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エラスムス・ロッテルダム大学(Erasmus University Rotterdam) による International Security Management の受講者のレビューおよびフィードバック



In this MOOC you will learn about the colorful and diverse international security landscape, and gain insights into challenging topics including Open Source Intelligence, serious organised crime and illicit trade. You will also meet stakeholders from different sectors and backgrounds. We recorded our videos at different locations in Europe to also give you an insight into the original environment of our contributing experts. You will realize that the style and focus of the various presentations will differ from one week to the other. We feel that this is a big asset! And yes, we also have men in suits and uniforms......




Amazing!!!! A brilliant learning opportunity. First time, I get to have a broader and an international perspective on security management. Thanks Coursera and EUR, thank you very very much.....



Excellent primer course on international security management! This challenges your ideas of safety and gives you an inside look as to how security is maintained, discussed and developed.


International Security Management: 226 - 241 / 241 レビュー

by Richie v H v S


Lots of content, minimal opportunity to test knowledge attained.

by Mohamed F M F


Structured well and very informative sessions. Well done all.

by Declan K


Very informative, great instructors who know their stuff.

by Nathaniel W


Very rewarding

by Emily C


I did enjoy this course and it amongst other things has inspired me to apply for an international security themed Master's degree in Europe. A few things I suggest- I would have liked to have had more methods of testing in order to fully feel like I had earned more confidence and knowledge, and some of your speakers were quite difficult to understand (I know that English is most of your second languages so I am not trying to be rude, just to say it was more difficult for me to engage with the content because I was struggling to understand the speakers).

All-in-all, thankyou for the content. It has led me to further pursue my knowledge in this field.

by T r


it was good. although use of common words of English may be used instead of difficult. i had to go many time for google dictionary .content was based most of the time for Europe ,lectures could be on international concerns

by Elizabeth N C


some of the interviews were a little unnecessary but equally, some reinforced the practical aspects so no real complaint.

by Winson E


The course is very informative and useful for the new security challenges in Africa.

by Africa S A


Its a good course that i would recommend for all public officials anywhere

by Rose C


Was a bit choppy which made it seem extremely long.

by Chana L S


N​ot as expected.

by Aleksandra M


This is not a decently prepared course. Most of the videos are narrated by people with very strong accents that are difficult to understand. The content is shallow and very often outdated. Graphics that are used remind me of 90s' primary school instruction animations. I was really excited to learn something about security management and obtain this certification so that I could prove my new skills and knowledge but this was extremely disappointing.

by Frederick A


This was a very helpful course.

by sadek e


Where my free certificat 😠😠