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デューク大学(Duke University) による Java Programming: Arrays, Lists, and Structured Data の受講者のレビューおよびフィードバック



Build on the software engineering skills you learned in “Java Programming: Solving Problems with Software” by learning new data structures. Use these data structures to build more complex programs that use Java’s object-oriented features. At the end of the course you will write an encryption program and a program to break your encryption algorithm. After completing this course, you will be able to: 1. Read and write data from/to files; 2. Solve problems involving data files; 3. Perform quantitative analyses of data (e.g., finding maximums, minimums, averages); 4. Store and manipulate data in an array or ArrayList; 5. Combine multiple classes to solve larger problems; 6. Use iterables and collections (including maps) in Java....




Good and practical training approach to solve real worlds problems. Assignments and quizzes are quite challenging and interesting. Greatly motivates us towards programming and problem solving skills.



Actually, before I start this course I had not a good idea about OOP concept such as constructors, I have fair confidence about that. thank you duke university making such an arrangement.


Java Programming: Arrays, Lists, and Structured Data: 476 - 500 / 514 レビュー

by Atul S



by Sathyapriya P



by Wan B



by Rachid A N



by Mikhail K


I really don't understand why BlueJ is used, while there are lots of other free Java IDEs (Eclipse, IDEAJ, etc.)

Also i don't agree with some OOP things you say. I don't see any point in creating a separate class for each test case, one class for every single functional class is more than enough (e.g. we need to test a class called MyClass with 4 functions, thus we make no more than one test class with 4 or less (or more) test cases. Especially when you can use JUnit tests)

by Doha T


nice course , programming assignments are simplified real world problems. that helps in getting familiar with other areas of applying CS in.

Quizzes and review questions are time consuming and boring, just collecting outputs from running your programming assignment.

by Mr W


This programming contents of the course was quite easy, but the final quiz was awful & harder to understand. Anyway, It helped me to learn about the term cryptography. moreover, I learnt some data structures for efficient result

by C E


More accessible than course two in the track. If you are a true newcomer to programming this course is also not a good choice for you unless you can spend much, much more than the projected time on the material each week.

by Hangyul M


It definitely makes you practice! But I hope it more dedicated to make us think how to use data structure more!! But If you are newbie to this field, it might be some challenging but help you to improve your coding!!

by Seth B


Learned a good bit, but not as much as I'd anticipated. I already knew a good bit of Python going into this, so I really only gained a bit of insight to the syntatic differences of the two languages.

by Max V


Weeks one and two were extremely tough. Need more examples with testing scenarios in those weeks. Maybe consider breaking problems down into smaller samples.

by Md. Z M


The concepts taught were very useful and interesting, but the only drawback I found with this course was the confusing nature of the Mini-Project.

by Prithvi K


The assignments were straight forward with the algorithm laid out fully. could have been a little difficult

by Vu M L


Still needs some reconfiguration to the quizes. I am not satisfied with those. Needs to be fixed!

by 19-5B7 S


In this course I learned some basics recarding to the cashper and java programming code .

by Kerstin K


Course and Assignments were good, but don't hope for an answer in the discussion forums.

by 36 - O S


Quizzes are very time-consuming. It will be better to give programming assignments.

by Amir R A


If you are beginner, this course is going to be difficult for you!

by Neng P


Discussion forums for this course was not quite helpful.

by Konrad D


OK, big improvement from first 2 in this series

by Frank T


Poor Quizzes and little help on the forum

by Ernest D K A


Not foundational course at all.

by Olga V


Do not recommend this course and this specialization for beginners. Maybe worthy to make only if you have an experienced developer on your side to help you. Most likely, you're going to be really frustrated. Had high expectations on this courses, sadly was disappointed. Poor explanations, short videos, too complicated and multiple assignments, using BlueJ environment which nobody in a real world uses.

by Md. A


The course asks for lots of programming and hard work which I appreciate as a way of learning better. But, some of the quiz questions have questionable wording which leads learner to answer wrong and have less grade even after knowing about the algorithm well and having correct program developed. This is frustrating.

by Asif K


Again, I wish the teachers would explain explicitly what is needed for the programming exercise. I felt abandoned by the faculty when I was trying to work out the programming exercise. There is an assumption that we as students know what the teachers are talking about.