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This course is the last course of the a Specialization on Leadership called “Inspirational Leadership: Leading with Sense”, so you may want to take the courses “Building Your Leadership Skills” and “Giving Sense to your Leadership Experience” prior of taking this course. In this course you’ll get the opportunity to apply the skills learned in the first two courses of the “Inspirational Leadership: Leading with Sense” as an individual to a group setting. The group could not only be an organization such as a company or a team in a company, but also a private group such as your family or an association. Specifically, you’ll apply the 4 steps of The Savoir-Relier protocol to your group: 1. defining the group identity by working on the group self-awareness, 2. creating quality relationships within the group, 3. working on resilience for the group to then be able to overcome difficult situation and 4. Making the organization grow by creating sense and meaning. So if you want your group to grow as a successful leader in its fields, if you want to find your identity as a group and create shared values for it, or if you want your group to become more resilient in face of change and crisis, this course is made for you! Finally, at the end of the course, you would have build sense for your group in order to be more efficient. Using real-life cases you will see how the genuine, generous and generative characteristics apply to the development of successful organizations. For example, you will apply the Relational Circuit to recruit effectively, or the Self-Portrait and Conversation exercises to create team cohesion and resilience to overcome crises and interpersonal conflicts. You will be able to form trustworthy relationships in spite of diverging or different views, and you will grow respect in your environment where sense will be a driver for you and your surrounding. Leaders from different organizations, will share with you their insights about how they have applied the Savoir-Relier approach to their company and how it has made the company more resilience and competitive....




Excellent course. The quality of the material submitted by peers needs to be improved, possibly by making the rubric tougher.



Great course and great professor .. take it as you you will the results of what this course will teach you immediately :)


Leading Organizations: 1 - 25 / 65 レビュー

by Bernard D V


A final course, more practical than the 2 first, about leadership. A great course before the Capstone !

by Biswajit G


Extremely practical and helpful. I will recommend this course to everyone!

by Meenakshi B


Thanks for this wonderful specialization! This brought a lot of strength to my thinking, stringing my own thoughts neatly and helping me to grow more aware with deeper insights. There are somethings that you carry with you forever like your baby's first smile, first snow on your face or your first kiss. I'm adding this specialization to that list. Sincere thanks once again!

by Thierry G


This course makes a fantastic synthesis of all the elements that define innovative and motivating leaders. I loved it and I live my manager life for years using quite similar methods. I am now perfectly happy to see that I was not the only one to have such a broad view on what authenticity and generosity can bring to boost innovation et thus generativeness!

by Abhejit A


An honour to have participated in one of the elite courses from HEC Paris by one of their most elite professors. Clearly the SR model has been applied and adopted by corporate leaders and corporations around the globe, and despite its vintage, it is still so applicable in the current and future business scenarios.

by catherine h


Fantastic course for leadership skills.

I am going forward with skills that I will apply to my work and even life experiences. If all work places applied the SR protocols they will be so much more productive.

I highly recommend this course.

by Marcia S d A


It´s a excellent experience for professional and personal life. The exercises and opportunities to review answers of other participants is a good way to learn how to apply the contend in different situations.

by María d C O R


¡Enriquecedor, estimulante, excelente!El capítulo sobre la poesía en el módulo 4: hermoso, me llenó de entusiasmo, muchas gracias por compartirlo.María del Consuelo Ortiz Reguer

by Juan G R A


This course changes the way that I see life and the way that I manage my relationships in my professional and personal life. Thanks Valérie

by Enrique G G


Excellent course. The quality of the material submitted by peers needs to be improved, possibly by making the rubric tougher.

by Khaled A


Great course and great professor .. take it as you you will the results of what this course will teach you immediately :)

by Agnes K


very inspiring and encouraging i've gain a lot of leadership skills that will help me in managing myself and my teams

by Iffat G


Fantastic course. I have done all three of the previous modules and would love to move on to the capstone.

by Rach A


One of the most interesting management courses on Coursera with an outstanding lectures from Valerie.



Every Course helps me enrich my knowledge about the savoir-relier protocol. Really great MOOCS

by Capt. Y S R ( L & S


It was well conceptualized and Great course to see insights among distinguished peers

by Safwan N


The course provides me with the necessary skills to lead my team in a better way .

by Pore J


One of the best courses by Coursera, it significant improve my leadership skill.

by Olivier D P


very interesting. I will be to have a meeting with people certified !

by Khayala J


It was one of the best courses that I have finished. Thanks a lot

by Wouter S


Even more usefull concept to apply SR on an organizational level!

by Peyron


Crystal clear course on agile and innovative organizations

by José d J D L C G


Excellent course and excellent teacher. Congratulations!!

by Lydia S


Looked at the wider leadership within your organisations



I really loved all the three MOOCs in this speclization