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This course is designed to give you a deeper understanding of Kubernetes. Over the next few weeks, you'll learn about several features of Kubernetes, the Kubernetes Architecture, how to create clusters, and different installation configurations. We'll also explore deployments and how they are scaled, updated, and rolled back. We will discuss clusters, pods, and nodes, and dive into Persistent Volumes as well as Kubernetes Authorization and Authentication. Lastly, we'll show you how it all comes together in a Kubernetes demo, so you can see it in action....



Course is organized well, detailed and informative. Few points in the course covered all topics and to a point. I like the course content and was very useful.


The explanations are brief and unambiguous, Especially the part where you needed to install the kubernetes on the virtual instances in the cloud.


Fundamentals of Kubernetes Deployment: 26 - 43 / 43 レビュー

by Ankit B


Good Course

by Navin M



by MOH F S M



by Nikola M


Overall, it's a good course. If you are new to Kubernetes, there's a lot of useful information to learn.

However, I disliked the style of presentation - reading text-heavy slides is not the best way to present the information in there. I liked the tone of the presenter, it's just the way he delivers it that does not work for me. Furthermore, copying and pasting commands feels like cheating and indicates the presenter does not have full command/understanding of what he is doing.

Some of the questions were a bit vague, and one of them accepted completely inaccurate answer as the correct one.

by VamseeKrishna D


This course gave me good overview of the platform and how it works. Learnt basics of kubeadministrator which are really helpful in our day today operations, one thing i dont see is a live lab to do a direct practice however by just following the given set of commands able to prepare minicube so didnot face any challenge. The way it is explained is really easy to grasp and understand.

Thank you for such a wonderful course

by Srinivas G


Do not start learning kubernetes from here, have a good understanding, practice on kubernetes and come here, so you will enjoy the theory concepts easily and you will learn the architecture in deep.

by Ермаков А Н


Было круто иметь инструкцию по установке куба на голое железо. А не только для google или amazon, где просят тучу денег за пользование сервисами.

by Hashan K A


Thank you for the content. Helped me quickly go through kuberenetes fundamentals. Some facts were not explained though.

by Bret K


The course is well organized and logical in progression.

by Avtar S


Nice and informative for kick-start

by Alberto R


really basic stuff, some hands-on

by Ankitaarya


this course id good for basics.

by David S R


It's needs more real practice.

by Tom K


The voice of the tutor is tiresome, he emphasizes sections unnaturally (didn't always seem to grasp the text himself before reading it). An annoying pointer is used to highlight each and every word from the slides drawing you into a kind of karaoke mode instead of actually listening to what is being said.

The best material is found via external links to the site. Other material is a plain transcript without any paragraphing, basically unreadible.

The multiple choice questions where all too obvious. None of the questions are about insight, all are about facts. Some answers where (probably rightfully) reported as faulty but no response is given even after weeks.

I just finished the course to get the certificate I already paid for.

by Tobias W


This course is a bad joke. Five minute superficial "lectures" per part - consisting of the guy reading his walls of text off of his slides - followed by links to the official documentation. Considering that I paid 45 EUR for getting links to the official docs to read is a huge disappointment. I already had a very basic understanding of kubernetes which was enough to ace all of the "quizzes" in the first go without even reviewing the "provided" material. I was hoping to have some labs and get practical experience on setup and deployment, but that was obviously not the case.

by Mathieu B


Teacher is just reading his slides ...

No project

Quiz with nonsense question / too obvious response / confusing negations

Sorry but I am disappointed about the learning deepness for an intermediate level course

IMOO it doesn’t deserves the 40€ (to get evaluated)

To be positive: the course provides you with an interesting tour of Kube's feature and goal

by Maen M


It could be better if you add more animated slides

by Roman N


Really poor course.

Instractor basically only reads what is on the screen. 70% of the course materials is a links to official kubernetes documentation.

Instructor never told what a pod is, what is a differece between ReplicaSet and Deployment and so on.

Don't waste your time and money on this.