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What are people most afraid of? What do our dreams mean? Are we natural-born racists? What makes us happy? What are the causes and cures of mental illness? This course tries to answer these questions and many others, providing a comprehensive overview of the scientific study of thought and behavior. It explores topics such as perception, communication, learning, memory, decision-making, persuasion, emotions, and social behavior. We will look at how these aspects of the mind develop in children, how they differ across people, how they are wired-up in the brain, and how they break down due to illness and injury....



This was my second course using this site, and with Professor Bloom, and once again it was great. I've genuinely learnt a lot, and I've found a new love for psychology I never would have found before.


This course is very insightful and I have learned quite a lot. My favourite area though is Clinical Psychology and Positive Psychology. I believe I will be better able to understand persons around me.


心理学入門 : 201 - 225 / 4,678 レビュー

by Wim d R


Great course for getting a clear, broad understanding of various topics of psychology. Helped me to better understand the various areas of psychology, history and development of psychology, and theories and practices of treatment in the field, as well as areas that are still being studied and not fully understood. The lectures were interesting, and the videos broken into several shorter segments, making it easier to get through them. The readings were simple and easy to read, yet very informative, much easier to get through than a typical school textbook.

by Michelle d P


Professor Bloom continually provides you with pertinent questions to keep in mind as you work through this course. I found the lectures extremely interesting although being an introductory course I craved a little more depth in some topics which were merely touched on. Some of the readings were rather repetitive and could be tedious to get through, but the use of ted talks and other materials were outstanding. Would definitely recommend to someone look for some broad strokes and to figure out what specific parts of psychology real appeal to you personally.

by Maeve M


This course was six sections long - divided into "weeks" and two sections for each week. I found the course to be an in depth dive into psychology and it was easy to engage with the material provided. The videos are short, and the readings are long. The only difficult tasks in this course were the assessments, however you are able to retake each assessment until you get a passing grade. That in itself made the course stress free and provided me with a sense of personal accomplishment. Thank you Professor Bloom and the team at Yale behind this course.

by Misbah N


This course was helpful in gaining insights related to psychological aspects. This was a well structured, well presented, and effective course. Professor Paul is a fantastic person and how he clarifies the concepts was amazing. I didn't expect that an online course could be worth learning, but this course changed my mind, as I have gained valuable knowledge and insights relevant to the course. Thanks to the University of Yale for offering this course and thanks to Sir Paul for helping us in gaining knowledge of psychology in such a wonderful way.

by Samantha M


This course was very easy to follow along with. I treated it like my previous on campus courses and took many notes and was able to do well. I recommend this course and will say I would definitely take notes just to have to reflect on later on. I learned some new things and refreshed others from previous courses I have taken prior.

The visuals and captions are helpful in most cases.

All around just a great course if you want to start in psychology, refresh some previous knowledge, or just need a psychology course for what you are studying.

by Meeta A


Professor Bloom is just great! It has been a sheer delight and honor taking this course. Increased my interest in Psychology by leaps and bounds.

Thank you very much Professor Bloom for your precious time and insights.

It has been a thorough delight and enlightening coursework. I enjoyed the course so much that I wish and hope that I could work with Professor Bloom on some project, some day, hopefully.

Thanks & Regards,

Meeta Arora



Thank you Course Era for this wonderful opportunity. I am sincerely grateful.

by Kylie T W Y


I love it! Get to know more about Psychology, interesting and mystery. Nowadays, so many peoples who has mental illness but they do not even aware or help themselves, therefore, even though there has so many difficult and professional wording in this lecture of Psychology, I still want to know more, hopefully I can help others one day. The lecture is good and knowledgeable, however it will be more easy to understand if it can have some supporting example on how to apply to our daily life and experiment shown. Thank you Professor Bloom!

by Ксенія Ш


An extremely neat and interesting course which is truly useful for anyone, not only for those pursuing Psychology. It helps to gently yet profoundly learn about how out brain works, personality, how our identity is built and how processes of its formation happen, also of course a peek at psychotherapy and disorders. Separately I wanted to praise the positive ending which (according to one of the lector's points) was really best for finishing the course since now i'll always remember it as something positive and bringing hope. Thanks!

by Panagiotis M


Exceptional teaching with an unusual method because of the animations, which definitely made it more fun and at some times even easier to understand. The reading material was very helpful and very interesting. Professor Bloom was very good at explaining each topic and you can clearly see a passionate person in the field of which he teaches. I completed this course and now I have a more clear understanding of Psychology and what it is about. I'm going to proceed to the second course of professor Bloom because I enjoyed this one a lot.

by Kevin M


I have to give the highest rating to this course, because not only did it give me a great introduction to psychology, it has provided a springboard for further study and investigation. On a personal level, I was able to come to understand some thing about me too, which I found surprising and somewhat rewarding.

Initially I found the "animation" style of lecture delivery strange, but as I stuck to it, I began to enjoy it and found that it really helped with the process of embedding new ideas and concepts. All in all a great experience.

by Adrian L


I am a choreographer specialising in the art form of Tanztheater, which is a German art form of merging Dance and Theatre. I consider the approach to my work quite psychological therefore I was interested to get a scientific context to my otherwise just self-controlled general thinking I do during rehearsals or in preparations.

And I can honestly say that this course has provided this context wonderfully. Professor Bloom did a wonderful job in delivering a meaningful and non pretentious course. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot!

by Kavya V


A really great course - my first one taken on Coursera, and it has just encouraged me to take more. Professor Bloom's way of explaining all the topics in this course feels as if he is standing right in front of me teaching it to me in person. They are full of comprehensible examples and analogies, great references (videos, books, movies, studies) where findings from the study of Psych can be seen in real life. Of course, the animation in the videos helped to continuously engage, and was another reason why I really liked the course.

by M Y


Thanks to this course, I became aware of the existence of Doctor Paul Bloom. He conveyed the experience he had gained in his field for many years to us as a 6-week course in a very original way, with his super sound and wonderful drawings and effects. I would like to thank Dr Paul for organizing the course and his team who helped him in every way. As a living being, I will always proceed in this life without forgetting that we always have a soul and that we should look at our lives psychologically. Murat YAĞMURCA, Bursa, Turkey.

by María d M V L


I enjoyed so much this course, and I don´t get why some students doesn´t like the animations, the kind of visual is a "wink" to the movie "Waking Life" (2001) and its make easier studiying. The content of the whole program its very interisting and the professor teachs pretty well and easy. In a lot of other courses teachers try to extend it in a way making content complicated just to get you to enroll and pay for longer, but here its easy and in stead of complicated you get a lot of quality information. Thanks for this course!

by Дана К


Хороший курс, помог мне разобраться с моими личными проблемами. Я ранее не задумывалась о многих процессах в нашем мозге, также не думала о роли детских травм в дальнейшей жизни. И мне кажется, что некоторые теории Фрейда имеют место быть например: стадии развития по фрейду: возможно это объясняет многое. Перенесенные психологические травмы в детстве, нарушение одной из стадий в развитии ребенка, может объяснить наличия отклонений у педофилов, насильников и убийц и их поступки. Сугубо лично мое мнение. Спасибо большое за курс!

by Stella F


I really enjoyed taking this course. It was well structured and I have gained good foundation on psychology - the study of the mind and the behavior. I spent quite a bit of time going through the reference material to gain better insights. Psychology is a very interesting and challenging topic, and I wish to pursue further after completing the course. Professor Paul Bloom is great, though I would enjoy more if I could see his face during the lecture. My sincere thanks to him and Yale for offering such a wonderful course.

by Christos H


I came to learn the basics of psychology and to be honest I think this course way over-provides - that is a positive aspect.

The videos are not dull and drone but engaging and valid to the subject.

The additional reading material that is provided gives a greater insight into the subject taught and is beneficial to gain a better, and a more wholesome, understanding.

I enjoyed this course, took plenty of notes and will be a point of reference for the future.

Thank you Professor Bloom for taking the time and making the effort!

by Andreea J


Much more informative than my Psychology class in high-school. I enjoyed the fact that it also covers the physiology of the brain, to some extent. Having video, audio and a transcript to follow at the same time was really helpful, even if the transcript, very rarely, did have some inaccuracies. I found, however, that the readings took much longer than the indicated time minutes (at least for me. but I also stopped to take notes). I enjoyed the flexible schedule, but I did spend a few weekends in-doors trying to keep up!

by Antonio C S N


Já havia feito algumas disciplinas de Psicologia nos Cursos de Direito e Pedagogia da Universidade do Estado da Bahia - UNEB aqui em Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. Avalio com Excelente este Curso de Introdução à Psicologia da Yale, através da Plataforma Educacional Coursera.

I had already taken some Psychology courses in the Law and Pedagogy Courses at the State University of Bahia - UNEB here in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. I rate this Yale Psychology Introduction Course with Excellent through the Coursera Educational Platform.



Excelente profesor Paul Bloom, en sus vídeos lograba concentrarme mucho por su facilidad de explicar. En este curso he logrado incrementar mis conocimientos y aparte he aprendido más sobre la psicología, las emociones los sentimientos algunas enfermedades. Por qué la psicología? Por qué está en todo buen todos. Es muy intrigante el saber y tratar de comprender el por qué de ciertos comportamientos de las personas. Agradezco a los profesores y a la prestigiosa universidad de yale. Dios les bendiga muchas gracias

by N B


-original presentation of material (animation makes it easier to learn the material)

-actual problems

-talented tuition

-stunning psychological experiments (even some of my friends from the United States were not familiar with the material, they are psychology students)

-useful and practice-oriented information

-first-class recommended literature

+ more than other 100 reasons why I like this course

Your lectures are an intellectual pleasure for me. Many thanks for this lovely present! I appreciate your professionalism.

by Moza O


Professor Bloom's delivery of the content was fresh and enjoyable filled with a visual display that discusses psychology in a simple to comprehend manner for all people. As someone who learns best through audio-visual techniques, I am very satisfied with the knowledge and new insights I gained from this course. Even though I studied all of this course material in college, the materials in this course is still interesting and gives me with a lot of information. It helps me to understand psychology in a new ways.

by Simoni T B d S


O curso é perfeito ao que ele se propõe: dar uma noção atualizada e sintética sobre a psicologia nos seus diversos campos de atuação. Coloca o aluno frente às questões sobre o conhecimento do ser, do indivíduo, dos grupos e do funcionamento do cérebro, questões essas que vêm sendo discutidas dentro das mais conceituadas universidades ao redor do mundo. Muitas das descobertas recentes corrigiram distorções antigas e possibilitaram uma compreensão mais assertiva sobre o pensar, o sentir e o agir do ser humano.

by Kamila B


El curso de Introducción a la Psicología dictado por Yale es una de las mejores experiencias de educación virtual, su exposición es realmente interesante y entretenida gracias al abordaje del profesor Bloom, así como a la animación utilizada; además de esto, cada temática cuenta con espléndidos artículos científicos los cuales sirven como material de apoyo en cada una de las etapas.

Un curso totalmente recomendado para quienes buscan obtener una perspectiva amplia sobre el maravilloso campo de la psicología.

by veronica c l h


creo que este es muy bueno para aprender sobre nosotros mismo y de lo que está a nuestro alrededor, como influyen las cosas que y como podemos manejarlas de una manera positiva o negativa, y sobre todo tanto el material como los videos son realmente muy bueno para alguien que no tiene conocimiento de psicología, aprendí mucho en tan poco tiempo y voy a seguir leyendo las lecturas adicionales por que me interesaron alguno temas en particular. Gracias a el profesor y a todos los que conforman el equipo.