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NIIT による Introduction to building Web Pages using HTML5 and CSS3 の受講者のレビューおよびフィードバック


Web content is accessed by millions across the globe every day. Attractive web pages help businesses grow and provide an omnipresent experience to the viewers. In this course you will get an understanding on how HTML5 is used to structure simple web pages from scratch and how CSS3 enhances their appearance. The customized learning environment and step-by step teaching approach of this course augments the learning experience. The real-world scenarios and challenges presented during the course will train you to resolve the different challenges that front-end engineers stumble upon in their work life....

Introduction to building Web Pages using HTML5 and CSS3: 1 - 3 / 3 レビュー

by Morris E


I​ have taken many tutorials and what not, but some how they always left me empty. This one from NIIT has really movtivated me. Why, well:

1​. The assignments are straighforward.

2​. You are on your own-- basically.

3​. The lectures give you essential information without boring lecture-type dialogs.

4​. You will get fustrated but it will test your movtivation.

I​ had some head-scratching moments, sometimes I would not even open the editor for a day or two, but I managed to go back and start slow and steady.

I​ am continuing with the courses. I hope there won't be to much technical difficulities to troubleshoot.

G​reat Course.

T​hank you.

by Tanainan C


The assignments were wayyy too difficult. The feedbacks were not informative either. I finished all 4 assignments but failed 3 of them which I didn't know how to fix them. Could you please take a look at my assignments and give me useful feedback? Thanks.

by Pablo B J


Never, never respod the quiestions

their tests are full of errors or do not give help on how to solve them. a lot of time is wasted