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Today’s workplace calls for a new style of leadership to embolden and accelerate innovation. Design offers a novel way to discover market opportunities, experiment to validate concepts and mitigate risk, and deliver value to all stakeholders. This course offers hands-on experience applying human-centered design process to real-world challenges, and requires you to explore the world around you. Learn how to engage with end users, effectively frame problems, identify potential solutions, and build prototypes to test assumptions and learn what works (and doesn’t). Then dive into a range of ways large and small to bring design innovation into your organization....



SO far I've enjoyed it and it's the course why I started the specialization for, and instead of taking it separate from the others, it's way better to have the full track to get the 360 view


Enjoyed the journey through the course. The projects are integral to gain confidence on applying design thinking. However, they are time intensive and require commitment.


Leadership Through Design Innovation: 76 - 83 / 83 レビュー

by Nick M


This course was likely very good with instructor engagement, but left to its own devices fails to provide the same level of value as other courses in the specialization. Much of the class would benefit from actual discussion, which is not really suitable for this MOOC format.



very long and time consuming and its hard to get your peer to grade your submissions

by Giovanni


Workload is not proportional to the course and new concepts

by Steven Z


I didn't like it.

by Douglas B


I really hated it to be honest. First, the spaces provided for writing are tiny and when you have to review someone else's work, you have to scroll up and down, up and down, again and again and again. Also, the formatting is all skewed and there are huge spaces and broken sentences. The amount of work they ask for, for example, 750 to 1000 words of notes about reorganizing break time or organizing a meeting. It's ridiculous. This isn't an MBA and the certificate has no real value so why create so much work. I am a Coursera premium subscriber and I don't think I will continue here as I am sure the Capstone will be torture. Pick something else.

by Jordan T M


This course has limited instruction, overly done assignments and limited merit in the specialization in my opinion. It is by far the worst course I have taken on Coursera.

by Elena M


This course was not easy to complete with the current COVID-19 restrictions here in Canada (and probably around the world). It should have been updated.

by Daniel G


The exam is not practical and has deterred me from advancing. I have been working on a project for the last month to be able to pass it.