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Learn the basic concepts of improvisation from Gary Burton, one of the most renowned improvisers in the jazz world, including the mental, melodic, and harmonic processes that contribute to the instinctive skills that an improviser puts to use when taking a solo. While many people are fans of jazz and understand that musicians are often “making up” the notes they are playing during a performance, most people—often including musicians, themselves, who are beginning to learn improvising—aren’t clear about what exact processes take place to enable this to happen. The purpose of this course is to introduce the basic concepts of modern improvisation and how to go about mastering the different musical and mental skills involved. Course author Gary Burton codifies a sought-after approach to improvisation that has been at the core of Berklee College of Music's curriculum for decades. Students who complete this course will know what to practice and how to practice the various aspects of improvising, in addition to understanding how the improviser spontaneously communicates to the listeners through their musical creations....



Apr 19, 2017

It was productive and interesting time. I learnt a lot of new things and got much fun improving my improvisation skills.\n\nCite from course: You will have plenty to keep you busy in the months ahead.


Nov 20, 2016

This was a truly great course, I learnt so much. And I have been playing piano for almost 60 years! Thanks to a wonderful teacher and musician (brilliant rendition of Chick Corea's Crystal Silence)


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by Sacha K

Sep 06, 2016

It is an excellent course and I very much enjoyed working on the assignments. I specially liked Olhos de Gato

by Cathy G

Jan 19, 2016

The teacher, who is a world-class authority on jazz, has included all the concepts to make your soloing soar.

by Gleb S

Feb 11, 2016

An advanced level course for professional performers. Be careful with how it can change your musical sense!


May 13, 2020

I enjoyed and learnt a lot from this short course. Kudos to Mr.Gary Burton for being a superb instructor !

by Bart T C

Sep 12, 2018

Great course for many levels. Very challenging for beginners like me, but you can still learn something.

by paul k

Sep 23, 2015

Absolutley great to give everybody access to information of this quality and on this subject!

Paul Kovacs

by Davide C

Oct 26, 2015

Great course, a completed summary of main concepts to start your own "journey" to Jazz improvvisation

by Kerstin L

Oct 17, 2015

A very good and educational course, but you have to know your basic theory before you get started.

by Sergio M

Sep 28, 2015

Amazing! Gary Burton open a new world developing skills with direct and easy speech. Recommended.

by Rodrigo d C G

Feb 04, 2016

Very good introduction for those musicians who want to get into the world of Jazz improvisation.

by Graeme H

Apr 10, 2018

Very good overview of how tonal methods intersect with analysis of music. I learned a lot here.

by Gustavo B

Jul 28, 2020

Good course. Gary is a great teacher, the concepts are very clear, and I enjoyed very much!!

by Kang H

Nov 20, 2017

Quite useful and increase Jazz vocabulary a lot, and how to react more quickly and jazz style

by Albert M

Jul 12, 2016

It's amazing to be able to learn from such a high standard artist and educator as Gary Burton

by Stefano L

Aug 04, 2020

Some hard concepts made easy. First step of a long journey but clear idea of a new roadmap

by willislau

Sep 18, 2015

Magnificent Class! But I'm just a newbie to Jazz so it takes time to absorb the material!

by Albert R Y

Sep 05, 2016

Excellent course. Scheduled step by step. I learned a lot of things. Let's do the solo!

by Jean b

Jun 25, 2020

Thank you very much.

I earn five good weeks and works for my summer!!!!

merci beaucoup

by behshad a

Nov 05, 2019

this was very very helpfull to me

i connected to the best jazz teacher ever thank you

by Alex H

Dec 04, 2018

Perfecto para aprender a improvisar. Se requiere un buen nivel con el instrumento.

by Seth I

Nov 22, 2015

Unique approach to improvisation and extremely easy to grasp and make real use of!

by Martín M C P

Jul 06, 2020

Great course! I learned a lot about improvisation, analyze and feel the changes.

by Matthew

Nov 29, 2017


by Deleted A

Sep 01, 2015

Very insightful and offers practical means to learn the art of improvisation.

by Felipe M

Nov 14, 2016

It is a pleasure to be on this course, It is a challenge that you must take.