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Do you want to think about the future with more creativity and optimism? Do you want to see what’s coming faster, so you can be better prepared for disruptions and more in control of your future? Do you want to get better at changing what’s possible today – in your company, your industry, your community, and in your own life? This course will introduce you to the practice of futures thinking, as developed and applied for the past 50 years by the Institute for the Future, a Silicon-Valley-based research and learning group founded in 1968. In this course, you’ll build your understanding of what futures thinking is and what you can do with it. You’ll master essential foresight techniques. You’ll meet some professional futurists. And you’ll choose one or more future topics you want to investigate with your new foresight skills. This course is for anyone who wants to spot opportunities for innovation and invention faster. You can gain the skills and confidence to help YOU become someone who makes the future, instead of letting the future happen to you. Many thanks to the Enlight Foundation and the Enlight Collaborative, which provided a grant to support the creation of this course....



Excellent overview of foresight studies. Nothing in any of the follow-on courses is technically hard, but I suspect putting it into practice is a bit like the game of Go: the rules are the easy part.


I really liked how this course was structured with videos, readings, and activities. It has a nice flow, and lots of helpful information. I would highly recommend this for any aspiring futurist.


Ready, Set, Future! Introduction to Futures Thinking: 126 - 150 / 300 レビュー

by Graydon C


This was such a pleasant class! I can't wait to finish the others in this specialization!!!

by Jeff S


A great methodical approach to futures thinking which has a wide and practical application

by Bao T N


Thank you! I learned many valuable pieces of information from this course. 100% recommend!



I am very lucky to have this course,thank you so much for your understanding and support.

by Regis B


This course has fascinated me, and it really brings methods and tools for me to progress.

by Michael T


An excellent introduction to the topic that was informative, entertaining, and practical.

by Jorge D l M


So far i think the materials and the way to explain them have been nothing but amazing.

by Andrea F


Love the content of this course, it encourages me to keep learning about this subject!

by Laura L


Loved this course, it really has me ready to engage futures thinking as a career path!

by Stephanie C


Excellent course. Opened my eyes so wide to the future and all its many possibilities.

by Pablo R


Buen curso! buen material, práctico y amplio. Aplicable y claro en sus descripciones

by Akash D


​It was brilliant. I can't wait to do the rest of the courses in this specialization.

by Laetitia R


A very good introduction to the methods & tools as a futurist. Very clear and helpful

by Julián V


Exactly what I expected. I recommend this course and the entire IFTF specialization.

by Jonathan H D


Amazing topic. I am fully educated as to how to go about in planning for my future

by Kathryn O


Great introductory course that anyone can take and learn something very valuable.

by Alfred L P C


Great Stuff! Improves ones capability to think out of the box and accept changes!

by Somik V S


This was a great experience and now I am feeling more confident in my own future.

by Nicholas P


Very interested course. Learned more about Futures thinking than I expected.

by Jennifer J C G


I like this course for imagining and think!! Thank you From Sweden- Colombia

by Mauro F


Amazing in each stage of the course. Very insightful and actionable content.

by Diane M S


A very structured and well designed introductory course to Futures Thinking!

by Sally M


It is so applicable to every profession and could not be more important now

by John L


Great introductory course to understanding how to think like a futurist.

by Narendrasivam


Good set of introductory tools for analyzing and thinking about future.