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This UX course provides an introduction to the fields of UX research and design. Learners will gain an understanding of what is involved in UX research, including conducting interviews, evaluating systems, and analyzing systems using principles of good design. Learners will also learn about the work involved in UX Design, including the generation of promising design solutions and the creation of prototypes at multiple levels of fidelity. By interleaving successive phases of UX Research and Design, learners will see how to learn from inevitable mistakes and improve towards a product with a great UX. What you'll learn: - The skills needed for UX research and design
 - How UX researchers discover and assess user needs and assess possible designs
 - How to conduct a micro-usability test
 - How UX designers use sketching and prototyping to develop design concepts - How to incorporate a user-centered focus into the design process
 - Key features of human behavior and describe their impact on the design of interactive systems
 - Techniques for critiquing and designing interactive systems based on human capabilities and behavior




I really liked completing this course. It has given me a push to start my own design journey. This is a very well planned syllabus and it is from my dream university made it even more special for me.



Very well presented course. I took in alot of information. A little more guidance would have been helpful when completing the projects, but overall I am very pleased with this course and instructor.


Introduction to User Experience Principles and Processes: 101 - 125 / 309 レビュー

by ONG W M


Content is presented in an easy to understanding way. The assignment is a little bit more challenging than I thought.

by Anastasia S


Amazing teacher! Recommend this course for everyone who wants to refresh knowledge in UX or build strong base skills!

by Ankur K


Great course! Lectures are short yet effective. Most of the time you're actually putting your learning into practice!

by Carla F A M


I liked the course and the practical examples, but I miss evaluation from professionals too, and not only students.

by Stephanie d R


Loved how practical and hands-on this course was - you really get the opportunity to apply what you're learning.

by de b


Lot of practical things to use in my everyday life at work :)

very interesting and straight to the point class!

by Molly F


T​his course provides foundational knowledge to UX at the novice level. The content is clear and well paced.

by Keba P


I could learn a lot about user experience and principles and processes. It is a great course for a beginner.

by Deleted A


It's a great course with really enjoyable and useful materials. Maybe some of them should be a bit renewed.

by Anakin


I learn some useful principles and process of UX from this amazing course. The instructor speaks clearly.

by Sze N P


I really enjoyed the activities and the type of learning you are presented with - really makes you think!

by vesvis


This is a great course that gives basic understanding of what is user experience. I would recommended it.

by Xing L


excellent course! this professor teaches everything in detail with examples and every point makes sense!

by Guadalupe A S


This a great introductory course! Goes through all the basis for someone with no experience in the area.

by Juangui J


Very hands on course where I learned the basic principles of UX and how to perform heuristic assessment.

by Micaela L


Es un curso muy completo, el profesor explica con ejemplos muy prácticos lo que facilita el aprendizaje

by Lisa L


The structure of the course was just in-depth enough to be incredibly useful without being overwhelming

by Ili S


Absolutely valuable course, well conducted and with lots of precious information. Highly recommended !

by Tomás j


Muy buena intro al mundo del UX. Sumamente claro y se entiende si sabes un poco de ingles. Es simple!

by Larissa D


It's a very good and understandable course to catch an overview. Essays are also quite interesting.

by vivek m


one of the best course for UX because here you will learn principles that are the hidden key to UX

by John A


This course is taking me out of my comfort zone at the right time in my professional development.

by william j o


Useful and interesting UX principles with thought provoking assignments that bring them to life.

by Hossam I K


This course is really useful and summarized the instructor is really great, I recommend it %100.

by Rahat B


its very informative and intresting topic "User Experience" im agree with that kind of course..