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ABOUT THE MOOC : INTERNATIONAL MIGRATIONS: A GLOBAL ISSUE Catherine Wihtol De Wenden - CERI CNRS/SciencesPo ABOUT THE COURSE The world is moving, but not all opinions and governments are willing to accept this poorly understood reality. The issue affects both states and the planet, in a process of globalization and of regionalization of migrations, and raises new questions for international relations, now including the South. This course aims at improving knowledge of the subject, addressing the key issues raised by international migration, and assessing the trends of tomorrow. FORMAT The MOOC lasts 7 weeks and focuses on various themes related to migration. It makes use of various types of document, such as maps, news articles, and scientific papers. The text is in English and the videos are in French with English subtitles TEACHERS Catherine Wihtol de Wenden is Research Director at the CNRS (CERI) and teaches at Sciences-Po. She has been a consultant to many international organizations, notably the Council of Europe and the Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees. From 2002 to 2008, she led the "Migration" research group of the International Sociological Association. Author of some 20 books, and having conducted many field investigations, she also teaches at the Sapienza University of Rome. COURSE OUTLINE Session 1: Globalization of migration Session 2: Refugees and environmentally displaced persons Session 3: Europe Session 4: France and international migration flows Session 5: Citizenship and migration Session 6: Borders Session 7: Right to mobility and global governance...



International migrations: a global issue is a time demanded course for the population movement operations front line worker for better approach to reach the beneficiaries.


Very good for anyone interested in the current refugee crisis, especially now that this issue may again become relevant with the return of the Taliban in Afghanistan.


International migrations: a global issue: 76 - 90 / 90 レビュー

by Jean-Charles F


Highly instrucive on the international migration issues and a very good base on understanding the challenges that lies ahead. Thank you !

by rerolle a


Cours intéressant présentant, d'un point de vue français mais aussi global, les enjeux autour de la migration internationale.

by Anahi D J


I enjoyed the course but it was a little bit slow and I would want it to have subtitles in Spanish as well.

by Camila X d B e S


O curso é interessante mas está um pouco desatualizado e tem algumas partes repetitivas

by Morium A R


It is an amazing course to know about the all process and history about migration

by Shruti N


While the course is not primarily in English, I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you

by Bronwen E


very detailed and interesting information

by Ishita D


Very informative course! Loved it.

by Anil N


Interesting Enough.

by Alex V


Overall, I enjoyed the course and found it informative on the issues up until the period it was created. However, here are a few things I wish I had known before signing up, which are likely mentioned by others as well:

There's a lack of perspectives and differing point of views on the issues.

Tests were quite easy and seemed to only focus on the most basic elements of what was taught that week.

Translations can be poor, or missing, at times.

Repetition: the amount of content to go through could easily be reduced by half, if not more.

And finally - this course is out of date and does not touch on any developments after 2016. It is great for providing information up until 2016, but if you want to learn about more recent events you will not find those details here.

by Kelly S


The course content was good, seemed curated and simplified for all learners, it's easily accessible to most. However, the assessment could be more meaningful and challenging to actually make learners think critically about the issue of global migration. The course could benefit from implementing more interactive tools other than multiple choice assessments based on mere memory and a forum. Overall, I would recommend! Just make sure you are an autonomous learner and create your own tasks to make the learning meaningful.

by Kamila Z R


Certainly, this is an interesting historical course on global aspects of international migration. unfortunately it doesnt take into account any changes in migration policy and dynamics post Arab spring nor 2015 migratory crisis. Globally and regionally the landscape of international migration change dramatically with total policy shift in Europe and new Global compacts on migration and asylum. Hence the course is outdated and last 2-3 weeks of course shall be changed

by Samyuktha S


extremely helpful and relevant to what I am currently pursuing. but the only suggestion would be that, given the fact that I am a student who has not learnt French, it would be helpful if the audio was in english too so that I can understand the authenticity and complexity of the issue better.

by Adam M


Outdated but interesting nonetheless.

by Talieh G


The course is translated from French to English. Unfortunately the translation is extremely poor. There are 5 lines sentences with no full stop.... Besides the poor translation, the content is very repetitive, lacks references, and not updated. The text is more like mumbling rather than an academic text. I wouldn't recommend this course as it's a waste of money and time. Instead I recommend the course provider to improve the quality of the content they offer.