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Computer Vision is one of the most exciting fields in Machine Learning and AI. It has applications in many industries, such as self-driving cars, robotics, augmented reality, and much more. In this beginner-friendly course, you will understand computer vision and learn about its various applications across many industries. As part of this course, you will utilize Python, Pillow, and OpenCV for basic image processing and perform image classification and object detection. This is a hands-on course and involves several labs and exercises. Labs will combine Jupyter Labs and Computer Vision Learning Studio (CV Studio), a free learning tool for computer vision. CV Studio allows you to upload, train, and test your own custom image classifier and detection models. At the end of the course, you will create your own computer vision web app and deploy it to the Cloud. This course does not require any prior Machine Learning or Computer Vision experience. However, some knowledge of the Python programming language and high school math is necessary....




Thoroughly enjoyed this course. Learned about OpenCV a bit and added to my small knowledge of Python. The ability to know how to train Watson to do optical recognizition will be invaluable.



This is one of the best course by IBM. I specifically enjoyed Computer Vision modelling and its related project and also enjoyed the way team put in effort for designing this course.


Introduction to Computer Vision and Image Processing: 101 - 125 / 158 レビュー

by Kevin A B


Great class! Only issue was that the final project grading criteria was not in line with the instructions and intent of the project.

by Wayne Z


great learning opportunity with hands on codes, suggest to improve some of the lab jupyter notebook errors

by Leblanc M


Good beginner course, the final project could be a bit more tricky, but the overall teaching is good :)

by Diego G O


It needs more code explanations, but it is good as the introduction of the theoretical concepts.

by george s


Everything was almost perfect except the app creation because lab platform had problems.

by Isaac P


There are error in some labs and in the final project that take time to resolve.

by Adolfo C Y


The deployment of the final web service shoulb be further explained or fixed

by Patricio V


Some part of the labs are outdated in regards to the actual ibm cloud site

by Ivon M


Instructions in the Capstone Project were sometimes not always clear.

by Bryan


The labs are a bit hard to follow because the web pages are outdated.

by chee k L


Great Introduction for new learner with some labs experience.

by Dean E B


Course content was good, labs were buggy and frustrating

by E. R " A


A challenging and very satisfying course! Recommended!!

by mohammad f a


This course more focuses on ibm watson than opencv.

by Man S Y


Very organized and well designed for beginners.

by Fulvio C


The Open CV module is not working corectly

by Nakshatra G


There are so many errors in Labs

by Miguel G


Good course, i liked CV

by Deleted A


Bugs on the platform.

by Rejoy C


Its a good

by Andrey M


Probably the less structured course in the specialization. Jupyter notebooks do not match with video content nor with the final assignment. Videos are very general and reused from some presentation. Compared to rest of the courses in this Specialization this one has surprisingly not much of actual content in it and also surprisingly not well-organized.

by Konstantin P


The subject is very interesting and theroy lessons are well done. However, the practical side is chaotic in sense that the labs were not tested: it is practically impossible to foollow up the steps and understand something as the screenshots and instructions do not reflect the real actual UI in IBM Watson Studio.

by Steven L


The lectures were good in introducing AI concepts and image processing. The lab software, CV Studio, DID NOT work and I was given credit because I completed the labs to as far as I could get. This was very unsatisifying. I would not recommend this course or any other IBM courses that use the CV Studio for labs.

by yair o


Its a really good course but it needs to be updated because the Watson UI has changed a lot and have to fix some issues with the jupiter labs that makes it impossible to finish the final assignment. Besides that I really liked the possibility of sharing your webpage with your visual recognition app.

by Sachin L


There are too many incorrect errors in the video. Not only video but most of the time the lab was not working and when Lab started working the model could not be made available. Overall it was not a great experience.