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This course reviews and evaluates the many ways that businesses can engage in international commerce. First presented are the three decisions that any business needs to make to go global, including a model for country selection. Next, modes of exporting and importing are discussed, followed by a review of contract modes of entry such as licensing and franchising, and then foreign direct investment strategies such as joint ventures, mergers, and acquisitions. The course concludes with a personal look at going global, including deciding to go, preparing to go, working and living abroad, and the challenges of coming home....



International Business Venturing Abroad: 1 - 9 / 9 レビュー

by Juan L


IT was such an amazing experience. I learnt a lot with the videos and quizes. I highly recommend it if you want a better perspective of how to make business abroad an to be prepared for cultural changes.

by Антон М В


Very enjoable course. Learnt a lot, really. It was strange being asked about some things in the first part which were only explained in the fourth one, but was easy to come up on my own

by Pranav C


It was a great learning experience and very much useful course, IB students go for it must recommended.

by Edi A E


r​ealmente es un curso muy completo aprendi mucho.

by truc p n


i love this. thanks

by Maria V G Z


Muy completo

by Princess A



by siddharth g


Nice and quick learning

by Ai C


This course was suitable to learn about the basic knowledge on International Business. And some of reading assignments were very interesting since they used actual examples and experiences. However there were some mistakes or issues on PP slides and Quizzes, which was a bit frustrating to me and made me think it unreliable. Overall, it was worth taking this lecture.