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This course covers a wide variety of IT security concepts, tools, and best practices. It introduces threats and attacks and the many ways they can show up. We’ll give you some background of encryption algorithms and how they’re used to safeguard data. Then, we’ll dive into the three As of information security: authentication, authorization, and accounting. We’ll also cover network security solutions, ranging from firewalls to Wifi encryption options. The course is rounded out by putting all these elements together into a multi-layered, in-depth security architecture, followed by recommendations on how to integrate a culture of security into your organization or team. At the end of this course, you’ll understand: ● how various encryption algorithms and techniques work as well as their benefits and limitations. ● various authentication systems and types. ● the difference between authentication and authorization. ● how to evaluate potential risks and recommend ways to reduce risk. ● best practices for securing a network. ● how to help others to grasp security concepts and protect themselves....



Great course that is full of useful information and presented in an easy to understand way. It's an awesome beginner course that will add to your knowledge and further your knowledge of IT security.


An absolutely engaging and challenging feat that I am so proud to have completed. I hope this opens new door and better job opportunities so that I can better enhance my future. Thank you Google :)


IT Security: Defense against the digital dark arts : 76 - 100 / 2,462 レビュー

by Naman K N


I was lost while studying this course many times. Often the critical concepts were just spoken, at least have a PPT of critical concepts



I have submitted my verification still lot of delay in my certificate , it's really very frustrating

by Brian


Much too dense to absorb, and not necessary for an *entry-level* IT position.

by Taylor G


lots of technical stuff really fast without lots of examples not my favorite.

by Sasha B


Courses developed for people who didn't see computers and Internets in their life even one time. Good for my grandmom.

by Carmos1970


terrible support when u have problems using there software for labs! and by terrible i mean zero support!

by Luke P


Pretty fair course, and enjoyable overall program. This particular course has its strengths and weaknesses, but it's still taught in a manner that is understandable. Not as hard as some of the other courses and anyone can do it without needing to take the ones before it. I also liked that this teacher had a noticeable sense of humor. It added a nice touch to the sea of technical facts.

Some weaknesses: Some of the long videos give far too much information to take in at once. There's one 9 minute video where literally every single word matters. It was very stressful to sit through. Another big criticism that other reviewers and me have is that many quiz questions are ambiguous. There are numerous instances where some answers actually are correct, but they're marked as wrong if you select them because they're not what the particular question is looking for. This led to some very frustrating instances of getting questions wrong when they would otherwise be right. I saw two other reviewers complain about this before I took the course, and I didn't think it would be that big of an issue until I took the course itself and saw just how prevalent it was.

I still give this course five stars because nothing is perfect. I learned a lot and had a great time obtaining my IT certificate. I will absolutely look into furthering myself in this field and I am hoping this certificate will help with that. Overall, technical issues aside, these courses were a great learning experience and I recommend them for anyone wanting to learn IT.

by Ahmed S


This is Ahmad Serag, an Egyptian student studying high school in Saudi Arabia.

My course for Google IT Support Professional Certificate from Coursera I've finished today after I stayed up nights and wrote and documented a lot of things and meanings to this wonderful course about the IT field from Googlers, It's been an incredible journey. These are all not easy concepts for a 17 years old guy with unlimited passions, but I made it through the whole thing.

So, I’m asking google today if you can encourage me via giving me a T-Shirt from google as a congratulations gift on finishing the Google IT Support Professional Certificate that will support me to apply for an internship at google in future and go forward for my goals. Hope Google team celebrate me :))

Warm regards,

Ahmed Serag

by Ardee D


First, I would like to thank the organizers for this opportunity, for creating this program and making it possible to those who want to try some new possibilities within the IT world. I'm coming from a non-IT background and it was really good to have a good grasp of the fundamentals or should I say the basics to be an IT Support Specialist. There were things that I did in my computer without any knowledge prior to this course but now, I'm equipped with terminologies that sounded gibberish to me before but not anymore. After this course, I can confidently say that I learned a lot and I know I'll be able to use this new found knowledge. I must also point out that it also gives you a boost in self confidence knowing that anything is possible if you are determined. So, thank you.

by Gijs O


Many thanks to the teachers, who explained key principles in a clear and accessible way. I appreciated their knowledge, experience, enthusiasm, and encouragement. Thanks to Coursera for providing this user-friendly learning platform. Via regular assessments, I could apply principles I had learned and consolidate my understanding. Help Center staff responded to queries promptly and were friendly and supportive. The knowledge I gained from these courses has boosted my confidence and will serve as a foundation for further reading and practice. I would not hesitate to recommend this certificate programme to anyone wanting to develop their IT and IT support knowledge.

by Patrick L


I absolutely loved this course. It was a great ending to the IT Tech Support Certificate because we could understand a lot of the concepts used to breach networks. I loved this course in the way they illustrated what historical hacks have occurred due to oversights and unseen gaps. I've learned the bad guys are just as up on things as the good guys, sometimes even more so. What a challenging environment IT security is. This course only scratched the surface as I'm sure there is a lot more to know, but it definitely does all it can to prepare on the defenders side of things. I'd recommend this course. It's a great starter for an online six week course.

by Kevin L


Wow! Here I am at the end of this certificate, but definitely not at the end of continuing to learn and keep my skills fresh. I never ever thought about quitting, but this hasn't be easy! But, things that are worth it rarely are easy.

This was a module I was able to really think about how my company handles things for security and privacy, especially with Covid as things have moved to a more remote focused level. I'll want dive into these topics further even though my role is focused on the front end. Thanks to everyone that put this course together, and I look forward to seeing what other certificates I can gain. Gotta keep going!

Thank you,


by Francis L


A good course wrap up, I found the topics on this section very engaging as it is something we can all actively relate to (the safety of our devices). There was a lot of cool new concepts to learn and the pacing was very smooth in that I found myself clicking the next video so fast because I WANTED to know the next topic. The great thing about this course was it also included the interview strategies and helpful advice in the end so that it does not leave you hanging. Honestly my biggest fear was completing the whole program and not even know how to speak in an interview. Definitely would recommend the Google IT program to all!

by Kerdia J


I'm thrilled to have just completed the last course in Google IT Professional Certifcate! I enjoyed this course and really appreciated the practicals. At times it got a bit technical and that's expected, this is IT! 😊 There are some things I need to brush up on, but overall this course is great, with customer service and interview training included, made it more all rounded. This has been a wonderful learning process, made me more confident that I am being productive with my time by learning new and valuable skills. Thank you so much Google and Cousera!



This course taught me the arts of cyber security, how to protect and protect my company from hacker attacks, what are the main types of attacks and how to defend, what are the main vulnerabilities and how to minimize them, methods and ways to ensure that information be transmitted in a safe, confidential and authentic way, I learned a lot from this course and the teacher is great, taught each step in detail and gave practical activities on how to put the course into practice. Thank you all.

by Luis


I genuinely enjoyed this course, it was very informative and made me aware of small changes that I can make in my personal home network to be more secure. It also gave me a great overview of all the possible attack vectors, which might be a little overwhelming but great to know.

There aren't as many practice exercises as some of the other courses in the specialization but they have the information in this course has been amazing, especially for a beginner like myself.



I am among the first people to take since course in 2018 but I didn't have the opportunity to finish the chapter on IT Security. I have a bachelor in Arts and Humanities in 2010 and I was not sure what path to take if I am going back to school. Thanks to this course, I decided to major in Computer Information Systems and will graduate with an Associate degree in Spring 2021.

Thank you all the instructors. You guys are awesome. Love you.

by Krishna S


The all 5 courses are really well organised in-terms of their importance in today IT industry. I really enjoyed all courses it's refresh all concepts and improve yourself to do more in better way. I can say it was right decision for me to go for Google IT support professional certification. I hope everybody whether fresher or experienced will learn from this and utilize in real scenario to be a better IT professional.

by Cynthia D S


Superb. Thoroughly comprehensive. You will not find a course with this thorough covering of the subject matter. I gave it 5 stars even though the QwikLab had two problems: 1) an error when connecting to the Secure Shell and 2) convoluted instructions. Sadly, QwikLab does not seem to care about their error. This class is otherwise outstanding and prepares you for an intermediate cybersecurity class.

by Mª N L C


It is being tough to accomplish this course for someone like me with a very basic knowledge of computer science. Nevertheless, thanks to the great work done by coordinators and teachers, I have been able to easily follow all their instructions and do my tasks. I have gained a deeper understanding of what is behind the scenes of an internet connection and how important it is to keep safe from attackers.

by Ricardo J V


Would highly recommend this course!Had an awesome time with my instructor as he kept me very engaged using food and movie references to help keep my notes not just entertaining but straight to the point. For those planning to take this class, have no fear, you will find this course to be super easy to comprehend and understand. I hope to one day use my skills and improve security with technology

by Chrisin J


Absolute beauty even in the final course! Google has done an outstanding job in putting out this course for everyone! Its easily accessible and convenient The important part is this course is perfect for beginners whatever their age is! The videos, explanations, and instructors are perfect and they explain every single line! Grateful for joining this course and please continue this great work!

by Ahmed I


Wohoooo! Just complete the IT Security course! The learning journey was amazing. I have learned so many interesting things about IT Security as like Security Threats, Cryptography, IT Security Infrastructure, Network Security, Defense in Depth and so on. In this course I most interesting thing I have learn Cryptography. I will recommend this course for any IT Support Specialist.

by Nigel V


I felt very intimidated at first learning these security concepts, but what I find rewarding is the fact that I have just become familiar with them now. Don't let anything intimidate you in learning from this course as you will get the hang of it later on when you find an IT job. It has deepened my knowledge in IT and I feel it definitely will prepare me for the CompTIA A+ exam.

by Muhammad A S B A


the most tough course over all 5 course for me. security policies lies on our everyday scenario which we might take it for granted, with this, I see that through every type of password or different policy implementation is design to make our life more secure in computational environment. all people need to realize on how important security policy is. thank you