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The common law of England and Wales is one of the major global legal traditions. This MOOC will give you an introduction to this influential legal system including its history, constitutional background, sources and institutions. You’ll learn about the different ways in which laws are made and interpreted, the English court system and the increasing importance of European Union and human rights law. Now is an especially exciting time to be learning about English common law, given the potential changes that lie ahead in today’s political, economic and social environment – all these pose challenges to and opportunities for the law. Each week we’ll focus on one aspect of English common law, using video lectures, readings, discussion questions and activities to enable you to learn about and evaluate key issues. Whether undertaken as a standalone course, or as preparation for the University of London’s world-class LLB degree, you will find this course interesting and stimulating. Please note that participation in or completion of this online course will not confer academic credit for University of London programmes....



A comprehensive introduction to English Law. The lecturers outline things in a very clear manner and the readings cover the topic well. The quizzes are quite demanding. It is a very enjoyable course.


This course is a well designed one. It provides us a good comprehensive guide on the legal practice in England. I'm grateful to the designers of the course and 2 lecturers for presenting us this.


Introduction to English Common Law: 126 - 150 / 395 レビュー

by Muhammad T M


It was a nice and comprehensive course about English Common Law and learnt a lot of things already not known to me.

by Dimitrios P


Excellent introduction to English common law; user-friendly and concise, with lots of extra reading opportunities.

by Amanda L V P


Very instructive. It fulfilled what was promised, giving the student an overview of the English common law system.

by Alson A


A very well informative and interactive delivery of the course. Thank you very much for the opportunity to learn

by Tshepo M M


I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I learnt a great deal about the English Legal system that has widened my scope.

by Vivaan G


It was truly a very informative course on the English Legal System and provided me with an in-depth study on it.

by Muhammad U A


I am fallen in love with Coursera as it so rich in knowledge that i have learned a lot from it. Thank u Coursera

by Taimi M


The course was a great introduction covering many aspects of the law while providing engaging discussion topics.

by Nathan H


I really enjoyed this course and learnt a lot, which I hope will help me when I start a law degree in October.

by Ralitsa P


Excellent and informative course. The structure and pace we measured and the level appropriate for beginners.

by Bineet S


very well-drafted course with great instructors. I learned about all the basics of English common law. thanks

by Abdus S


Really thankful to Coursera. For creating such course. Now I have learnt many things about English Common law

by Wallane M A


Very good course, specially for people that work with legal translation like me. Congratulations to the team!

by whynnot


I really loved the course. The history and principles of the English Common Law legal system are well taught.

by Janaina d A C


I really enjoy to study about English Law, and I am looking foward to the next course about law. Thank you

by Stanislav A


An excellent course! I recommend that every lawyer take it, regardless of specialization and jurisdiction.

by Srikant S


The course was really interesting. The additional materials with the course were informative and helpful.

by Harriet P


A very useful introduction into English Common Law, I plan on doing some further studying of the subject.

by NY Y


The course illustrates the concept with relevant samples. Thanks for creating this online course for us!!

by Patrick J


I have found the course very useful. I hope there is a part 2 etc for deeper knowledge and certification.

by Hazem S


great experience, i was surprised by the amount of new knowledge i have earned by following this course.

by Hero C


The lectures are easy to understand and the contents are very clear. I finished this course in 6 days.

by Pankaj


Excellent understanding will surely be developed on English Legal system after this course completion.

by Gabriella H


I absolutley enjoyed this course, the teaching was so simple to understand, i gained alot. Thank you!