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This course provides an introduction to Deep Learning, a field that aims to harness the enormous amounts of data that we are surrounded by with artificial neural networks, allowing for the development of self-driving cars, speech interfaces, genomic sequence analysis and algorithmic trading. You will explore important concepts in Deep Learning, train deep networks using Intel Nervana Neon, apply Deep Learning to various applications and explore new and emerging Deep Learning topics....




It is a challenge for me to devote time and attend the course in spite of the administrative works. I had a different experience in learning. All the lectures were well presented and with quality.



I thank Coursera and the instructors for guiding through the basics of Deep Learning. The explanations were easy to understand, and would recommend this course to enthusiasts.


An Introduction to Practical Deep Learning: 26 - 29 / 29 レビュー

by Khandaker M A


Not the best course I must say! The course is theoretical & no assessment of practical exercises here. The exercises here are confusing. Even the quizzes do not what significant digits should be used to have the answers correct. Like at one question it's 0.xx & the next question it's . And the most frustrating thing, the instructors are completely absent from the discussion forums & even doesn't come to see what's happening overall & how're the students reacting for it.

This is the first course I've rated 4 or less stars because I chose it from other courses due to the Brand "Intel" who can teach me the concept in the right way. But this is not the course from Legendary "Intel" as it seemed. By the way, I would like to thank the Instructors for their time in the courses & would hope to modify it the way that makes it "Interactive". Good luck!!

by Cynthia K


While the material was fine, there were some issues with this course. Many of the exercises would not work because they were outdated or had files missing. Critical information, such as formulas for solving problems, was not presented in a way that let you know it was important. Because of this, I found myself backtracking and scouring through videos to find what I was missing. This course does not feel like an "introduction" class; it seems like there should be a pre-requisite to it, or at least a list of what-you-will-need before taking it.

by kirushikesh D B


Some of the topics are not explained in detail are i referred other resource for that topics. Like LSTM's, GRU's and multinode distributed training. Explanation is clear still can much more elaborate on all topics.

by Neha S U


Concepts are not clear