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スイス連邦工科大学ローザンヌ校(École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) による Innovative Governance of Large Urban Systems の受講者のレビューおよびフィードバック



Learn about the three phases of the urban value chain: planning, governance and regeneration. With lecturers from all around the world and concrete case studies, this course will give you a comprehensive overview about the “Innovative Governance of Large Urban Systems”. This course has assembled some of the most relevant experiences and knowledge from our Innovative Governance of Large Urban Systems (IGLUS) Executive Master’s program, which has been offered by EPFL during the past 5 years. IGLUS consists of 2-week action-learning organized in over 10 major cities around the world, during which participants acquire an in-depth understanding of the challenges cities are facing and the ways they are addressing them. This MOOC will share this knowledge with you, thanks to some of our lecturers from various disciplines and from all around the world. During this course, you will learn about the three phases of the urban value chain, which are: planning, governance and regeneration. In particular, we will address the unique challenges of the phases and ask questions such as: how to design cities? How to govern them, especially when it comes to their institutional, financial, economic and social dimensions? And how to regenerate urban spaces?...




A good start to learning about sustainable urban planning and governance. I found the course easy to understand, with only a few minor hiccups in the operation of the online quizzes.



This course has provided knowledge on the concepts of a smart city, how to start the master plan for a smart city, and the governance methodologies for metropolitan and regions.


Innovative Governance of Large Urban Systems: 26 - 36 / 36 レビュー

by Pranshu A


Really informative

by Aayush Y


good know2ledge

by Claudio R


Great MOOC!



thank you




by Lusia N P


This is a realy helpful course with great combination of (re)introducing certain concepts but paired with well prepared real examples/case studies. I like the format of 5 short videos of around 10 mins per week followed by a small quiz after ech video. It's not too daunting to follow even if you have a very busy schedule as you can break it into small chunks. The about 2 mins intro and summary videos for every week are also very helpful! Thank you for the well organized course! The 4 points (more 4.7) is because there are some little mistakes with the quizzes althought nothing major.

by Demetrio G


TOO much basic, there is not depth in the lectures, which is very unfortunate in order to very interesting topics. Good for those who have not knowledge of urban planning

by Malek J


A Super Interesting MOOC full of Knowledge and High Expertise from all around the globe

by 18-4A3 Y


I thank coursera for making this course available

by Sarika G


Thankyou for the course, very insightful.

by Alexi L


It was agonising to complete the 4 weeks of the course. I expected some professional-level discussions but all this course had was a bunch of people reading PPTs. No disrespect to the presenters, but the vague description of concepts is not the way to impart knowledge. I have given 2 stars just for the case studies. I won't recommend this course if you require an in-depth analysis of urban concepts.