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Welcome to HSK level 2 course! This course is called “Chinese for HSK Level 2”, which is also the second step towards HSK Level 6. At the end of the 6 weeks, you will be able to express your views towards some simple and common daily life topics. In this course, we have  24 lecture videos and in class exercises  44 short videos in complement to the context of learning material  Over 150 new vocabularies, 62 new grammar points as well as relevant pictures and examples  Downloadable practice charts for over 100 basic Chinese Characters  Weekly online quiz and final simulation exam questions This course covers the entire content that stated in the HSK Level Two Outline. It does not matter if you complete HSK Level 1 or not, as long as you have obtained basic Chinese language competency, I would like to welcome you to join the journey of learning Chinese with us. I believe you will continue enjoying the happiness that Chinese brings to you....




It's a great comprehensive course, a prefect option for those who want to study online. I do feel that my Chinese has improved, I'll definitely take the HSK 3 course. Thanks a lot for this experience!



The review section is really innovative than the previous one. Though there are some grammars need to be taught more carefully as I still had to search Google to understand more about some grammars


Chinese for HSK 2: 176 - 200 / 210 レビュー

by ojinga b


Very good class!

However, the audio is not consistent. It can fluctuate quite wildly!

by Aung P P P


Well organised lectures and lessons...especially suitable for those preparing hsk

by Yasemin


T​here needs to be more explanations during grammar studies.

by Juan D


course was good but i feel the homework was lacking a bit.

by Esin M


Would recommend if you're preparing for the HSK 2 exam!

by jeff A


Useful vocabulary and sentence examples. Challenging.

by Charity A S


Good intermediate or refresher training.

by Arifah A R


thank you for the class.

by Shabih u H


it was good course ..

by Junior M



by Jeanette K


1) Most of all, I really felt like I could have benefited from more frequent, smaller quizzes between every lesson. I think this helps solidify students' learning rather than just giving the important new words and grammar but not practicing it. I felt we needed more practice, like "homework". 2) I felt like there was a lot less guidance than Level 1. As we're still beginners I felt this wasn't very helpful. All the extra things to go along with the lesson were just the same material as found in the video so basically all we had to learn from were the videos. 3)The videos I didn't think were well shot when they involved people besides our teacher. Our teacher spoke very clearly and it was helpful, but the extra videos were not good quality (suddenly loud or quiet or cut off too quickly) and one of the girls in particular spoke at a too-advanced quickness that left me clueless until the whole video was synopsized for us afterwards. I think these videos need to be reshot so learners can understand more clearly. Level 2 is not at a normal conversation speed level yet! 4)I also wish hanzi 汉字 could have been touched on a little more--like should I be worrying about memorizing it yet with Level 3 coming up? Or just keep it in mind and slowly absorb their meaning for now? (My tutor I use outside of this course said the latter.)

Overall, I felt that the Level 1 course had better structure, and it does leave me worrying if Level 3 will be the same as this level or if it will be better.

by juju


In short: it will get you to where you need to be to pass the HSK 2 exam, but with the course materials alone, you probably won't have the most solid understanding of the associated grammar (but, you'll at least be exposed to it).

Most nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, etc. are pretty self explanatory, but the grammar points needed more explanation in plain English, especially for those that are particularly confusing.

After being shown a grammar point, I was often left scratching my head, and then looking up the grammar point on some other website to learn it properly. I would recommend using additional materials such as workbooks that explain the associated grammar points and test you on them.

Because of the need to refer to external materials in order to learn the grammar properly, it may be more efficient to work from an HSK 2 workbook instead of using this course.

A word about the tests (or maybe the HSK exam in general): It's very easy to do well on the tests as long as you can recognize certain keywords (particularly verbs and nouns), even if you don't have a solid grasp on the grammar. This makes it very easy to assume that you understand the grammar and to acquire a "grammar debt" where later on in the course you aren't sure why certain sentences have certain grammar styles.

by Kristof S


There is absolutely not enough explanation in the videos. Some English translation for the grammar examples would have been essential to understand how that "grammar" actually works. I feel disappointed because the HSK1 course here was amazing and I was expecting something similar. The fact that the ppt's were later updated with English translation is appreciated.

by Estela d A J


I've learned some new grammatics I haven't known before, and some new expressions too.

I'm just a bit frustrated because the teacher doesn't explain anything, she basically just shows the slides and that's it. A lot of things remain confusing and unexplicated. Also, some audios are very confusing and hard to undertand because of the quality.

by Craig R


This course was not as good as HSK 1. The weekly quizzes were sorely missing. If you quiz yourself and take good notes on the grammar points you'll still get a lot out of it. It's still very helpful. If you plan on taking HSK 3, learning the characters is NOT "optional". In fact, take a Chinese character course before moving on to HSK 3.

by Morgan H


A good course to take if you already have a solid foundation in Chinese. I liked how a set number of new words were introduced each week. However, I think practice with the grammar points in the course could be improved to include more practice exercises to ensure mastery and understanding of grammatical patterns.

by Tony D


Nowhere near as good as the other courses in this series (e.g. HSK1). There's no daily quizzes, and the sample dialogues are spoken extremely fast and in low quality audio. So even if you know all the words you still have no idea what they're saying. Teacher is OK though

by Joseph C


Additional grammar explanations would have been very useful, along with some more reading and listening tasks. I strongly recommend you improve the audio quality of the recordings, the students themselves who partook in the videos did their jobs very well.

by Sean F


Good content but the audio quality of the videos are horrendous. My weakest area is listening and this course didn't do much to help it.

However, my writing and reading has improved tenfold. I am excited to start learning HSK3 material.

by Tapan S K


The conversations and the vocabulary part of the lectures is good but it's difficult to understand grammar from the explanations given (If there is no one to clear doubts). Overall its a decent course if the earlier is not an issue.

by Eduardo A G V


HSK-1 was much better. This course has good content but lacks a lot of explanations and the audio for the lessons was mostly bad. Chinese is really difficult and bad audio makes it a lot harder.

by Rena P Z


I love the course, thank you for an amazing journey so far! My suggestions would be to present/teach HSK 2 similar to what HSK1 had done in term of delivering the materials.

by i m


Video sounds are not optimized. Dialogues within the lecture videos have low sound compared to the actual lectures.

by Adam W


Content was fine, but the effort put into practice exercises to test learning was limited

by Oliver M


Content is good. Instructor not very motivated, reads only from the slides.