to find this course!! Thank you very much for all your effort and all the information you provided us. I much appreciate for your dedicating your energy to this course. So many useful information and full of great knowledge. I did enjoy this course and can't wait to try for myself, and recommend to other people.

by Elo S


I took this course because I had already taken mindfulness course that belongs to the same specialization. I did not have any exectations, but this course really started me thinking that I should use the herbs in my garden more and how to use them etc :). Also, I love how this course ties traditional and non-traditional healtcare and medicine together.

by S S


So much good information I wouldn't have found had I not taken this course. It also keeps you on track with your learning and the video lessons are easy to understand and hear. I'm glad to have taken this course as I feel more confident and comfortable with my expanding knowledge of botanicals and how to prepare them as medicine. Thank you!

by Kholood Z


I loved the course because it gave a general overview and the first steps into the science of herbal medicine. I enjoyed reading cases and learning how to apply what I learned on them.

I hope I could find a complete certified course for herbal medicine.

It was hard finding good products on the market even after applying what I learnt.