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Learn Industrial Internet of Things on Google Cloud...




It was a nice experience for me . I learnt a lot about google cloud platform and how the cloud works .Their assignments and labs were very fun and productive. This is a perfect course for a beginner.



Great Course. I was new to Google Cloud. But, the course teach well about the Google Cloud Platform. I had some problems in the Qwiklab sessions. But, I resolve them by chatting. Thank You!


Industrial IoT on Google Cloud: 1 - 25 / 711 レビュー

by Yogesh R


I feel enriched with more knowledge on cloud computing platform integrated with IOT after completing this course. I was exposed to many opportunities hiding behind the field of Internet of things, the course gave me a wide exposure towards the real time application of Internet of Things. The labs organized by the QuikLabs encouraged me to stay with the flow in completing the course, thanks for the team behind those labs. I recommend this course for everyone those who are very much interested in learning about the architecture of GCP and eager to have a hands on experiance with the tools of GCP for IOT. Thanks to Coursera and the Google Team.

by Cyril R


I have really enjoyed the course. My domain is Electronics materials. But I am interested in the programming and IOT. I sit at least 2 hours in the night every day to learn this course and do the lab. I took notes of nearly 25 pages, too. I am glad I finished the course.

by Saurabh K


Thought that it's for beginners. But no all the concepts told are very unclear for newbies. Also the course is very fast. Materials provided for the course are very complex to understand. The problem is the materials or lecture notes that are provided should be taught first. Only after that anyone can understand easily. Like the other courses on Coursera does. Being a newbie I am very much displeased with the course.

by Thummasin P


If it also includes the practical implementation of real-world device, I will rate 5-star. After the completion of the course, I still cannot connect to real-world devices.



its a well designed course that will help you understand and use google cloud services such as bigquery, dataflow, iot core, pub/sub etc. so that you can use IoT without caring for scaling your facilities as everything is on cloud. Not only this in the last module you learn to prepare a live dashboard using pub/sub and dataflow.

by Yohan G


Great Course. I was new to Google Cloud. But, the course teach well about the Google Cloud Platform. I had some problems in the Qwiklab sessions. But, I resolve them by chatting. Thank You!

by Abdullah O


The first week in the course it's great and giving you fair information about what IoT is. The second week is coming with labs, and really they are very helpful labs.

by Michael A P


Excellent course, very detailed and with lots of labs and resources! I recommend it if you want to work with IoT and GCP!

by Enrique P


La temática del curso es muy interesante, pero el curso deja que mucho que desear en comparación con otros cursos de Google en Coursera. El curso está formado por unos pocos videos de 3-5 minutos que cuentan por encima y de manera muy rápida que son cada una de las herramientas que se vana usar (pub/sub/ bigQuery, Dataflow, DataStudio), unos documentos de lectura que la mayoría de las veces no aportan nada, y los laboratorios que es dónde supuestamente está el principal valor de este curso, pero que por desgracia son labs sacados de otros cursos, en dónde muchos pasos no se explican y sólo te dicen de copiar y pegar unas instrucciones, sin entrar a detallar qué es lo que se está haciendo. Además, varios de los laboratorios están desfasados y hacen referencia a versiones antiguas de las herramientas que no coinciden con las versiones actuales en interfaz y funcionalidades.

by Grace L


This was "free" and still an utter waste of time. Labs are outdated, content puerile.

by Avi O


Lots of unrelated material...

by Haider A


Today completed the “Industrial IoT on Google Cloud Platform” course and training authorized by Google Cloud and offered through Coursera. It was a wonderful experience to work on the Cloud Side of IoT in real-time by various interactive sessions and labs on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

by Azaz A


Great course! I had made a rudimentary project using the Cloud IoT Core prior to taking this course, after finishing it I had a better understanding of the underlying architecture and uses of cloud services Google provided. Looking forward to creating more advanced solutions.

by Oswaldo V D


It was a good introduction to IIoT and the Google Cloud Services. The labs gave a good overview about the usage of Google Cloud tools. I hope to take another Google course like this one, but with more advanced information in the near future.

by Ayush S


This course is an excellent piece to learn industrial IOT on google cloud platform it has helped me a lot in gaining the insight's of how automation takes place at industrial level

by Dat N


I really enjoy the training like playing game, The course is informative and excellent hand-on lab help me deeply understand the concept of IoT and how to work with GCP service

by José C


Loved the detail of the course. I think its content could be split in more than 2 weeks with an addition of one or more practice.

by Pratik B


Definitely a course I will suggest others to opt for. Thanks COURSERA for providing such a platform.

by Prafulla R


A good course clearing basic concepts of pub and sub, bigquery, data studio, dataprep and dataflow

by michael p


Damaging to the Google brand.

Low content, high click to progress, pushes to upgrade to paid certificate, and no focus on learning. It looked like the sort of corporate internal training designed by a third party trainer that get's paid by the pages. It felt like a dollar store degree mill approach. Very cheap and barely worth the cost, probably not worth the time.

by Vishal N


This course provides excellent information for Industrial IoT on Google Cloud Platform. The course has a good number of Labs that gives a practical perspective on how the data is ingested, processes, stored, analyzed and reported. The course gives information about the various tools and resources s.a. Cloud IoT Core, Cloud Pub/Sub, Cloud Dataflow, Cloud Storage, Cloud Dataprep and Google Data Studio. The videos and the readings are quite informative and hep build the overall IoT concepts.

by Mayur A D


This training solution provided by google lab and coursera was amazing, i done many of courses but this course was unique and provide real training from lab assignment, this course provide me IoT level knowledge , and main thing make this course more valuable than other that is 24x7 support team available and provide each and every problem solution thank you google cloud/lab team for providing such type of solution.

by Dhruv S


I really enjoyed this course. Being totally new to IoT, I found this course good and challenging. The labs provided practical insights to theoretical teachings. It gave a good overview of IIoT. However i still need to revisit the course to solidify what i learnt, especially the terminologies and their exact meanings along with the coding portion. A great learning experience for sure!!

by Micos R


The course was really informative. Couple points I would like to note though. 1. There seems to be lots of repetitive information, which in my mind can take the focus out of the necessary. 2. More use of command line interface. 3. Small bit but when there is navigational instructions and the layout of the platform is changing, it creates bit of frustration when trying to find things.

by Arun V


My first course in coursera and turned out to be the best one. I enjoyed the video tutorials, quiz, initial discussion forums. The lab session were the best. Practically understood how the data from device is sent, and the process of ingest, process, analyze and visualize happens. This is an end to end course for any one who wanted to start the career in cloud computing and IOT.