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This course, part 1 of a 2-course sequence, examines the history of rock, primarily as it unfolded in the United States, from the days before rock (pre-1955) to the end of the 1960s. This course covers the music of Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Phil Spector, Bob Dylan, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Cream, and many more artists, with an emphasis both on cultural context and on the music itself. We will also explore how developments in the music business and in technology helped shape the ways in which styles developed. Rock emerged in the mid 1950s as a blending of mainstream pop, rhythm and blues, and country and western--styles that previously had remained relatively separate. This new style became the music of the emerging youth culture and was often associated with teen rebellion. We will follow the story of how this rowdy first wave of rock and roll (1955-59) was tamed in the early 60s but came roaring back with the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and then went psychedelic by the end of the decade....




This course has really helped to fill out my piecemeal understanding of the development of rock music. The pace and content of learning has been well considered and Prof Covach is to be congratulated.



Provided insight into what I was listening to as a pre-teen. I didn't have the exposure to some of the older roots or the an understanding of the business forces that shaped the music I had access to.


History of Rock, Part One: 76 - 100 / 311 レビュー

by Fabian c n m


Muy bueno aprendi cosas tecnicas y logre apasionarme mas por la música de las raíces, deberian dar un certificado digital al menos para los que n o podemos pagar el original.

by Anna D


I had a great time learning in the course! The professor did a great job in educating and providing an unbiased history of rock music. I had a lot of fun!! Ready for Pt II!!!

by Asier M


Disfruté muchísimo la experiencia de realizar este curso. Lecciones entretenidas y extremadamente interesantes. Totalmente recomendable para cualquier aficionado al rock.

by Leonel C


A cool overview of the History of Rock - Artists, producers, social environment. A nice way to learn about history expressed through music and culture. Very good teacher!

by Celine T


This is an excellent course that I would highly recommend to any music and history lover. The professor is wonderful and is obviously passionate about the subject matter.

by Shruti D


Great course! Learnt so much about the culture and music genres such as blues, pop and rock during the 50s-80s. Enjoyed the lessons and music recommendations! Thank you!

by Robe C


Amazing how everything was organized and very glad to learn of the History of Culture in western world! Great teacher and materials given in this course!! I love it!

by Constance C


This course was very interesting as well as the nice teacher ! Would recommend if you love music and want to increase your culture. I wish I could do part 2 now !

by Akshay K


Would highly recommend this course for those interested learning about the roots of Rock and where the great bands of the 60's got their musical influence from.

by Shirley J


This course has given a good explanation of the inspiration behind Rock, as well as a perfectly understandable explanation of why things were the way they were.

by Kelsei L P B


I love music and this course changed my life! More than just learn some music that I didn't know about, I learned its evolution through years I have not lived.

by Jean P G C


Genial curso.... Mucha información y permite madurar gracias a los conocimientos del profesor Sr. Covach sobre la genesis del género y su desarrollo inicial.

by Manuel F


It was an interesting course. English is not my first language but I can assure I undertood the teacher all the time. I can't wait to check out the part two.

by Gary K


Must know for anyone that is interested in where all (most) current/popular music stems from. Explains origins of most American/European music genres.

by Nazarov R


Interesting material and great tutor indeed. Definitely the course is worth time spent and it is for everyone who’s interested in rock music history.

by Brian A


The enthusiasm of the lecturer coupled with the extensive depth that the course goes into makes this a thouroughly enjoyable learning experience

by Denis M


Great course, great teacher! It's very important to know all these things if you want to understand the origins of rock and rock and roll music!

by Marcelo P H


There are a lot of things that I've learned about my favorite music! Thanks for all the knowledge that you share. I'll see you again in part 2.

by Maria C


This course was EXCELLENT! It held my interest the entire time, exposed me to so much music I had not yet heard, and I am excited to take Part

by Lee-Adele S


This was a fabulous course! I've always loved music and this course surpassed my expectations! I'm looking forward to embarking on Part Two!



c​ours complet permettant de resituer ou de découvrir de nombreux groupes et/ou chansons dans leurs contextes. a compléter avec la partie 2

by Ray W


These two courses we're very fun compared to most.They we're very informative but important for anyone working in the music business.thanks

by Grandom B R


Es un curso bastante completo, interesante e innovador, me gustaría que realizarán un curso especial donde se aborde la cultural del Metal

by Harsha M


John Covach has done an excellent job in presenting a well analysed collection of facts and figures with respect to Rock and Pop History!

by Nick H


Great course, well structured and easy to follow, John has a very easy manner and makes his lectures really engaging. Thanks very much