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Course 3 of a three course specialization called Fundamentals of Immunology. Each course in the specialization presents material that builds on the previous course's material. This is the third leg of the journey through the defenses your body uses to keep you healthy. In the first course we learned about innate immunity and B cell function. In the second course we studied T cell function and coordination of the immune response. Fundamentals of Immunology: Death by Friendly Fire introduces students to the basic functions of the adaptive and innate immune systems. The early lectures survey cells, tissues and organs using metaphors, cartoons and models to improve understanding and retention. After describing the form, function, origin and varieties of antibodies, subsequent lectures provide details on the mechanism of the generation of variation. The course provides animations of gene rearrangement and class switching and descriptions of affinity maturation correlated with detailed physical models of antibody structure. The final lecture reviews these concepts in anatomical context. Testing employs multiple choice questions testing facts, concepts, and application of principles. Questions may refer to diagrams, drawing and photographs used in lecture and reproduced in the outline. What You’ll Learn: A survey of immune cells and how they attack pathogens, with emphasis on the mechanism of inducing apoptosis and details of Antibody Directed Cell-mediated Cytotoxicity. The inflammatory response and mechanisms of generating tolerance, presented in sequence to emphasize the decision making involved in controlling attacks. A survey of autoimmune disease, their characteristics, cause and treatment. Survey of hypersensitivity reactions, including allergy, anaphylaxis, anemias, granulomas, and a variety of skin responses. This is accompanied by identification, prevention and treatment. The final discussion of preventing transplant rejection is preceded by a detailed unit on antibody technology and the methods of testing for incompatibility....



Highly recommended to Biology and Life Science students.\n\nI liked the enthusiastic way of teaching from Dr. Alma\n\nIf you have a small interest, go ahead.


Amazing course, brilliant lecturer, entertaining and fascinating presentation of complex material that contributes to quick memorization.


Fundamentals of Immunology: Death by Friendly Fire: 1 - 25 / 43 レビュー

by Wenlei Y


This course connects the knowledge points introduced in the previous two courses, offers a systematic overview of immunity from a cell level to an individual level, and provides information with clinical implication. The practice quiz has a few mistakes, but you can figure them out in the discussion forum. Overall, I recommend it!

by Durbar S


the course demands the application of the other two courses. the material was sufficient. Prof. Novotny was really good and funny.

by Sunil L B S


The best and concise course on the important fundamental immunological process.

by Chris P


Third course of lectures in a series that gives a great introduction to immunology. This is a more applied course compared to the two earlier courses, but I'd recommend starting with the earlier lecture series unless you have a prior grasp of immunology fundamentals.

by Irina S


Amazing course, brilliant lecturer, entertaining and fascinating presentation of complex material that contributes to quick memorization.

by Lorenzo T I


Dr. Novotny never failed to amaze me from the first course up to this last part of the series. This specialization provides a well-structured flow of thought that will help you digest the humungous amount of information and overwhelming terminologies inherent in the field.

by Arunangsu S


I never had a professor like Dr Alma Mam. She has been excellent throughout the specialization course. Although I will have to go through all of this again to grasp the concept even better thanks for making it so smooth



Highly recommended to Biology and Life Science students.

I liked the enthusiastic way of teaching from Dr. Alma

If you have a small interest, go ahead.

by Piatkova M A


I really like this course, it's a great chance to understand the complicated things in a simple and funny way

by Sholeye M I


Excellent lecture and a very good content and a brilliant and funny lecturer.

by Prarthana S


Very interesting course with great insights into the field of immunology

by Dr. V V


Interesting course and more informative. Thank for Teacher

by Jay P


Excellent if you want to grasp factoids and learn concepts of immunology. I came searching for a holistic understanding of immunology through this specialization, and while I did learn, I felt that the courses failed to transition concepts and put everything together as a painting.

Evaluations focus on memorizing regurgitating minute factoids rather than learning. I find courses went progressively downhill after the first one, which was wonderful.

by Sveta 7


Immunology is very difficult and very interesting. A low bow to Professor Alma Moon Novotny. This is immunology at the cosmic level!!!

I received confirmation of many theories that I assumed. Now I'm sure of them. I don't know the language well, it was difficult for me... but I did it!!! and I'm very proud of it! I just started teaching immunology and this knowledge was very valuable for me ... I will tell all this to my students...

I wish you good health and send you endless admiration, Professor!!!

Greetings from Russia!!! Svetlana Semiletova, candidate of biological Sciences, associate Professor

by Juan P


The coursera was wonderfull, the teacher is very didact and nice. Thanks Cousera and Tanks RIce Uniersity

by João P M


another amazing course with Professor Alma!! So much learning and expanding new horizons!

by Bharat R


Wonderful course and Dr. Novotny is a passionate and engaging speaker. Thank you!



Very useful go me and I had gain more knowledge from u

by Erik W


content somewhat boring at times but well presented.

by Ritika A


Had an amazing experience learning with this course



This is really amazing.. Prof. Alma is the best

by Prashanna K


Excellent content with a very good instructor.

by Jessica A


E​xcellent course and very well explained.

by Sumaya M


The course material is easy to understand



Excellent presentation