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エラスムス・ロッテルダム大学(Erasmus University Rotterdam) による International Security Management の受講者のレビューおよびフィードバック



In this MOOC you will learn about the colorful and diverse international security landscape, and gain insights into challenging topics including Open Source Intelligence, serious organised crime and illicit trade. You will also meet stakeholders from different sectors and backgrounds. We recorded our videos at different locations in Europe to also give you an insight into the original environment of our contributing experts. You will realize that the style and focus of the various presentations will differ from one week to the other. We feel that this is a big asset! And yes, we also have men in suits and uniforms......




Amazing!!!! A brilliant learning opportunity. First time, I get to have a broader and an international perspective on security management. Thanks Coursera and EUR, thank you very very much.....



Excellent primer course on international security management! This challenges your ideas of safety and gives you an inside look as to how security is maintained, discussed and developed.


International Security Management: 201 - 225 / 241 レビュー

by Francesco P



by Vijayalaxmi



by Yohanis R



by Majed O



by Nichols A


This course has opened my mind to see security holistically, with their deep influences in the society, considering socio-economy, political and technological aspects, among others. As a caveat, the course instructors are varies greatly in terms of the teaching quality, you have a almost perfect module about Illicit trade and a poor module about Open Source Intelligence, for instance. Evaluations could be more creative, frequent and challenging during all course weeks.

by Jesus R


The course is really good and covers the aspects necessary to guide security and risk advisors. Nevertheless, it needs coherence between the weeks. Some weeks have excercises, articles, even recommended books while others lack a lot of information and support material, especially the fourth week about serious organized crime. The sixth and seventh weeks are extremely complete and useful.

by Nick C


The course was interesting. Many people speaking English with different accents from other countries that were sometimes difficult to understand.

The course was pretty easy, too easy perhaps which made me feel that it wasn't worth 39 euro as I didn't need to try too much.

Pleased that I have this certificate on my Linkedin profile as it looks good

by Anastasios D


It would be best is native speakers or internationals who are more fluent in English, were selected as presenters.

In some cases, it was difficult to understand what the speaker was saying due to the accent and there were several mistakes in the transcript that made no sense.

Besides that, the content was interesting and up to date.

by Jaana M


I​ would give 4,5 stars but there are no "half stars". The course gives a good overview of the concepts of safety and security, and there are a lot of good speakers. I especially liked the week 7 part of viewing safety through a positive lens.

by Jose M d l P


Provided clear details about the different risks that the world faces. Taking this at the end of 2020, makes this a bit outdated with a new invisible threat which has changed the whole security landscape of the world.

by Imran A


An excellent short course to get a better understanding of International Security Management and its associated aspects dealing with crime and other security situations at national and international levels.

by Kandregula a s N


I have learned lot of security management and terrorism, type of crimes, risk ,Illicit trade, inter polo over all I have learned most knowledge from this course thanks for all my teaches and professors.

by R S G


Brilliant course material. Fairly in depth coverage of elements of safety and security and international coordination needed to counter challenges faced by social set up Globally.

by Gabriel O


It was a really nice experience where I could learn a lot about the international security set, mainly in what it concerns to leadership skills and decision making.

by Sergio S


The course is very good overall, but sometimes it felt repetitive and I wished that they would go deeper into the analysis of concepts.

by Tânia S


Interesting with very good topics in the security field. Would be more interactive if the subtitles were embeded in the actual video.

by Brian H


Very interesting course,There’s plenty of useful information you can absorb & even ways to think more critically of situations.

by bell l


As security practitioner, Coursera and Erasmus university help me to learned more about international security management's.

by Ivan R


Insightful! It examines a wide cross sector of the security industry with focus on current and future challenges.

by Mbaikula D


je suis vraiment satisfait de ce cours et c'est une base pour moi de me propulser dans le domaine de la securité

by Jeoffrey G


A good course which gives you a firm grasp of the complexities of security concerns on a global scale

by David C


Great informational course, but it should have more quizzes to reinforce learning and materials.

by Felix A


VERY EDUCATIVE COURSE i recommend to everyone in the security field to take this course.

by José L m


El curso me ha resultado muy útil para mejorar mis conocimientos sobre la Seguridad.

by otsile m


A very informative course, which is concise and well structured.