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Develop insights on navigating the innovation process from idea generation to commercialization. Build knowledge on how to create strategies to bring innovations to market. Develop an innovation portfolio and business model canvas for your venture. We establish a framework for examining the innovation process, and quickly transition into exploring how to successfully bring innovations to market. Key questions answered within the course include: * What are the key indicators of innovation opportunities? * What steps are critical for entrepreneurs to bring innovations to the marketplace? * What innovation strategies are valuable for new ventures to establish and maintain a competitive advantage? With this course, students experience a sampling of the ideas and techniques explored in the University of Maryland's master's degree in technology entrepreneurship, an innovative, 100% online program. Learn more at




Beautiful course, extremely useful. I have learned a lot and have recommended it to all my team members. I will go over the material for a long time, there's just so much to learn and implement.



Course design is really good. All the speakers have given good inputs which are very much needed for entrepreneurs to convert their ideas into the market place.


Innovation for Entrepreneurs: From Idea to Marketplace: 101 - 111 / 111 レビュー

by Ryan C


This course was very scattered and included several different lecturers. It was the least focused course in the specialization, but still did provide insight in an area I probably knew the least about.

by Brad D


Didn't enjoy this as much as the first certificate but still enjoyable and informative. Some of the information is very US-centric (e.g. around employment).

by Aleksei D


Compared to the first course in this specialization this one definitely lacks structure and the main idea - seems like videos are mixed together randomly

by Gerard


Not as inspiring as Developing Innovative Ideas, but yet a very informative Course. I only audited the course.

by Eduardo E B


Very basic explanations, maybe will need to make it more thoughtful!

by Ernesto J E C


The 3 last weeks, excellent. But the two first to basic.

by patrick c


This course clearly needs an overhaul (missing links, content starting to age).

The last part on building a team is very fuzzy and needs more hands on content (testimony, cases).

Some challenge activities would benefit to be beefed up.

by Hrvoje V


Ill give two stars cause lectures are way to boring to follow.

by Tanzi K


Knowledge provided here was just a common sense.

by Eugene M


It's a second edition of this course. I think that this edition is absolutely useless. Several old mans read subtitles from obsolete books under the camera. No real-life examples, no practice, just obvious things and pure theory from dawn of dinosaurs. 1 star for Ostervalder's business model canvas, the real mark of this course is 0 stars. Where is the first edition of this course with original lectures of Tom Mierzwa? I feel robbed for 49$.

by Martin E


I found the content and the presenters much less engaging than in "Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies: The First Step in Entrepreneurship". The exams were so easy that I could pass them at 100% without watching most of the videos. I really don't have the feeling that I learned much that would help me in getting "From Idea to Marketplace". Overall disappointing for a paid course.