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This course is the fourth course in the specialization about learning how to develop video games using the C# programming language and the Unity game engine on Windows or Mac. Why use C# and Unity instead of some other language and game engine? Well, C# is a really good language for learning how to program and then programming professionally. Also, the Unity game engine is very popular with indie game developers; Unity games were downloaded 16,000,000,000 times in 2016! Finally, C# is one of the programming languages you can use in the Unity environment. This course assumes you have the prerequisite knowledge from the previous three courses in the specialization. You should make sure you have that knowledge, either by taking those previous courses or from personal experience, before tackling this course. The required prerequisite knowledge is listed in the "Who this class is for" section below. Throughout this course you'll build on your foundational C# and Unity knowledge by developing more robust games with better object-oriented designs using file input and output, inheritance and polymorphism, and event handling. This course gives you even more tools to help you build great games with C# and Unity! Module 1: Start using files to implement your Unity games Module 2: Learn how inheritance and polymorphism help us write less code for our games Module 3: Implement event handling to make better object-oriented designs and add menus to your Unity games Module 4: Explore the complete implementation of a small Unity game Module 5: Complete final peer review “Unity” is a trademark or registered trademark of Unity Technologies or its affiliates in the U.S. and elsewhere. This course is an independent work and is not sponsored by, authorized by, or affiliated with Unity Technologies or its affiliates...




This really is an amazing course and Dr. T is a wonderful lecturer. He has helped me understand concepts I have been struggling to understand thus far.



Amazing course, week 3 and 4 were kind of taught in a rush, could have done those topics more slowly and in detail.

Amazing concise videos by Dr. T.


Intermediate Object-Oriented Programming for Unity Games: 51 - 75 / 75 レビュー




by herni p d p a


Completed the other two courses of the specialization super fast due to my previous coding experience, but here i struggled with some of the lessons. The teacher goes fast and when giving a new lesson doesn't loose too much time explaining things from previous lessons, which it can be a good or a bad thing. Very happy with the course overall.

by Aaron A


A great teacher, very concise, great analogies. The course moves along at a decent pace, so you won't be twiddling your fingers, but you won't feel lost in the deep end.

Great coursework on event handling.

by Andres G E


Great course, it is a shame the format had to be changed somewhat due to the "failure of the peer-reviewed assignments", but they certainly were not suitable for a course like this.

by Rahul D


It was a little hard to complete. I had to use the discussion forum for many time to get help about the assignments. But still, it was a great journey. I've enjoyed it.



it is a great course but its difficulty level increases a notch compared to the previous 2 courses. It will help you build your gaming technicalities by alot

by Kirill D


Last 2 weeks seems to hard. Things about event handling were really hard to understand. And it was very few lectures about this.

by Juan C G


V​ery good in depth game programming and design, much more linux friendly than the previous two courses but still bad support

by Kumar D


this course was a bit confusing as compared to the previous courses according to my point of view.

by Ofii A


Some of the ex are too complicated, some of them are a piece of cake

by Angeliclovewind


The part of event manager is too difficult to understand.

by Don M


Ilearned a lot. Good pacing.

by Batuhan E


by Mark E


Unfortunately course 3 fell short of my expectations. This was a VERY difficult section, and it shows in the peer reviews I did. I did 4 reviews hoping to find someone whose code indicates that the coder got it. I gave up after 4 reviews in which I failed 3 and only gave 15 out of 25 for the 4th. The last week (week 4) in particular was tough. It took me 2 weeks to complete the assignment most due to learning curve issues. I had to watch the videos over and over, and gain understanding by sleeping on it day after day for 2 weeks. Or perhaps this section was deliberately designed to route serious learners out from the not so serious or capable students.

by Eldon V


Good content, but getting help is near impossible. The entire forums are flooded with nothing but "Grade my assignment!" posts, but when you need actual assistance, it's hard to come by. The problem with relying on peers for help, is they also might not know the answers a professor would. My game wouldn't build to WebGL properly, and I posted in the forums 4 days before the due date that this was going on. No response. 3 stars so far because the lack of help or effective feedback through this current system.

by Muhammad M


I feel like more concepts like generic delegates and events could have been covered in this course. The course Focused only on Unity Actions and Events. Concepts like Generic Actions and Funcs could have been introduced, Dr.T's style of explanation was great tho, I feel like the course material was rushed and many things which could have been included were left out.

by Ahbar A


got pretty confusing in from the 3rd week but managed it anyway, great course

by Luca C


The events lesson are not that great

by Nicole B


I honestly didn't like the way the professor chose to teach certain topics. I would have to teach myself with videos online and with help from a tutor. lessons were overly complicated and more code was implemented when it could have been taught in a simpler way with a lot less code.

I started the fourth course and ended up dropping it because it forces you to use his method of the lessons vs you being able to solve the same problem in a different way.

by Luke J


Was expecting best practice design patterns and how to apply them in Unity. Did not get that. This is not an intermediate course like advertised. Very beginner focused. Its alright as a beginner resource but isn't what I thought it was.

by Jatin A


event handlers topic is hard af

by Moustafa E E M M N


Assignment is not related to the course content, I have joined three courses with Dr. T and this is the fourth but really assignment is very hard to complete with only the course material which leads you to buy the book to finish. I don't like this course and if I found that the next course of specialization is the same I will cancel the whole specialization.

by Russell S


Instructions often lacking, making assignments more difficult than they need to be. Discussion forums are basically useless they are so lowly frequented, and the instructors/moderators are not around to help either. I liked the first two installments of this specialization a lot, but this one has been very disappointing.

by Dennis P


The last class has an impossible to complete assignment in week 3 based on the videos presented which do not explain how to initiate the assignment properly, the assignment also has two components, something that is unecessary when its impossible to even complete the first component.

by Hiroki N


there are problems in programming patterns introduced in the course. The EventManager class should be the received of an event and then it should dispatch the event to the registered listener, instead of adding listeners to invokers there.