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The course is for: • Those who are interested in international relations • For students in International Relations, Political science, Regional studies • Those who work in the international organizations • Those who like to study online and gain knowledge from another field of science. • For international journalists The problem of war and peace has been of interest to humanity since ancient times, when the first states began to pursue their foreign policy and build relations with neighboring states. In the 21st century, the use of military force and the violation of peace is still an important problem in the system of international relations. As part of this distance course, students will study the history of the formation of the modern system of international relations and will be able to explain the features of various theories interpreting the foreign policy of the state. The online course will be useful and interesting not only for students studying political science, but also for everyone who is interested in the foreign policy of the countries of the world and the system of international relations. The remote learning format allows you to join the course from anywhere in the world. The course "Understanding International Relations Theory" of the Higher School of Economics provides you with useful knowledge of international relations. Having a PC or a laptop connected to the Internet, you can join the course of our university from any country. The first question to which students will find the answer will be "What is IR science"? The main goal of this online course is to understand the origins and features of the modern international relations system and be able to analyze the foreign policy of states through the prism of the theory of international relations. After completing the course, students will be able to analyze the special features of different theories of international relations, ranging from realism, liberalism and Marxism to Constructivism, Postmodernism, Feminism etc. Moreover, students will find an answer to one of the key questions in IR science: who is actor of international politics? Passing the tests and writing essays will allow students to consolidate their knowledge in the field of international relations. The course consists of short video lectures from 3 to 17 minutes, in which invaluable questions are included. Test of 8 questions will take place every week except the last week. In the first, fourth and seventh weeks, along with tests students also submit an essay (the essay must be at least 200-300 words long). In the end of the online course there is a final exam in the form of essay. The final essay must be at least 400 words long. The course allows you to interpret important international events and foreign policy of states through the prism of different theories of international relations. By the end of online course students will get the knowledge of: • The history of the formation of IR science. • Theories of international relations and their features. • Actors of international relations and their features. • Analysis of Russian foreign policy through the prism of realism. • Critical analysis of the foreign policy of states through the prism of theories of international relations. • Types of power in international relations and their features...



Easily this is one of the most productive courses I have taken. If one is seriously aiming to gain in-depth knowledge of the International relations holistically, this is the best course to go to.


The course provides understanding about basic concepts of IR Theory, with quizzes and assignments and useful readings. The professors are enthusiastic and able to explain the concepts in details.


Understanding International Relations Theory: 51 - 75 / 167 レビュー

by Carolina A


I really enjoed the course, the proffessor were very professional and explained really good, I liked how the views were so imparcial and respectful. I would like that some of the test or essay were calificate by proffessors or high students from the University but the rest was amazing. Thanks so much !



Probably the most interesting course I have done so far. Coming from an engineering background I found it reflects a different perspective about the world. I learnt how each country is correct in their own ways and why USA should not interfere in other people's business unnecessarily.

by Jairam R P


Twelwe weeks packed with indetailed information regarding International Theory covering traditional approach, realist theories, liberal theories and much of recent theories. The exercises are challening but at the same time test your application knowledge and your perspective.

by Jina M


This is by far the best course I have taken.

I gained a deep understanding in international relations. What is distinguished about this course is the passion seen from the instructors, and the general knowledge that covers a variety of subjects.

Highly recommended.

by Professor


the best course, I have taken so far..

I am really thankful to the Coursera team, who help me financially to do this course. I will try to share my success with others and also spread the information about Coursera to my peers.

thank you, Coursera.

by A Y G


Excellent course. I'm an international Relations student now. But I have been an oral surgeon ( a dental specialty) for 35 years. I have learnt a lot of this course. I recommend this course to everyone who interested international relations.

by Diego R


Excelente, foi uma grande experiência. As aulas são extremamente didáticas e os conceitos são repassados de forma magistral. Até assuntos mais densos e complexos são explicados de modo destrinchado e claro, de modo a não deixar nenhuma dúvida.

by Fakeha l


This course helped me alot to better understand the main theories. Topics are explained in an easy manner with examples where necessary. So, overall course is very helpful if anyone wants to clear hos or her understanding about these theories.

by Salvador I B C


This course exceeded my expectations. The quality of content, but particularly of the lecturers, is world class. I strongly recommend it to anyone interested in having a theoritical framework to understand why States act the way they do.

by Felipe T d T


Absolutely love it, super good methodology and classes. A must for those who want to understand and are new to the international relations theories. Congratulations to the professors! Definitely taking more courses with HSE. 

by Bradley N


Very comprehensive and thoroughly enjoyable. Will probably need an update soon, given events in recent years. It will be fascinating to go back to Week 12 and see what has been predicted as accurate and what was not.



fantastic opportunity to learn the nuances of international relations. very lucid n easy to understand classes and the course content. very learned tutors. amazing platform in form of coursera. THANK YOU VERY MUCH ALL

by Antonio F B


Excellent during the theoretical framework, although current developments make necessary an update, especially about case study. This does not affects the overall quality of the course, which let me very satisfied

by Eduardo J V


This course allows me to have a better understanding of the complex international relations theory. As a person who seeks knowledge about these subjects, I particularly find the course very illustrative and clear.

by Akshata R


The course gave me a perfect insight to International Relations and its various concepts which, in turn has helped me in developing an aptitude to actually use my learning in the practical world of politics.

by Amit K


Awesome. Its a systematic and simple course mainly focusing on basics of International Relations. Very educative and to the point. I am sure it will act as spring board for further learning in the same field.

by Shaikh R S


Lucid and wonderful explanation by the professors. It felt less like study and more like a series of story telling sessions and that according to me is the best way I can learn. Grateful for the journey!

by Mohammad A A


Indeed a great course. I have learned a lot about IR. Truly found a new horizon in global politics. Really appreciated to those instructors who made this course a successful and effective one. Thank you.

by Laurine P


The IR theory was well explained in details and examples were used which facilitated the learning. We have a great overview of the history which leads to why governments behave in a certain way nowadays.

by Mohammad M M


It's so thorough and all-encompassing. Taking and finishing this is similar to having studied a real Master's course of IR in a distinguished world-class university.

by Paula J


I found this course very interesting. Professors explained the topics very well and therefore, the seminars were easy to understand. Thank you very much.



Thank you very much the two tutors, it was a great experience and quite well educative regarding the understanding of International Relations Theory.

by Sabeel A N


The course was very helpful in understanding the theories of International Relations. The method teaching by the professionals was excellent.

by Anabel G H


I would like to thank both teachers for the excellent course they offer through this platform. I learned a lot. Greetings from Mexico

by Nomsa N


Thought provoking, detailed and rigorous syllabus. I would like more quizzes throughout the lectures but that might just be me.