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In today's job market, leaders need to understand the fundamentals of data to be competitive. An essential procedure to understand business and analytics is hypothesis testing. This short course, designed by Tufts University expert faculty, will teach the fundamentals of hypothesis testing of a population mean and a population proportion, using Excel and Python for calculations. You'll also discover the central limit theorem, which is essential for hypothesis testing. To conclude the course, you will apply your newfound skills by creating a plan for an experiment in your own workplace that uses hypothesis testing....



Hypothesis Testing with Python and Excel: 1 - 5 / 5 レビュー

by Shafiqul I S


It's a friendly course for hypothesis testing with Python. Very smooth & easy to learn.

by Opas S


Well example but would be great if this course longer and give some slide material

by Jarumon T



by Marissa C


Great course

by Yuzuru


Not really a course - one "week" of some content, no beginning, ending, progression or goals. Don´t waste your time, look for a proper course or for the information about hypothesis testing on the internet.