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Welcome! You may have heard about the Internet of Things (IoT). But you may also have wondered about what it is. Or for that matter, what does it mean to you or an organization. This course is for you if you are curious about the most recent trends and activities in the internet capabilities and concerns about programmed devices. There are complexities and areas of necessary awareness when the industrial sector becomes connected to your home. Security policies and practices have not yet caught up to the internet capabilities of some of our most common products. The “connected home”, “consumer wearables”, or even an employee’s HVAC system may cause an unanticipated threat to your business environment. You will explore current security and privacy related concerns in each of these areas. Every module will include readings, videos, case studies, and a quiz to help make sure you understand the material and concepts we talk about. This course offers a place to learn, reflect, and plan for a smart community approach to IoT. Portions of this course may seem extremely technical in nature. That is because the “things” in IoT represents engineering. Try to grasp the concept in that case....



Jan 23, 2017

This module gave me basic understanding on the IoT concepts and the relative security issues associated. It gave me confidence in the field and steps to learning more about this topic.


May 06, 2020

The course provided me with lot of new information about where IoT devices are going to bring changes in our daily to life and how it is important to secure these valuable datas.


Cybersecurity and the Internet of Things: 226 - 250 / 332 レビュー


May 05, 2020

I am very Glad to Say about this course.because,before studying this course i don't know about the knowledge of cyber security and the internet of things.But now i knew about about this..its very helpful for us

by Ishank J

Jan 17, 2018

Course offers various information rich research papers for us to read and gives insight into various challenges and vulnerabilities faced while implementing IoT in industry.

by Satyajeet P

Apr 25, 2020

This subject having many reserch papers which having the explanaition on the running IoT technologies and updated frameworks. Hands-on practical examples are missing.

by Hiral S

Jun 19, 2020

The course is really good and in-depth for IoT. I didn't think it was much relevant to cybersecurity Sometimes the content felt repetitive but overall a good course.

by Namita B J

Jun 10, 2020

It is very nice course .I understand the basic concepts of IOT and cyber security ,but there are many reading materials and less number of video sessions..

by Chandana B

Jun 21, 2020

The course was helpful to learn about iot in detail and the effects and use of iot in industries, manufacturing units and also in day to day life.

by Devasis P

May 15, 2020

Briefly explain about the topics discussed and most important this is sharing the research paper of eminent people working in this field.

by S A K

Jul 03, 2020

More video lectures over PDFs and web pages, will boost the strength of the course, keeping the learners engaged throughout the course.

by Arup r k

May 03, 2020

The Course was very interesting and for my career I hope it will help me a lot!!. Thank U. I am great full to all the course teacher's

by Shobhit S

Jun 06, 2020

Thank you so much coursera for this very interesting and career friendly course "Cybersecurity and the Internet of Things"

by Klas F

Dec 01, 2017

Interesting course, a lot of supplementary readings which was mostly very up to date. Maybe a bit shallow interviews...

by Shaikh M I M A

Jun 01, 2020

Good add more videos rather than notes

Thanks for giving these basic knowledge on iot and cyber security

by Sreenivasulu S

May 14, 2018

Expected more on Cybersecurity space related to IoT! But not much included in this coursera!

by Carlos G D B

Aug 25, 2016

Grate Course, this lectures are very interesting and importan for understand the IoT World

by Roshan L

May 26, 2020

Good depth but too much reading instead videos can be made on same reading materials


Apr 11, 2020

The course is good and learning step by step increasing our knowledge step by step.

by Damma t

Jul 09, 2020

Good course very helpful.This course make me understand basics of iot . thankyou

by suraj

Apr 21, 2020

Learnt about IOT and what are the security measures needed to improve in IOT.

by Ruturaj V L

May 08, 2020

An awesome content i saw in past 4 days.Clear understanding of the resources.

by Ankur S

Sep 26, 2016

Contents where we are referring to the statistics of 2012 should be updated.


Jun 20, 2020

pls provide more lecture videos and reduce reading materials

by Sitaram K

Apr 18, 2017

The course is well organized with enough reading materials.

by Yash

Mar 14, 2018

It is more about Internet of Things than Cyber Security

by priya d r

Apr 29, 2020

its very useful for us a little bit difficult course


May 23, 2020

I Enjoyed studying this wonderful course !