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In this course you will explore information security through some introductory material and gain an appreciation of the scope and context around the subject. This includes a brief introduction to cryptography, security management and network and computer security that allows you to begin the journey into the study of information security and develop your appreciation of some key information security concepts. The course concludes with a discussion around a simple model of the information security industry and explores skills, knowledge and roles so that you can determine and analyse potential career opportunities in this developing profession and consider how you may need to develop personally to attain your career goals. After completing the course you will have gained an awareness of key information security principles regarding information, confidentiality, integrity and availability. You will be able to explain some of the key aspects of information risk and security management, in addition, summarise some of the key aspects in computer and network security, including some appreciation of threats, attacks, exploits and vulnerabilities. You will also gain an awareness of some of the skills, knowledge and roles/careers opportunities within the information security industry....



Through Coursera, I can now become a cyber physical security expert. With their online course, I have had basic knowledge in information security. I encourage others to join their online program.


First of all ,I thank you for this course that opens my eyes and enlighten my concept about information security in general. I learnt more than what I expected that will help me in my carrier.


Information Security: Context and Introduction: 26 - 50 / 430 レビュー

by Gesi H


I consider myself as a beginner in Information Security area and this course helped me a lot to understand some of the basics of this field. Now i have a more clear idea on what i want to do and where i want to focus on. This course was really helpful to me and I would really like to thank you for the opportunity given. Wish you the best

by Anjana S


Anyone who loves cyber security and want to know different areas in cyber field this course would be the biggest boon.The materials and resources were very much understandable and also the assignments provided great knowledge and learning . Loved it and thank you coursera for providing the course

by kanwal k


Very Informative course for people who are looking forward to start their career in the field of Information Security. The course provides basic knowledge of all facets under Information Security and culminates with Career Enhancement Guidance. Overall an excellent course at reasonable price.

by Sampson A


I did not have any experience in IT but because the instructors were extremely good and careful explaining to beginners such as me,i was able to learn even ahead of schedule period.

To the organizers and instructors,I say thank you for your selfless dedication to this course and the learners.

by BEN M A B


I am really glad to participate within your honorable plateform Coursera in Information Security: Context and Introduction. And I'll be more and more satisfied to get the course certificate. That will motivate me to clean other sessions in ordre to improvise my skills. Thank you very much.

by Edwin G


Its a good introduction to information security. Most questions are easy, but some require a lot of research. That helps to get you deeper in the subjects. I would definatly do more information security courses from them. Being dutch is not an issue, only some parts are focussed on the UK.

by Adelaide A


I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It was easy and simple to follow and enabled me achieve my goals.

Indeed it needed dedication and commitment. I will definitely recommend others for this course. Very informative. Thanks to the entire team that took me through the course.

by Martin S


Pros. Well structured and holistic introduction to cyber security packed into a well balanced nutshell.

Neg. Unfortunately not all videos were provided with transcript that is so useful for capturing all details - and easier reference for memorizing some details.

by Sean D


I want to personally thank the professors and Coursera for taking the time to create this course. I found it quite informative and enjoyable. I work full time and have a busy schedule, and always looked forward to learning from this course. Much appreciated!

by Waqas Z


The course was excellent in providing basic understanding of all around topics related to the subject. I thoroughly enjoyed it as it was easy to understand while bringing everyday information security topics. I appreciate the guides/teachers of the course.

by Kevin B


Es realmente un curso muy bueno para comprender el contexto de la seguridad de informacion y sus diferentes ramas dentro de la vida real, realmente voloro y aprecio toda la informacion brindada que me han ayudado a dar un gran paso en mi vida profesional.

by Sameer D


One of the Best Courses I've ever learned. The video's are crisp and full-fledged. Learned something new almost everyday. Thankyou Coursera and UOL. :) Looking forward to learn more on Information Security, Cyber Security and Digital Forensics.

by Godfred K K


I have enjoyed and learnt what i never knew....its only time that hinders my concentration and as such has to rush through all when i have time....but i have enjoyed and am sure i can still save all those videos and text to read more later.

by Stef R


Great straight forward explanations. Gives a good overview of information security management and its approaches. I enjoyed the course and it definitely added some to what i already knew. A thank you to the teachers from London University.

by Joel T


I really enjoyed this course. Good overview of Information Security. Week 4 (Security Managment: policies, procedures, standards, etc.) was the most difficult for me, as I like the technical bit more. All in all, an enjoyable course.

by Hrvoje B


This is an excellent introductory course for gettin deeper in area of Information security. The materials and intructors are great. I highly recommend taking this course for anyone whose interested in basics of Information security!

by omkar r


fantastic course in order to brush up the basics, and a must do course for beginners.

good insights of the industry given in Week5. I would recommend this to beginners and those want to have a broad prospective in this field.

by DuminduDTK


Great course! Absolutely great for someone looking for Information Security: Context and Introduction . I think it introduced all major topics. Now i have a clear view about the industry and i am ready to take next steps.

by Alejandro J A O


This excellent course has meant thriving and growing and for that I want to express my heartfelt gratitude. I have augmented my knowledge by leveraging yours.I am very pleased to all the team.thanks you very much indeed.

by Marcellus D


The Information Security: Context and Introduction provided very informative insight into Information Security. Highly recommend this course to get your feet wet and obtain a general understanding of digital security.

by Lanseur


A relevant course, real concepts and fields I have never heared about. I advise this course.

The point that maybe be optimized : the videos about the same subject could be longer and brought together. (Not necessarily).

by Mohammad Y K


Thanks alott coursera for providing me with this course for free.

My favorite teacher is Peter sir, He is brilliant in teaching and understands the vulnerabilities of student ,learning :D

Thankkkkkkkkk you!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Charles E D


Great course! I definitely enjoyed it. I will apply what I learned here in this course to my professional life and future endeavors . Well done! Congratulations to all those involved in the creation of this course.

by Manuel V F


Very useful course, specially the Criptography part and the Week 5 contents related to the model of IT and Security. I recommmend to enroll to every IT that is focused and interested in Cybersecurity.

by nuru s


First of all ,I thank you for this course that opens my eyes and enlighten my concept about information security in general. I learnt more than what I expected that will help me in my carrier.