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International Entertainment and Sports Marketing, 延世大学校(Yonsei University)



This course will provide learners with a fundamental understanding of the characteristics and marketing strategies related to two key global industries, sports and entertainment. The growth in both industries have been fueled by their ability to innovate via CCCI, i.e. cross-country and cross-industry expansion. There will be a graded quiz that will consists of 10 questions during the first two weeks (together worth 50% of the grade) and a final quiz that contains 20 questions (worth 50% of the grade) in the third week. People who successfully complete this course will obtain the following outcomes: (1) You will learn the key characteristics of sports marketing. (2) You will learn the key characteristics of entertainment marketing. (3) You will be able to apply cross country growth strategies to your business in the sports and entertainment industry. (4) You will be able to apply cross industry growth strategies to your business in the sports and entertainment industry”. (5) You will be able to reference CCCI, i.e. cross-country and cross-industry Innovation best practices via interviews with key experts in the sports and entertainment industry such as from adidas, Audi, and YG Entertainment (home to Psy and Gangnam Style)....


by LL

Mar 12, 2017

Thank you professor, it really make sense. The lecture structure is very clear and given examples are helpful to get better understanding. Also the interviews are insightful!

by JM

Jun 17, 2016

Dae Ryun Chang is wonderful! I really enjoyed his videos. It was easy to understand easy to follow and all connected. I really enjoyed this course! Thank you!



by Albina Dunga

Feb 21, 2019



Feb 08, 2019

good course for budding sports managers

by Deleted Account

Jun 01, 2018

Quite complete in terms of topics but really suitable for people with already big knowledge in marketing and in sports & entertainment. was expecting more depth and more methodologies that would apply to specific marketing objectives.

by Anastasiia Klevtsova

May 03, 2018

I really like the course, I think it was very useful for myself and hope that these knowledge will help me in my future

by Irvin Fernandez

Apr 16, 2018



Mar 25, 2018


by Ugo Orlando

Mar 23, 2018

Structure was good. I learned a few things, although I already had experience in Sports Marketing.

One thing I didn't like was the introduction of seemingly complicated concepts to explain simple ideas. For instance: Noon Nopi seems like a "buzzword" to convey the *very* basic idea of adapting to the audience and context.

Also, most of the content from the Viral Marketing, AR/VR and Influence chapters are just common sense. These parts weren't challenging enough, to be honest. And I believe anyone who has lived in the digital era will feel the same.

Also - this is be a very minor issue - the Professor's body language seems to be "overdone". It feels wrong. In case it isn't natural for him to point at the audience/camera, maybe he shouldn't do it. But please, professor, don't take it personally, it was a very minor issue. And I don't think I could do a better job :)

I really liked the expert interviews. Especially those with John Davis, and the Audi Korea Head of Marketing. Good structure. Good answers. Lots of takeaways.

by Alex Bragin

Mar 04, 2018

Great course to understand main rules of global sports & entertainment marketing

by Jacques Randrianarivelo

Feb 05, 2018

Professor is amazing...I liked it very much the way this course was taught! Many thanks for sharing those knowledge!

by Keishi Matsuyama

Jan 13, 2018

Excellent course!