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イリノイ大学アーバナ・シャンペーン校(University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) による Introduction to Accounting Data Analytics and Visualization の受講者のレビューおよびフィードバック



Accounting has always been about analytical thinking. From the earliest days of the profession, Luca Pacioli emphasized the importance of math and order for analyzing business transactions. The skillset that accountants have needed to perform math and to keep order has evolved from pencil and paper, to typewriters and calculators, then to spreadsheets and accounting software. A new skillset that is becoming more important for nearly every aspect of business is that of big data analytics: analyzing large amounts of data to find actionable insights. This course is designed to help accounting students develop an analytical mindset and prepare them to use data analytic programming languages like Python and R. We’ve divided the course into three main sections. In the first section, we bridge accountancy to analytics. We identify how tasks in the five major subdomains of accounting (i.e., financial, managerial, audit, tax, and systems) have historically required an analytical mindset, and we then explore how those tasks can be completed more effectively and efficiently by using big data analytics. We then present a FACT framework for guiding big data analytics: Frame a question, Assemble data, Calculate the data, and Tell others about the results. In the second section of the course, we emphasize the importance of assembling data. Using financial statement data, we explain desirable characteristics of both data and datasets that will lead to effective calculations and visualizations. In the third, and largest section of the course, we demonstrate and explore how Excel and Tableau can be used to analyze big data. We describe visual perception principles and then apply those principles to create effective visualizations. We then examine fundamental data analytic tools, such as regression, linear programming (using Excel Solver), and clustering in the context of point of sale data and loan data. We conclude by demonstrating the power of data analytic programming languages to assemble, visualize, and analyze data. We introduce Visual Basic for Applications as an example of a programming language, and the Visual Basic Editor as an example of an integrated development environment (IDE)....




It teaches us the basics of data analytics and it is very progressive. There are assignments to help us understand and practice the methods being taught. This allows us to have first-hand experiences.



I have learn a lot of solid knowledge about Data Visualization, Excel VBA, and programming hints from this course. I recommend this course to those who wants to skill up on Excel and Data analytic.


Introduction to Accounting Data Analytics and Visualization: 26 - 50 / 66 レビュー

by Lee Y


The lecturer is very concise and goes through concepts in depth by showing examples that build on top of previous knowledge and used dataset that was previously introduced.

by Michael J


Instruction was clear and I found all of the information presented to be useful in my current work with Excel spreadsheets. Now I'm keen to learn Python!

by Toh P Q


For a beginner at excel, this course really teaches you a lot about data visualisation and organising data in excel and other similar applications.

by Raji R


Excellent course. I loved it from the beginning to the end. Enjoyed throughly the two assignments. Professor teaching skill is increadible

by Annabelle S S Z


Love the enthusiasm of the professor Ronald Guymon and the module helps me with learning more about the use of Excel and its VBA functions

by GOH K Y


Being the first online module I've ever taken to date, the content and videos far surpassed my expectations. Looking forward to more!

by Jaslyn L


This is a really helpful course! I have learned not only about using Excel for accounting, but also the many functions of Excel.

by Jacob S


It was really good.

Actually, before week 7, general contents are a bit tedious, but week 7 and 8 was perfect.

Thank you so much

by Sithandazile Z D


I really enjoyed the course and the lecture was very interactive, clear & precise in such a way i felt i was in a classroom.

by Chiam Z S


The two lab sessions were useful and the speaker was well present himself and his points making it easy to understand him.

by Goh J Y D


The course enables its learners to get a hands-on experience using tools to accounting data analytics and visualisation.

by Fabian T


Excellent and interesting videos, not too long but not too short. Lengthy enough to be very informational and helpful.

by Jesús A S G


enought materials, good teacher, I feel confident just want to keep learning about interpreting the numbers/data

by Jurgita Z


This course is so useful. The instructor is awesome!

I am very happy to have attended this cours. Thanks!

by Edmund K C H


Enriching course that really helps brings new comers into the world of data analytics and visualization

by Muhammad A B A R


It provides a lot of hands on example that really help with the explanation of the concepts taught

by Mutra T T W K


Great overview of data analytics. Teaches you basic tools that can be useful for basic analysis.

by Loh D W


Interesting course for students willing to learn more about analytics for accounting

by Kyoungmo K


Great course to transform traditional mindset of accounting into data analytics

by Phoa J L


A course with an excellent overview of data analytics suitable for beginners.

by Lim T F


Fantastic course with many infomative videos which is really helpful.

by Chow K M


G​reat introduction to the basics of data analysis using Excel.

by Manmohan D


Covered a wide range of topics in a brief and clear manner !

by Ouyang Y


The course outline is clear and the contents are useful.

by Gilda H


Great course, great professor, great learning platform.