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Just how familiar are you with a marketing communication campaign? Learn more about this key pillar in the marketing mix and use it to give the push your product or service needs. Through this course you will understand the most important issues when planning and evaluating marketing communications strategies and executions. You'll be able to combine the appropriate theories and models with practical information to make better marketing communications decisions. After completing this course you'll be able to use integrated marketing communications (IMC) in the process of creating valuable brands and winning your consumers. IE Business School professor Eda Sayin will guide you through the process with the help of expert interviews from international marketing firms and will provide interesting real-life examples. After this course you will be equipped with the knowledge to ensure that you make the correct decision when it comes to communications and the placement of advertising and digital marketing....



This was actually a great learning experience for me. The course interested me so much that I was able to complete the entire module within 2 days. Thanks for providing me a great learning experience.


First of all thankyou eda sayin mam and the other industrial experts, it was amazing journey and i have gained alot of knowledge regarding the course from which i have been taken through brilliantly.


Integrated Marketing Communications: Advertising, Public Relations, Digital Marketing and more: 51 - 75 / 440 レビュー

by William D


The course is well detailed and touches on the key areas of Intergrated Marketing Communication. The course is also well delivered, with practical examples infused, and further reading shared, to enhance learning!



This course is highly enriching and the course instructor has the mastery of the subject matter. It is indeed, invaluable. I so much appreciate Cousera and the IE for the privilege to take the course. Bravo!



Professor Eda Sayin is an amazing leader that teaches you the right tools to use integrated marketing communications. This course is excellent for everyone interested in doing effective marketing campaigns.

by Athanasios P


Excellent course with academic & real-world sources of content! If I were to add something it would be demonstration of practical frameworks or worksheets that marketers would be ready to use in their jobs.

by Annette T M


An extremely interesting and insightful course. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in taking their Communication and marketing skills to anther level. Am forever grateful to you Eda Sayin and team.

by Akram H


Indeed one of the most effective, insightful, informative courses that covers the most essential aspects of marketing and provides the right knowledge and tools to understand the consumer behaviour in depth

by Gabriel N G


Knowledge is Power. I am glad to have taken this course. The course gave me a deeper insight into the world of Advertising and Marketing. Thanks for the opportunity. Time to put the knowledge into practice.

by Mohammad M


Definitely the most comprehensive and practical course about advertising and promotion among coursera's courses. If you want to get as much as possible, read all suggestion reading and take quizzes as well.

by Ashiru O N


This is the best course so far i have ever done online relating to marketing.. Being a member of Marketing Communications, it gives me confidence that i should push forward...

Much Thanks coursera.

God Bless



Very en lighting course specifying the details of Integrated Marketing , Advertising. Its also emphasizes on various methods or tools that are being used for Marketing ,advertising in a digital platform.

by Priyak B


Professor Eda Sayin is very good at explaining the concepts. Discussions with industry experts has also helped a lot in understanding the theoretical concepts and its application in practical scenarios.

by Paola R L


Recomiendo este curso. Su contenido es pertinente y actualizado. La forma en la que integra diferentes formatos (Entrevistas, gráficas, comerciales...) lo hace agradable y fácil de comprender y aplicar.

by Inna K


The course provides us with a fundamental and accurate information. It is easy to understand and it is very inspiring! Strongly recommend for those who want to have a good base for future development.

by Sri V D


Got clear and valuable insights about IMC with good examples. Thank you very much, Prof. Eda Sayin for the classes and extending greetings for extra lectures and interviews from media professionals.

by Sherif A


instructor was very simple and define each topic easily and a lot of examples are given with each term .

i wish she give another course on marketing , and i will be the first one to participate in .

by Ximena C P


La información presentada en los distintos módulos del curso fueron bastante interesantes. Asimismo, el manejo de aprendizaje de cada orador se complementaba perfectamente con los temas vistos.

by Chrysoula A


A well tailored, educational course that helped me understand Marketing theory without a marketing background! To the point subjects, well presented and analytical explanations. Thank you Eda!

by Liubov



I glad to get new knowledge and thank you so much. I wlli continue learning in marketing direction. Please, send me certificate in PDF format. Thank you!

Best regards,

Liuba Kondrashova

by Alberto G R


This course is really engaging! It gives you an overview of all important steps to build a consistent and coherent marketing communication strategy. The testimonials and speakers are great.

by Mostafa A H


The course is very detail oriented & helped me to learn about every aspect of Integrated marketing communications. It is such a great opportunity to learn the global view on this topic.

by Edidiong U E


this course was very explanatory and informative

it has broaden my knowledge on digital marketing, advertising and public relations

i am glad to have successfully finished this course.

by Arjun K


Nice materials to learn from and great faculty specially Professor Eda Sayin(course instructor) who has being an inspiration to me to learn more practically than being in books...! :)



I am a student of marketing and corporate communication and I found this course very interesting and well structured. I can't wait to attend the other courses of this specialization!

by Chinmay S


Excellent course. very detailed in regards to communication campaign, objectives, etc.

However, more content on digital marketing, SEO & Social Media marketing would be beneficial.

by Justas M


Gives a really good overview on different marketing channels and strategies. It does not go deep into any of those, though for high level understanding really recommend it!