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Fossil fuels have been the primary energy source for society since the Industrial Revolution. They provide the raw material for the manufacture of many everyday products that we take for granted, including pharmaceuticals, food and drink, materials, plastics and personal care. As the 21st century progresses we need solutions for the manufacture of chemicals that are smarter, more predictable and more sustainable. Industrial biotechnology is changing how we manufacture chemicals and materials, as well as providing us with a source of renewable energy. It is at the core of sustainable manufacturing processes and an attractive alternative to traditional manufacturing technologies to commercially advance and transform priority industrial sectors yielding more and more viable solutions for our environment in the form of new chemicals, new materials and bioenergy. This course will cover the key enabling technologies that underpin biotechnology research including enzyme discovery and engineering, systems and synthetic biology and biochemical and process engineering. Much of this material will be delivered through lectures to ensure that you have a solid foundation in these key areas. We will also consider the wider issues involved in sustainable manufacturing including responsible research innovation and bioethics. In the second part of the course we will look at how these technologies translate into real world applications which benefit society and impact our everyday lives. This will include input from our industry stakeholders and collaborators working in the pharmaceutical, chemicals and biofuels industries. By the end of this course you will be able to: 1. Understand enzymatic function and catalysis. 2. Explain the technologies and methodologies underpinning systems and synthetic biology. 3. Explain the diversity of synthetic biology application and discuss the different ethical and regulatory/governance challenges involved in this research. 4. Understand the principles and role of bioprocessing and biochemical engineering in industrial biotechnology. 5. Have an informed discussion of the key enabling technologies underpinning research in industrial biotechnology 6. Give examples of industrial biotechnology products and processes and their application in healthcare, agriculture, fine chemicals, energy and the environment....




Great course. Im a chemical engineering, applying for master's in Chemical Biotechnology. This course really helped in understanding the basics of this amazing field. Thanks guys. Humans are awesome.



Very informative and very well organised course and it really helped me provide a good insight into the world of Biotechnology, the applications in the health sector and its potential in the future.


Industrial Biotechnology: 601 - 618 / 618 レビュー

by Emma K


Very nice materials but can be a little bit too technical to fast at some point. Overall a good course

by arev


Great opportunity to learn biotechnology ,it shifted my perspective on biology and chemical science.

by Manisha G


Some parts are really boring and exhaustive. The narration in some videos is too fast.

by Bhaskar Y


Interesting content but delivery of content was not engaging and lacked lustre

by adeshina A



by Siyang S


As a new graduate of biochemical engineering, I learn a lot of stuff in two weeks studys, but I have to give a low rate for this course. Not because this course is low quality, this course provide very informative content for the industrial biotechnologies, but most of the contents are not consistent. I assume this course mainly causes multiple professors and speakers to teach the divergence. Every lecturer has expertise in specific areas, and all of them provided a similar introduction to biotechnology and suddenly jumped into their expertise. And I have difficulty following some of the content even though my major is in biotechnology and system biology. This course is certainly not prepared for a beginner.

by Ganeshraj B


Pursue the course only if it is absolutely critical to your career. The professors have a high level of knowledge doubtlessly, but so many of them just ramble about, stutter continuously, have external disturbances in their audio, use lots of industrial lingo without explaining, or just plainly reading from the presentations.

There is a lot of knowledge to be obtained from this course, but the teaching experience of all but a few professors (Week 3, Week 5) is not up to par with rest of the courses on this platform.

by Осинкин В С


Курс даёт основу для понимания биотехнологии, как деятельности человека, но мне не понравилось, что мне не дают получить сертифиат о прохождении курса, из-за того, что я из России, я не могу оплатить, не могу обучаться, меня ущемляют как народ, как нацию, очень жаль, что приходится сталкиваться с таким, а в чём моя вина?! Я обычный человек, студент, желающий обучаться, быть конкурентноспособным, а для этого мне необходимо подтверждать свои заслуги, что я не могу сделать теперь.

by Antonio T Q


this course presents a difficulty to be followed in a closer way. I may have a good chemical description of the chemichal process, but as long as this description is not with the draung or picture it is hard to be understood.

We need slides information to be printed along the explanation on the video. That is missing

by 121922301007 g


Very good course .but after completing the course I am unable to download my certificate tried out in many ways but couldn't download my certificate .

by Kishan K


little outdated

by Pouria R


Performance regarding the certificates has been abysmal. The university even cannot show their logos correctly on their certificate and you would see "MANCH" instead of the University of Manchester. After three months of finishing the course, the problem still persists due to the fact that the course organiser doesn't even bother themselves to correct the certificates.

by Mohamad H


I'm a chemical engineer and I felt it is not to follow the course. Details are not explained as it is specified for a certain category of students. I'm interested in the field of bioprocess engineering but this course did not satisfy my expectations.

by Chakka S


I completed my course but not getting certificate

by Prachi D


I didn't receive my certificate yet

by Annoose B P


I didn't got my certificate.

by ayush s D


Unable to unenroll

by Khairul A


No certificate!