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Do you want to promote diversity and inclusion? This course will empower and equip you to develop inclusive cultures where everyone feels valued and respected. You will learn how highly inclusive leaders from around the world use processes of social influence to interact effectively with individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds. You will deepen your understanding of the benefits of diversity. And, you will explore a wealth of perspectives and practices to help you to reap those benefits. This course is for current or aspiring leaders in ANY type of workplace, in ANY leadership role - a CEO of a corporation, a head of a department, a manager of a workgroup, a team leader, a chair of a committee, you name it! Course highlights include studying signature traits of inclusive leadership (based on global research), strengthening self-awareness, developing your communication skills, and improving your ability to help others feel a strong sense of belonging. Course content covers traditional and timely topics -- from listening, feedback, and collaboration, to privilege, implicit bias, microaggressions, and micro-affirmations. The instructor for this course is nationally recognized educator, leader, and public speaker, Dr. Brenda J. Allen (Communication Professor Emerita). Dr. Allen is a retired Chief Diversity Officer who offers highly-rated workshops, consultations, and presentations on topics such as inclusive leadership, racial equity, strategic planning, respect in the workplace, and diversity recruitment/retention practices. She has a proven ability for explaining complex and sensitive topics in non-threatening ways. She clearly explains concepts and offers compelling real-life examples - including her own experiences....




Even though I am not a leader or have not been a leader, this course has contributed to me a lot. I am sure that I shall be able to use all the information I learned in this course, in my social life.



This was an excellent guiding self paced course with valuable information that Dr. Allen has provided for all of her students and I will apply the resources and information for my on the job working.


Inclusive Leadership: The Power of Workplace Diversity: 76 - 100 / 548 レビュー

by Aditi


This is one of the best online courses I have done. The reasons for calling it best are -

1) Instructor Brenda has provided additional notes and resources for every module

2) Brenda has used many of her personal experiences and other practical stories throughout the course to explain the concepts, this makes easy to understand, connect and relate with topic

3) Her communication was effective, the pace and use of words were easy to understand

4) She has used visuals as well like charts, pictorial in some lessons - this kept mind engaging and attentive

5) The course is useful for anyone who wishes to create inclusive space around them. The course maybe designed for professional purpose but one can bringing changes in self and around even in personal life by reflecting and applying the learning from this course

6) I encourage everyone to pursue this course, as we all are growing and interacting with diverse people both in personal and professional spaces, the course will surely ignite the desire to be inclusive.

7) change starts with us, believing this if even few of the key learnings of course if applied in one self like - active listening, addressing micro aggression, being self aware, being open to feedbacks etc this itself will contribute to better world

by Margaret M


Without a doubt, the best Coursera class I have taken and the very, very, best course on inclusion and one of the top 3 on leadership. Dr. Allen's explanations are superb and very accessible for all, dominant and non-dominant. The explanation of privilege gave a whole new meaning to the word and greatly expanded my view beyond the most common, white heterosexual male. Often, WHM are offended when it's suggested they have privilege. Dr. Allen's explanation of privilege takes away that feeling and makes us realize the vast majority of us are privileged in some way. The discussions of microaggressions was very meaningful. All HR staff should be required to hear this and read the course material so they will never again say to an employee, "What's the big deal? Nothing was meant by that."

The resource material is rich, deep and plentiful. It's also very current.

This was a master's class in Inclusive Leadership but the discussions about inclusion will resonate with everyone at all levels of their career.

This course should be required for every human on earth.

by Sierra W


I absolutely loved this course. Dr. Brenda Allen presents the lectures eloquently, and her words clearly have a feeling of being well thought out and intentional. The whole experience felt personal, empowering, and enlightening. No matter who or where you are, whether you are a CEO or unemployed, this course provides invaluable wisdom. It provides vast insight, and I learned a lot of ways in which I have not been inclusive, which I found a surprise! It offers a myriad of ways in which we can all take responsibility and action to make not just the workplace, but the whole world an inclusive place for everyone. One of my favorite parts of the course was the Implicit Bias Quiz from Harvard. I took several of the tests, and I was truly shocked by the results. The knowledge and skills I have learned in this course will last my entire lifetime, and they can be utilized both professionally and personally.

by anatoli a


The best choice i could have ever chosen! Thank you Coursera for giving us the opportunity to learn, even to people who can't afford it, you are so mindful and make us feel valued, respected and included! Happy birthday and please keep making us feel so amazing!

This course taught me so many wonderful things! I could write and write but i will keep it direct, and specific! Except from learning how to be open and treat everyone in the workplace equally, it also taught me how to think about other people's feelings and my behavior to them as well. To think twice before i say anything and how would that make them feel. How to make everyone want to and feel as if they belong in a team, in our team, and not being afraid to express themselves freely, no matter what or who they are. No matter their color, age, religion, gender, or even who they want as a partner, we are all humans!

by Michele L R


This was an amazing course that I believe everyone should take, especially anyone who aspires to or is currently in a management position. It was a great refresher of several things I've learned over my career and pulled a lot of those things together in a framework exceptionally relevant to today's workplace. It also gave some great insight into timely topics that are sometimes difficult to comprehend because they act as triggers in certain contexts and emotions then get in the way of understanding. Example: As a left-handed person myself, using handedness to demonstrate the concept of privilege really allowed me to grasp the nuances of the concept and has given me a basis to use in sharing that knowledge in a way that minimizes resistance. Thank you so much, Brenda J. Allen!



Inclusive Leadership: The power of Workplace Diversity is an awesome course. Organizations that have compliance-based diversity programs may not realize the benefits like employee engagement, increased productivity and the organizational bottom line may not be positively impacted. We have also heard of employees being recruited through such programs and quitting because of a feeling of tokenism. This course teaches how to unlock and reap the benefits of diversity with inclusion that can be cultivated by everyone. This can lead to happy, high performing teams/employees at every hierarchical level of an organization or whatever the organizational structure might be, plus many other benefits discussed in the course. The instructor was great and delivered a lot of value.

by Giuseppe C


Thank you Brenda J. Allen, Ph.D. this course comes in a moment of my personal walk wher may e the tool that may mae the fix for the issues I was facing in my previous work experiences.

After haing read recently some articles from an italian newspapers I perceive that the Inclusive Leadrship maye really the mainstream not only for me but for the most of the managers in public an private sectors here in Bari, Italy.

At least it may try to address the old fashioned customs deeply rooted in workplaces and in how recruitments are processed to overcome one of the big issue here: being one of the last region in Euope in the rank of occupation rate.


by Marie R G M


I would like to thank Dr. Brenda J Allen for such a wonderful course. Your teaching method is superb. I also like the Now What? documents you shared after each of the four modules as they helped me not only assimilate and go deeper in the topics but also serve as a guide to come up with my personal action plan. You have changed my life for the better, Dr. Allen. I assure you that I will strive to follow your advice in your last message to your students - I will aim to keep learning and growing. Lastly, I am also grateful to Coursera for offering this course to commemorate their anniversary.

by Luis C A H


Excelente Instructora. Me hubiera encantado tenerla de profesora presencial. sus explicaciones, claras, sus ejemplos de vida personal, su sinceridad y claridad para tratar los temas vistos le dan un lugar muy especial dentro del cuerpo de docentes de la Universidad de Colorado. Gracias dra. Brenda, por todo su experiencia plasmada en este curso de Inclusive Leadership. Gracias Coursera por este super regalo de aniversario. Para mi es el mejor regalo, por adelantado, de Cumpleaños personal (30 de mayo). Gracias por todo. Bendiciones y mucho éxito en todos los cursos que promociona Coursera.

by Carla M C


I am very grateful that I get to take this course for free. I have to say that this course is really timely. I think we all need to work on our cultural intelligence, biases and embrace them all regardless of color, race, background, economic status, age, gender and belief. We should not live to conform with others and lose our authentic selves. My heart goes out to all people who are victims of crimes against racism. Thank you, Brenda! Much love to your passionate teachings and your humility and authenticity in sharing your self-discovery about this topic.

by Jacqueline C


It's indeed an eye opening experience which I highly recommend everyone to participate in as I have learnt a lot from this course. Although I may not hold any formal leadership titles currently, it motivates me to be a person in general through self-reflection, put myself in the shoes of the non-dominant group, being an active listener as well as providing micro-affirmation to people I work with. I'm truly glad that I have taken up this course!

Thank you Dr. Brenda Allen for your effort in preparing the course materials and imparting your knowledge with us!

by Nadra H Q


This course created an awareness of how implicit bias can unconsciously colour our decisions at workplace. It helped me focus on developing the six signature traits of inclusive leadership to create a more equitable, safe, and bias free work culture. It provides valuable insights into skills such as cultural intelligence, courage, commitment, recognizing and addressing microagressions and using microaffirmations to create an inclusive environment for employees to grow and thrive and work innovatively to take their institution to the next level.

by Thae A K Z


I enjoyed learning the course of "Inclusive Leadership: The Power of Workplace Diversity a lot since the professor who delivered the course made it so much lively as if we were there with her listening to her lecture in the university campus. Her way of delivering is really motivating and not making me feel asleep or bored and I particularly loved her teaching part where she revealed her personal experiences which are related to some of the course content, which makes the learners feel her and absorb course content more quickly.

by Mary B


Excellent! Very thoughtful and well-structured lessons with a good mix of videos, required readings, discussions and optional further study. Highly recommend this for anyone who wants to be a more inclusive and better leader. I'm not in a "work place" per se, but do volunteer work with both a non-profit environmental group and a non-profit progressive organization and found the leadership skills discussed here are very relevant and important. Also a good course for personal growth and self awareness.

by Elena Z


This course was very interesting and I never want to forget what I' ve learned. All the topics were not only important to learn and use them for the working enviroment, but all this knowledge can be used also to our everyday lives with our family, friends and all the people we connect and communicate. Special thanks to the teacher who with her excellent knowledge and calm voice, kept the interest to all videos and most of the material is so important to have it printed to read it again and again.....

by Carmen M


This course should be required for everyone at all levels: academically, personal development, etcetera. The connection of our present world is closing in, yet we still struggle to understand/appreciate one another. We live among all kinds and types of humans whom we are unaware of. Applying the principles discussed and covered in this class would strengthen the interaction among everyone in the workplace, and in the community at large.

The professor's knowledge makes this course engaging.

by Eunice G


I have enjoyed this course and carried with me so many learnings. Inclusion, self awareness, privilege, biases, active listening, microaggression, signature traits of inclusive leaders. I enjoyed the new insights I got about intrapersonal communication and the definition of Power. Overall, I believe I am well equipped to start practicing the concepts. I also liked how knowledgeable Dr. Brenda was on the subject and I am grateful to her for everything I have learned in this course

by Varun R


An absolutely lovely, and well rounded course with well thought-out and layered content...

It gives you a breakdown of Inclusive Leadership, it's components, benefits and applicability in easy to consume modules with several relatable examples along the way...

Helped reinforce my style of leadership, and also provided me a perspective of how I can grow and drive more inclusivity at my workplace...

Huge shoutout to Prof. Brenda J. Allen for such a brilliant course!!!

by Jude O


Inclusive leadership: the power of workplace diversity is a course that further enlightened me on the need to be all embracing, learn to listen and hear people out and avoid words or actions that could be suggestive or reeks of discrimination. Also, I've learnt to accept and accommodate people irrespective of their diverse backgrounds. Not everyone can be like me. All I need do is to tolerate. It's a good one. I really appreciate this great privilege

by Fuller W


I totally enjoyed this course. Extremely helpful information that I will utilized in my work place and daily life. I was really surprised to see that one example of "Implicit Bias' is job descriptions that state need a degree only and not willing to use experience. This is a form of implicit bias. I never saw that, however I see that in my job title. I will change that, I am requesting that my job state Degree and or years equal experience.

by Judith C


Professor Allen was phenomenal. I enjoyed her coursera class "Inclusive Leadership: The Power of Workplace Diversity." I particularly enjoyed the wide ranging resources - videos and reading materials. Her video presentations were thoughtful, well-prepared and organized, and what a role model she is to the persons taking this class. She's a true champion of DEI and I feel fortunate to have experienced and completed this excellent class.

by Andrea C


What a meaningful course, it has been a long time I didn't take so much pleasure in learning. Thanks, Brenda.J.Allen for sharing your knowledge and experience it has been inspiring and key for me to understand the challenges I am currently experiencing at the workplace. I cannot wait to work on my personal plan to become an Inclusive leader and make a positive impact in my organization cultivating diversity and inclusion.

by Kyra F


The Inclusive Leadership: Power of Workplace Diversity course was full of valuable information and presented very well. Despite feeling like I understood many of the challenges surrounding diversity and inclusion in the workplace, this course provided a deep dive into the subject and I now know how ill informed I really was! Would recommend for anyone sincerely interested in understanding human interaction.

by Fazla Z A


It's a very interesting course and relevant to workplace diversity to create a competitive advantage for any organization. Personally, I feel enlightened and equipped to be a highly inclusive leader. This course has so much powerful information. It really prepares you for tomorrow both inside the office and out and teaches us to be better human beings particularly in the workplace/diverse environment.

by Nandini B


Inclusive Leadership is so important for us to thrive and excel in any working environment. I especially loved how each and every aspect explained with such precise details of we can nurture and promote workplaces where people come from different backgrounds and still feel valued and respected. I loved how Brenda Allen has explained the minute details with such patience and clarity. Great course!