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About this Course This course brings together two key subjects, International Marketing and Cross Industry Innovation. It will provide the basic foundations of international marketing and then explain how companies can grow by going abroad or sourcing ideas/expanding into other countries or industries. This is summarized as CCCI: Cross-Country and Cross-Industry Innovation, a term and analytical platform used throughout not only this course but others in the specialization. As an introductory course, we keep the concepts short and simple in order to ease learners into the wonderful world of international marketing. More specific operational aspects such as managing the product, price, place and promotion as well as targeting and positioning will be provided in the second course of the specialization. After you successfully complete this course learners will obtain the following outcomes: (1) an understanding of the core meaning of marketing and international marketing. (2) learn that international marketing is about striking the right balance between maximizing the similarities across cultures (Etic approach) and customizing marketing (Emic approach) to important local differences. (3) learn about how to source or expand into other industries at home or abroad via cross industry innovation. (4) obtain a solid foundation for subsequent courses such as course 2 (International Marketing Entry and Execution) and the industry-specific courses in the specialization....




Very Insightful experience. Thank you doctor Ryun for covering all the aspects and I am looking forward to enhance my skills and knowledge by working in challenging work environment and utilize it.



The course was really good considering the different way of teaching that was involved during the complete course and the various domains that were covered. It was a great experience. Thank You.


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by Yoonjoo C


This course is really easy and interesting. Professor Chang gave a lot of examples to make it simple.

Quality of video was very good so I was enjoying a lot. As a Korean, I knew Yonsei University is one of the best University in Korea but I didn't know the quality of classes is like this much fantastic .

I strongly recommend this course to someone who wants to study International marketing!

by Ravinder K


Its very informative and interesting for me, the way professor explain I achieved most of thing from him. Thanks a lot for such a nice and informative course.

by Primada T


This professor is great in teaching marketing from beginning to upper. He has an example of the explanation which is simple to understand. Thanks for the great course.

by Heidi B


I learned a lot about international and global thinking applied to marketing. This course gets to the point quickly in every lesson, and each lesson is a digestible chunk. I found the key points easy to pick out. The presenter is engaging. I would recommend this course to a friend.

by Supanut S


I really enjoyed the course and learned so much about international marketing. The professor has a very effective way of lecturing and getting his points across, I found everything to be very easy to digest especially as someone who had no prior knowledge of marketing.

by Ezzat


It's a very good start for whom are interested in taking the international marketing as a career path in their life. I liked so much the Instructor, he is a very knowledgeable person and has a very nice way of teaching. The content is to a high extent meaningful and rich although there are few points and limited information in the agenda. I hope to have more information than ever before and consider this point in the courses to come.

I found the course extremely valuable and full of benefits on the practical level.

Thanks so much. I will share it with whomever I meet.

by Amy D


A great course that covers a wide variety of topics in a concise, yet thorough manner. Professor Chang is a hoot! He has a very engaging and entertaining teaching style that makes learning fun! I especially enjoyed the interviews with various professionals in the marketing industry as I felt I learned a great deal from their added observations and expertise. Once you understand Noon Nopi, it will change your perspective on everything! I've already signed up to take the next course in this series (International Marketing Entry and Execution) and am looking forward to it!

by Joyce T


The professor is very engaging. I thought that he will speak Korean throughout the course but I'm surprised to see him discuss in fluent English. More than the language, I like that he incorporated his own thoughts about marketing and not simply rely on book definitions. Noon Nopi will be in mind for so long.

by Carolina S


An amazing course. I shall recommend to all of the students who want to get a specialization in the area. Professor Dae Ryun Chang is an excellent professor and his classes are easy to understand. I kept catching me looking at brands with other points of view after the lectures.

by Justin M


A great course that is set up with perfection. This provides a great introduction and basic understanding to international marketing. I highly recommend anyone who is into marketing or international marketing to take this course!

by Marushka A


Although I am a Marketing Lecturer, this was a very good introduction to International Marketing. By completed this course, and the subsequent courses I will be equipped to design new courses for the minor program at my faculty

by Van T


The course is very helpful in understanding basic marketing and branding. Professor Chang has his unique, lively and persuading way of explaining terms and case studies. Thank you very much for an amazing learning experience.

by Yolanda


Absolutely enjoyed this course! It had concrete examples, up to date case studies and course readings that were interesting and very informative. Looking forward to receiving the full Specialization!

Thank you

by Nishanth H


Very Insightful experience. Thank you doctor Ryun for covering all the aspects and I am looking forward to enhance my skills and knowledge by working in challenging work environment and utilize it.

by Anshul C


The course was really good considering the different way of teaching that was involved during the complete course and the various domains that were covered. It was a great experience. Thank You.

by Maria S G


Aconsejo mucho este curso , tiene muy buenos ejemplos y las explicaciones del profesor son muy claras. Excelente opcion para mantenerse actualizado en el campo del maketing internacional.

by Barbara


very helpful , clear explanations and i really like the style that during the presentation questions bars had appeared it helped a lot to pay attention and stay focused.

by Jan F V C


really interesting course, the teacher keep it cool and interactive looking forward to complete the specialization


by Sayan R


Nice course. Excellent professor. But a bit too basic for someone with introductory marketing experience. Wouldn't mind a somewhat more demanding outline.



This is very useful and got very insightful learning experience. The real time examples given and the interviews shared are very informative and helpful.

by Jorge O T J


Excellent, I loved this course, the methodology was way more better than what I was expecting, the teacher is so smart and also very likable.

by Farah H


Excellent course. The professor explains everything too well. Definitely going to keep enrolling in the rest of the specialization.



thank you

Prof Dae Ryun

Chang the course was fun and interactive. I would encourage people who wish to gets into t he new career.

by Pallavi B


I personally really enjoyed this course since it gave me a great insight into International marketing and was quite enjoyable!

by taara _


Slides during the lecture were helpful. Quiz after each test gave confidence and helped encouraged to go forward. Very helpful