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The evolution of design has seen it become a discipline no longer limited to the concerns of a singular, specific domain and develop to become a pathway for solving complex, nonlinear problems. Design is becoming a capability-enhancing skill, equipping people with the ability to deal with uncertainty, complexity and failure. In this course, we demonstrate how you can use design as a way of thinking to provide strategic and innovative advantage within your profession. Suitable for anyone who is curious about design and translating the processes and tools of design thinking into innovative opportunities, over 5 weeks we explore, apply and practice the design process: think, make, break and repeat. Through introducing theoretical concepts and examining industry case studies with leading Australian design firms, we investigate design as learning about the context (the thinking part), building prototypes as tangible representations (the making part) and testing potential solutions (the breaking part). We build on this by showing the productive value of moving through the process quickly and often (the repeating part), to improve ideas and develop new insights. Throughout the course, you will follow us through three of Australia’s most exciting design offices and learn from practicing designers and leaders in design. This insight into industry will enable you to develop a comprehensive understanding of design and the role it can and does play within the innovation landscape. You will leave this course with a set of practical tools and techniques to apply to situations within your own professional context, to translate problems into opportunities and solutions, and ultimately to innovate through design....



Great overview of the design innovation process! The content is up-to-date and the professors really go above and beyond to make the course feel like a regular university course as much as possible.


Awesome experience. Learned a lot by undertaking the course. Willing to use it in future endeavors. Thank you University of Sydney, Professors and the entire team behind this course. Thank you again


Innovation Through Design: Think, Make, Break, Repeat: 51 - 75 / 300 レビュー

by Kelly R


Fantastic course - i found the content covered in this course to be so informative, and relatable in my current role in Learning and Development!! Thank you so much! :)

by Sophie B D


Very well done! I greatly appreciated my experience. The content was easy to learn, the videos of high quality and the readings were very informative and interesting!

by Brenda A R U


The format of the test is a little bit complicated, it has big spaces between questions and anwers. But in general the videos are so useful and very explained-

by Anjan A G


I appreciate the realistic course structure, use cases, references and good opportunity to review project submissions by other learners. Thank you Instructors!

by Jimena R


I found the course to be a great tool to begin the journey into design thinking. It gives great tools and readings to keep getting into it after finishing it.



I have gained a more diverse perspective on many aspects of design, not simply creating visually beautiful products but also objectively connecting to life.

by C P S D o M


i have learnt how to design the things in what manner each n everything we can break a design make a design thank you for the opportunity u made us to learn

by Renata S C


I really liked this course, it provides you with easy digestible information and make the learning experience an enjoyable one and practical one as well.

by Gabriel E


It's a good introduction to design thinking and methods. Thanks to Cara and Martin. I'd definitely revisit the course when I need a refresh or reference.

by Mokhamad R


I learned a lot in this modul, i gain new insights and experiences to expand my career to be a UX Designer, although i need to learn more for UX Design

by Lisa H


The course was well-taught and I enjoyed the continuous quizzes, which helped with making sure that I had captured most important parts of each week.



These course is full of knowledge about design and innovation. It consist of different design experience from top designer professors and engineers.

by Bernardus W R G


Very dynamic, enjoyable and easy to follow. I gave me some great new design methods to add to my toolbox and lots of clues to follow in my research.

by Thananat J


The course is good, not only for designers but also for everyone. I am sure that you can apply the knowledge from this course to your daily work.

by Megha


A short course packed with loads of information ! Great thoughts and practical insights that support using these concepts in your area of work

by Naveen A


I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learned a few things that we know however had never been able to implement them in real life scenarios.

by Natalia A I


Dynamic classes, interviews, tests. Keeps your interested all the time. Really good and validated information, invite you to learn more.

by Godswill N


I feel I am living in a world of ideas and didn't know about it until now. The experience through the course was awesome. great work!

by Sumathi A C


As I was very curious about the Design Thinking Concepts, this course helped me in understanding it. I learnt and enjoyed the course.

by Dianne K N


It's a good introduction to the design process. It gives industry insights about the whole process. It is worth the time and effort.



U​n curso muy claro. y con buenas explicaciones para entender para asi poder trasladar lo aprendido a la practica en el trabajo.

by Patel M A


It was a great experience and the course have everything which a beginner need the path and the advice of experienced people's

by Muntean D


One of the most useful courses that I have participated. Congrats for your implication in teaching us about design innovation!

by Shofa I


Thankyou for the module in the course, I enjoyed answering every quiz, it challenging myself espesially when do some project.

by Akshata R


Excellent course and was very helpful. A short and concise introduction to Innovation through Design. Would highly recommend.