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Creating a Portfolio , インド商科大学院(Indian School of Business)

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This course integrates all the learning from the first three courses and guides the learner about ways of building a portfolio of strategies and integrating the same into a hedge fund. In the first part of the course, you will be taught ways of measuring the contribution of a strategy to a portfolio in terms of risk and return. You will be able to appreciate the consequences of including a strategy to a new as well an existing portfolio. Next, you are taught various ways of conducting the tilting analysis in order to determine the optimal weight to be placed on each strategy. After this you will learn to develop techniques for minimizing overall portfolio risk. You will also get a basic overview of the regulatory framework that is applicable to hedge funds. You will know about different types of investors and the expectations of each type of investors....


by AD

Feb 02, 2018

Transcript of the video - Mutual Fund Performance is incorrect.\n\nTicket Number raised is 1433666

by AP

Aug 20, 2017

Superbly explained many concepts which was not taught in my B School. Thank u Sir!!



by Edward Jesus Zambrano Almenar

Apr 25, 2019

2 long , focus in more important themes


Apr 06, 2019

It was indeed a nice course to go through. This course provides in-depth knowledge of creating portfolio, benchmarking and risk return profile of the investment world.

by 薛程

Mar 29, 2019

Many errors

by Nauris Krūmiņš

Mar 19, 2019

Very good course that gives realistic examples lets student test his/her knowledge in the topics recently covered.

by Gabriel David Ascencao

Oct 31, 2018

Confuso y no muy profundo

by Homero Ali Aguilar Moguel

Oct 21, 2018

Hello excellent course, I found some mistakes in one of the tables of week 3, in the video referent to calculating a third portfolio having already two in the efficient frontier. When calculating weights of the third portfolio the table show always the data from the first weight . Also in week 4, there are some videos that have totally different text from what profesor is explaining. Excellent contents and great explanations. Thankyou very much.

by Kartik Sharma

May 29, 2018

Very well explained. Can be applied in real life.

by Alok Desai

Feb 02, 2018

Transcript of the video - Mutual Fund Performance is incorrect.

Ticket Number raised is 1433666

by Paras Bhardwaj

Jan 31, 2018

Very good course

by shreya banerjee

Sep 30, 2017

Looking forward to see exciting course of Text mining.