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In this course, you will learn relevant fundamentals of human motor performance, perception, and cognition that inform effective interaction design. You will use these models of how people work to design more effective input and interaction techniques. You’ll apply these to both traditional graphic and gestural interfaces....



Mar 23, 2017

Very important course of the Interaction Design specialization. Nicely crafted assignments. You will add value to the company you are working for by taking up this course. Amazing faculty!


Feb 22, 2017

a very interesting course for anyone who enjoys simple easy to use systems and tools themselves. The last assignment was a great example of the practical applicability of this course


Input and Interaction: 26 - 50 / 65 レビュー

by Maria K

Jun 24, 2018

A good course, especially the second week on finding and filtering - vivid examples of good filters and what to draw your attention to.

by yashar k s

Oct 04, 2016

Best Course

by Krishna C

Jun 05, 2018

Don's explanations were interesting

by Tamella H

Oct 03, 2017

u will love the final project

by Khairul A

Feb 09, 2016

Fab! Mind opening content.

by Rashmi G

Aug 29, 2017

Excellent assignments

by Nikita M

Nov 25, 2015

Just brilliant!

by Ejiro A

Mar 15, 2016

Great material! Don Norman's appearance added an extra touch

by DiannaL

Sep 24, 2018

Informative - learned important new concepts that will improve my design of elearning interfaces.

by Alfredo H

Aug 26, 2018

Great course to learn about gestures and different interaction.

by Alice e

Sep 22, 2018


by Giny C

Apr 18, 2019

Very interesting course. Some content in this course are far more than UX design I learnt during my undergraduate studies.

by Ilya G

Apr 18, 2019

Very useful and rich experience

by Winnie C

Jul 16, 2019

I like the concrete aspects of this course, and the last project about prototyping was quite fun!

by Santiago B

Jan 17, 2019

Good material

by Dhisti D

Apr 07, 2019

Really really really tough!! You need to help those who are bad at math in this!

by Elizabeth B

Aug 27, 2017

The final quiz was tough, I feel like there was disconnect between the material that was taught and the questions that were asked.

by Siddharth S

Oct 26, 2017

It is a good course to 'begin' dabbling in the field of Interaction Design.

It exposes one to a lot of concepts. However it does not go into the depths of all these concepts. That is something one will have to do on his own.

by Carla C

Apr 13, 2018

I felt that Professor Klemmer should have demonstrated plugging actual numbers into the Fitts' Law formula. He described how it was invented and why but didn't actually demo it. The quiz was nothing but Fitts Law calculations. I didn't grasp the concept as well as I'd like to have. I had to do search queries online and look at Youtubes to understand it better.

The video assignment was challenging but fun. I learned Adobe Premiere in 3-4 hours so that I could edit my video. Without a homework deadline I doubt I would've pushed myself on my own.

Thanks, Coursera. I really enjoy your platform!

by Jon M

Feb 04, 2018

Very fun and interesting course! Great project-based assignments!

by Lauren V

Feb 06, 2016

There could have been more content and the course been more challenging, otherwise loved it!

by om s

Jul 06, 2017

Interview with Don Norman was very interesting and really learnt new thing about the Gesture Principle.

by Michael F

Feb 14, 2017

Great Course, loved the content.

by Gioconda B

Jan 10, 2018

I have enjoyed the assignment for last week (Minority Report).

by Kolya K

Jul 13, 2017

Nice course with good assignments