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This History of Medical Cannabis course is designed to have you think critically about past, present, and future research on the health effects of cannabis by developing a more nuanced understanding of the barriers to research as well as different approaches to research. You will learn about the history of cannabis cultivation, the legal history of cannabis or "marijuana", and the obstacles that led to the lack of science on its medicinal use. You will also learn how to critically evaluate research on the effects of cannabis and discuss the associated risks of using cannabis in the context of public health and epidemiological research. Finally, you will learn about how to administer cannabis products in ways that minimize risk and maximize any potential benefits. Obtaining this knowledge will be helpful in terms of informing public policy, public health, and personal decisions regarding the use of cannabis products....




This course was enlightening and insightful. Glad to have completed it. The professor is both passionate and knowledgeable. A wealth of information is shared. Moving on to the next course.



Great course! Mr. Hutchison definitely framed each part - modules, interviews, assignments, & quizes - to be fully comprehensible and educational. I can't wait to take the next course.


History of Medical Cannabis: 26 - 50 / 101 レビュー

by Monica N A R


Me ha encantado, sin duda lo recomiendo. Yo inicie queriendo aprender lo básico y me llevo muchisima información que ni sabía que podía aprender en el curso. Es el mejor para entender el cannabis.

by Elke I


Great course! Mr. Hutchison definitely framed each part - modules, interviews, assignments, & quizes - to be fully comprehensible and educational. I can't wait to take the next course.

by Maria r d l


History of Medical Cannabis is a great course, lead by an excellent professor, Dr. Hutchison.

It has an interesting and enlightening content. Thank you for a great learning experience!

by Ellen B


Excellent. Great learning experience. So much more needs to be done - we need to get cannabis out of Schedule 1!! I will be taking the next class. Thank you, Dr. Hutchison!

by G. A W


I really liked this course it was very informative! There is so much dodgy information on the web on this topic and it is really nice to learn from a reliable source.

by Harry B


Fantastic course. Offers introductory modules on cannabis for new enthusiasts, as well as providing in-depth knowledge into various sectors of the cannabis industry.

by Juan P S D


La información y explicación del tema es increible. Muy buen trabajo en los videos y contenido.

Gracias Universidad de Colorado y especialmente a Coursera

by Sebastian T


W​ill clear out many doubts and myths about the industry. Very easy to read. Quizes and assignments really connected to the material.

by Deborah L B


Thank you so much! I have learned so much about cannabis and look forward to learning more. It's a very informative enjoyable course!

by Chiara S


I really enjoyed the course! Prof. Hutchinson was very clear and insightful. Can't wait to go on with the entire specialization!

by Kellyanne O


Wow! I'm overwhelmed by how much information there was. This course has been ridiculously educational and I've learned so much.

by Jose E C S


Love it, learn from the beginning of the barriers and Nixon. Studies that shows cannabis is necessary natural medicine.

by Ty K


Very informative, helpful, fun, and engaging! Would recommend to anyone who is interested in medical cannabis.

by Joe " D


Excellent course. I enjoyed the Interviews with professionals In the business on top of the course content.

by Jacobo


Muy buen curso, ideal para iniciar el camino de conocimiento correspondiente a la Cannabis medicinal.

by Christopher C


I really enjoyed the course, I've taken a few cannabis courses and this was by far the best one yet

by Shannon Q


This was a brilliant introduction to the world of Medicinal Cannabis and I really enjoyed it.

by Nick C


A great overall sense of authentic information that is hard to find and research on your own!

by Perla A


Excellent! A pleasure to learn from Professor Hutchison. Looking forward to the next class.

by Sergio J


My first certificate in cannabis! this was an excelent course where I learnt all I wanted.

by Evaluation R


Excellent Introduction to the topic of medical cannabis. Great review of research methods.

by Jessica L


Dr. Kent is an amazing teacher and I have learned a lot through this short-course series!

by Alexandra C


Excellent course. Very good reading material and with very clear concepts.

Thanks a lot.

by Bruno H


Most updated data about medical cannabis I've read! Very good and very didatic.

by Eunice V


Very useful. Contents are easy to read and videos are great. Excellent course