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After completing this course, you will be able to build applications in a cloud native way using containerization tools and technologies, and deploy your applications in any public, private or hybrid cloud at incredible scale. This course introduces you to containers and explains how containers differ from virtual machines. It also covers the importance of containers in cloud computing, as well as the emerging ecosystem of related technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, Red Hat OpenShift, and Istio. Throughout the course you will apply what you learn with hands-on labs. From getting started with Docker, to orchestration and scaling with Kubernetes, and simplifying deployments with OpenShift. The labs are performed using your web browser on IBM Cloud and Skills Network Labs environments, that are made available to you at no charge. in the project at the end of the course you will build a container image and deploy and scale it on Cloud using OpenShift. Containerization is likely the most significant invention in IT since the introduction of virtualization. Open source projects like Kubernetes and products like Red Hat OpenShift have become standards for people looking to deploy and manage containers at scale. Everyone from small startups to large multinational corporations is transitioning to these technologies, and they are looking for people who are skilled in these areas. This course is of interest to anyone who wants to be a cloud practitioner - cloud developers, cloud architects, cloud system engineers, devops engineers, cloud networking specialists and many other roles. The material also serves the needs of those who perform the tasks of advising, consulting, building, moving and managing cloud solutions. There are no hard requirements needed to be able to take this course other than basic computer literacy, and a foundation level understanding of Cloud Computing....




The course was really helpful and cleared the concept and idea behind using containers. The hands-on lab exercise helped me in understanding the code in a better way.



Great introduction course! The tools provided by IBM and OpenShift are a must to anyone who wants run and scaling containerized applications in the cloud with ease.


Introduction to Containers w/ Docker, Kubernetes & OpenShift: 76 - 97 / 97 レビュー

by Iñaki C


Problems with final submition, but great introdoctury course.

by Mohamed A K D


Very good class.

Exams and Practices was very interesting

by Ikbal R


Good introductory course to containers and openshift

by Pankaj Z


One of the finest courses on Docker, Kubernetes.

by Dmytro P


Course is good, but lab environment is buggy

by gwendoline s


FYI, there are some mistakes in the quizz

by Pankaj G


Excellent course with a perfect hands on

by Marco N


O​verall, the course itself was nice. The course videos and labs helped solidify my experience with Docker, Kubernetes and OpenShift. However, the one thing that really killed this course was the final project. Other courses I've taken so far will tell you where to take screenshots, but this one did not. If that wasn't bad enough, you will need to delete something as instructed in the project guide and need to take screenshots of the state before the delete. I see in the discussion forums that a lot of people had to reset their projects due to not knowing about what screenshots to take until the very end. There are little to no threads discussing how to reset the final project.

by Daniel W


Good intentions to provide a controlled, simulated lab environment when the course matter consists of large systems. There was however quite some trouble with that lab environment. (Quick response and adjustments from the course responsibles though.) The theory was mostly an enumeration of facts about Docker, Kubernetes and OpenShift. I missed descriptions of problems and system design reasoning.

by Jie-Chau H


the pear graded system (a student graded another student's work) is somehow not good. if one student didn't realize the grading standard well, or not understand the studying content so well, he would likely give wrong scores/comments to other's work.

by Joakim G


Some problems in final exam, and instructions was not as clear as one gotten used to.

by Luca M


Too many problems with the Labs, but if fixed the course is smooth and nice

by Hussein F H


need more details and focus on practical side

by Frank R


Too much guided assignments

by Zach D


Had high hopes for this course, but it is NOT worth it. Along with a few other issues the lab environment is unbearable.

The information in the instructional portion is great and easy to follow along to, but I've run into multiple issues with the lab environment including:

- Running into connection errors,

-Not given proper guidance on replacement criteria (for example it will say something along the lines of "input <$YOUR_ACCOUNTNAME>" in which case you don't know if you're supposed to use <ACCOUNT_NAME>, ACCOUNT_NAME, or $ACCOUNT_NAME and have to play around with multiple inputs before getting the right one

- Most frustrating was not being able to troubleshoot. Some connection issues can be resolved by logging out and clearing cache according to the forums, however I was physically unable to logout as the lab environment stalled for 15 minutes before I gave up.

Additionally, you will NOT receive feedback on incorrect quiz answers so you'll be left not knowing why you were wrong and have to research answers on your own.

After completing a few weeks of assignments I will not be finishing the course as it is not proving to be worth it.

by Robert F


Seems like a decent overview. The course is very specific to IBM cloud, so if you are looking for a more agnostic course, this may not be for you.

by Martin E


Material and concepts covered extremely quickly, and labs that were completely unusable.

by David C


nice course destroyed by missing instructions for final review requirements

by Ozan S


The course requires you to create a free account from but due to a change in IBM policy, you can't do that anymore. You need to enter your credit card and create a non-free account.

Anyway, I think it is ok to pay some amount and create my own account to complete this course. But no success, the site charged an amount from my credit card while giving an error on the welcome page. I gave up and took another course.

As the information in the course is outdated, I am dissappointed.

by Jens S


The introduction to Docker and Kubernetes is rather short and shallow. The remainder of the course focuses on a very buggy and slow web UI to manage Kubernetes, which seems completely unnecessary. I recommend to use the official Kubernetes tutorials instead.

by Jorge A L M


I could not finish the course because of failures in openshift web console app. It never worked when trying to open the lab for per grade assignment.

by Frederic B


T​he course is good in general but the labs have many errors and do not allow to finish the course in time.