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What are people most afraid of? What do our dreams mean? Are we natural-born racists? What makes us happy? What are the causes and cures of mental illness? This course tries to answer these questions and many others, providing a comprehensive overview of the scientific study of thought and behavior. It explores topics such as perception, communication, learning, memory, decision-making, persuasion, emotions, and social behavior. We will look at how these aspects of the mind develop in children, how they differ across people, how they are wired-up in the brain, and how they break down due to illness and injury....




I just ended this course smiling & 'happy' with the final topic. 🎉 Thank you for the wonderful experience. Professor Bloom did a great job in explaining and a very pleasant, soothing voice to present!



The course was helpful in gaining the foundation of psychology. It was clearly structured so that a person with any background can understand it. Thanks for helping me to gain knowledge on psychology.


心理学入門 : 326 - 350 / 5,137 レビュー

by Arianna M


It's the perfect way to know a generalized view of Psychology, I loved it! Some day I want to be a Psychologist and this course truly reinforced that feeling, also, it helped me learn a lot more about some topics I have already studied a bit before and I learned so much new stuff, so, I think that for someone who doesn't know much, if they're willing to soak in all the information here given, it's a great introduction.

by 張維玲


I love how professor brings ideas in and try relating everything to our life. It has always been my dream studying abroad for psychology but I never had had a chance to do that before and this is a really special opportunity for me to learn what psychology really is and how things work. I believe this course is a great start for my road to succeed in the field of psychology. I will keep moving on the achieve my goal.

by mark s


I absolutely loved this course, and I have gained so much from it - thank you especially to Prof Paul Bloom for making the content so compelling and interesting throughout. I now intent to do the course a second time to really cement what I have learned and also catch what I have probably missed(!). A truly excellent experience all round - thanks in abundance for making such quality learning available to the World!

by Suyash R


A very informative course on psychology. Well for me, it helped me to get a better understanding of the psychology field, also it helped me understand the very basics of this subject. I really wanted to know more about psychology as per my interests, to know if I can understand this subject well enough or not. overall this course is really good for beginners and one having some interest in this filed of psychology.

by Susan B


This was a terrific course! The lectures and readings were interesting and engaging. I really liked the professor. Because I enjoyed his lectures so much, I plan to take the other one he teaches as well.

I took this course as a refresher of general psychology, as I have taken it and other psychology courses n the past. It also covered a lot of new research.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested.

by Jennifer E


ABSOLUTELY loved this course! Never thought I would ever be interested in this but since my brain injury 5 years ago I have not only become very interested in anything to help me understand my brain but my love for learning has increased 10 fold! Professor Bloom is funny, makes things very interesting and keeps you engaged! I'd love to know if he does any others. I am currently doing the morality course! Amazing!!!

by Lucia O F


Me ha encantado este curso, sobre todo gracias al profesor Bloom. Ha conseguido engancharme desde el primer momento y animarme a seguir aprendiendo más del mundo de la Psicología (probablemente estudiando la carrera). Es un curso muy bien estructurado que te dará conocimientos iniciales sobre este campo y te dejará con más ganas de indagar en los temas que personalmente te hayan interesado más. ¡Muchísimas gracias!

by Kiryl F


As a person who took the course out of curiosity as a pastime, my expectations were more than met. Professor Bloom was an excellent guide through the many facets of psychology, ranging from neuroscience, major thinkers, and therapy to behaviour, emotions, and the science of happiness. There's a lot to reflect on, and the combination of lectures, videos, readings, and quizzes has proven to work great for retention.

by ece d


I enjoyed every detail of this course. It was like finding oasis in the desert. I recommend it to anyone who has a tiny or big interest on how our mind works. Thank you coursera for introducing me Paul Bloom and this class. It made my day, week-year. It was really awesome experience in this COVID period. I appreicate the knowledge that i been learnt i am looking forward to use and adapt to them. cheers to all. ece



This is a really great place to start your learning of psychology, provides you with a really strong foundation which will not only give you a brief and yet detailed enough oversight into multiple fields of psychology so you could know which fields you are more interested in and which fields to pursue, but it also is a really enjoyable learning process, never once did I feel that I was forcing myself to continue.

by Ivan Z


This course is very funny and well prepared. Every enlightened mind I appreciated in these years such us Noam Chomsky, Oliver Sacks, Richard Dawkins, John Milton and why not some fictional character like Batman are quoted here. How it works our brain? why we are different? how groups work? what is the happiness? there is a scientific approach to these question? I'm really prudent to say yes to the last question.

by Suresh M K


Good course for introduction to Psychology. Good justice to varied topics covered. Readings at the end of each module were of high quality and link to further readings were really good. The only comment for improvement is time required to read were far more than it stated which is misleading if you are planning time management to finish this course. It takes more effort to complete the course but it is worth it.

by Shmuel F


I found myself talking about many psychological aspects of life with peers since the course has started, and I felt I do have more knowledge on these topics, which was my aim in joining the course! We covered a lot of ground and I now want to expand my knowledge on each subject individually. The order, clarity, animations and content of the course are all extremely thought out and very well executed! Thank you

by Jan C M


This course is an absolute must for anyone that wants to better understand yourself the world around you or just get into general psychology.The lecturer delivers every class with a high level of professionalism, I got easily drawn into every class and discovered so much not just about the brain and behaviors, but my world was opened to a new science and a respect and admiration for the beauty it had to offer.

by Andrés F L


Far more than I expected, it is a complete course that explores different viewa and theories explained as clear as water. As a negotiator I just needed to reviewed some topics and investiagate a bit more, is easily a course for everyone who wants to learn a bit more about our mental processes and how scientifics are exploring and taking insights from our beautiful and useful brains. Thank your for this course.

by Laurens B


This is truly a great course that gives one an extensive introduction to the field. I was pretty new to the field and I feel like I have gotten a solid basis. The videos are great quality with lovely storytelling and the additional readings are very informative. Do note that while the reading material is supposed to take 10 minutes each week, it will take much more time if you want to actually read all of it.

by Calvin M


This is a fantastic overview of the foundations of psychology. It introduced me to many concepts of which I was unaware. More importantly, it gave me a broad spectrum of the many different areas of psychological study that I may be interested in pursuing. Paul Blooms lectures are fantastic and the reading is wonderful. I highly recommend this class to anyone interested in a quality introduction to the field.

by Marianna T


What a great learning experience. I did this course having no prior education on this topic and was eager to learn about what was being taught. Prof Bloom was easy to listen to and the videos were quite engaging. The additional reading material was excellent! Self analyses were also a nice touch - as I often wondered if I was at all normal. I will recommend to my friends and colleagues that they try it.

by Bennichan M


This course has changed my perspective of everyday happenings. To see every thing in the view point of others rather than sticking to my views is another thing I learned from this course. This course has fuelled my enthusiasm to learn more and more about the human mind and it's different manifestations. Very useful for getting a strong foundation for further studies. Prof. Paul Bloom is fantastic a teacher.

by Branko N


Considering that I am novice in the field of psychology, this introduction course helped me to open and widen the way I see the people and world around me. Prof Bloom had very interesting lectures, combined with videos, experiments, comparisons, everything with the aim to be easily absorbed. For anyone just starting to study psychology, this course would be a great stepping stone in to the mystery of brain.

by Praveen S


This is a fabulous course in Psychology. I loved the it has been designed and conducted by Prof. Bloom. All the Psychology concepts are explained in a very simple way. This is very exhaustive course in understanding the basics of Psychology. It has definitely helped me in better understanding of its concepts. Thank you Prof. Bloom and Yale University for providing such a beautiful course.

Praveen Sharma


by chai h


It had been a good three wks or so to for me sit down and listen to Mr Paul Bloom explaining and guiding this course , Introduction To Psychology. Through out the course, he had provide some though on the interesting subject Human Brain and the Language. End of each week, a reading and reference are also provide for refer. But i think little if not some of those course can be use to further improve my self.

by Anurag B


If you want to learn precisely what Psychology is all about, there can't be anything better than this course. Professor Bloom has an amazing style of narrating his lectures and it keeps your engaged. Each lesson has something new to learn and it followed by quiz based assignment.

As a designer I wanted to know if studying psychology would help me in some way, and after completing this course I am convinced.

by Ananda P D


This is my first course in Coursera and I'm so happy and satisfied after trying this course. Very recommended for anyone who's interested in Psychology. The videos are fun and beautifully-made, the lecturer's way of explanation is easily understood and engaging, the reading is very informative too. Thank you for providing this course! It's my first time and I'm glad it's a beautiful and amazing experience.

by Nechama S


The lecturer, Paul Bloom was incredibly interesting, interactive and knowledgeable. I so enjoyed listening to him and to his wise observations about the world we live in and how we tend to perceive the world. I feel that I have gained a whole new view on the way human beings behave. I definitely want to pursue a career along the lines of psychology in the future. Thank you so much Paul Bloom and Coursera!