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Nowadays, there is an increasing number of people who are interested in Chinese culture and language. And it is useful to know about the language when coming to China for travel or business. This is an ABC Chinese course for beginners, including introduction of phonetics and daily expressions. After taking this class, learners can have a basic understanding of Chinese Mandarin and make basic conversations of daily living such as exchanging personal information, talking about daily arrangements and food, asking about price, introducing the city and the weather, telling your hobbies etc. Selected topics and situations come from real life scenarios and can be used for everyday communications. In addition to the dialogues, the selection of reading materials and practice activities will make the content as rich and varied as possible, in order to stimulate the learners’ interests. This is an elementary course on Chinese speaking. The learners don’t need to study Chinese characters, so it is easier to follow and complete this course....



She teaching very well! Easy to understand, her accent is very clear to understand, lesson is very useful to and might can use it for real. Thank you for lovely teaching and lovely lesson\n\nThank you


Awesome experience it was a comprehensive and informative course. I learnt alot. Thank you coursera for providing us such a nice and global platform to enhance skills and knowlegde by sitting at home.


初心者のための中国語: 26 - 50 / 4,748 レビュー

by Ildiko D


Awesome Instructor and course. It was the best Chinese course for Beginners.

by Fabian W


This is a very good course to learn some basic expressions and, most of all, get a good first grasp of Chinese pronunciation. However I found the course structure quite repetitive over the seven weeks: Every other module is structured in the same way: "Which fruit do you like? Apple, banana, orange...", then the week after it's "Which sport do you like? Basketball, cycling, running". For a seven-week course this was not challenging enough. But it's a good start.

by Dee


I didn't find this course to be too helpful.

by 重宇 長


I don't like

by Alberto G H


I have certainly enjoyed this online course to get the basics of Chinese, and I do believe the way it was done has been a great compromise between time and information being shown (that is, the course is really fast to finish with, yet very important information is being given; and on the other hand, not many deep details on grammar are being given, yet various important stuff are definitely discussed). I would certainly recommend it to people who want to get a hint about how does the chinese language work.

The first lessons were extremely useful to learn the way chinese is written and accentuated, the numbers, the colours, the time...All that very simple information which actually makes us feel we start to understand the language itself. However, I must admit that the last lessons (the application of basic language to various daily contexts) were certainly difficult. It was still easy to associate concepts and remember them for some time, but the variety of words is so complex that, I admit it myself, after a few hours it is fairly difficult to remember everything you just did. Some mnemotechnic rules will anyway help a lot to learn some expressions, and I am sure I will never forget those.

Overall, I am really happy to have spent some weeks finishing this course to understand the basics of chinese and never say I do not understand the language at all. I thank Professor Xiaoyu Liu for the time to prepare it, and wish her all the best of successes on getting more people to study her courses. Thank you.

by Gregory W W


It's my first time learning a new language from an online course and all I have to say is that I am impressed! I would never expect to learn so much in this amount of time. Well explained, well presented and also made me want to learn more by showing how simple and easy it is to learn a language by just using a little bit of your time every day! For anyone who is reading this: Give it a try, it's very easy if you don't want to spend too much time on a new language this could be a great course for you!

Have Fun Learning!

by Foivi-Vasiliki C


This course was an amazing experience to learn basic things of the Chinese language. The fact that there was no need to study Chinese characters helped a lot. Xiaoyu Liu is a very good instructor and I really enjoyed her way of teaching. This course is a very good opportunity to have a first taste in Chinese Mandarin. Try it! I can’t wait to continue learning.

by Daniela B P


The course was really nice, with a lot of useful and interesting topics and a very good teacher. The pace of the learning was easy and the extended exercises helped to practice a lot more. I'm excited for continuing my learning!

Great job Xiǎoyǔ lǎoshī, xièxiè.

by Jorge A T


It's very clear and complete. Before this course I didn't know anything about the Chinese language, but now I speak a little because I learned many sentences and questions that give me forms to communicate in Chinese. I really liked this course.

by Alisa K


This course is fit to any foreigner beginners in chinese language. It makes me feel like chinese isn't complicated that I have thought. This chinese teacher explains very clarify. :)

by Maheesha V L


V​ery helpful! Learning chinese language is not easy. There were confusions in recognising tones. Don't Quit. I could sucessfully completed this course. It's fun. Xie Xie!

by Ekpawee O


I think if it will be better if it has Chinese character in video. (or I just didn't know how to see it)

by k11


Good day,

I did the whole course and personally I think it was fine in general, but there were some information which should be mentioned at my opinion, for example that there are differences regarding pronounciation between south and north china. In addition, I'm not sure about it, that there where pronounciation mistakes when it comes to tv programms, e.g. for the word like dònghuàpiàn or jìlùpiàn. The mistake where at the end of the word --> piàn. But it is possible that it just depends from person to person how to pronounce it. In any case it differs from other native chinese people from what I heard. It would be nice if someone can explain it.

In some cases I had problems to understand the professor what she said like "tongue marks". This was in a video in the first week I think, but she said those words in another video again and I could understand it there better, so at the end I could figure out what she said, but sometimes I couldn't.

All in all as I wrote, it was fine and learned something new. Thank you for the course. In chinese --> Xiexie ni ge womeng ze tang ke. (I omitted the tones --> too complicated)

by Boris R


Good course for beginners. In my opinion, its strong point is simplicity (it does not require much effort and yet allows you to learn something useful, and also makes you think that Chinese is not unbearably complex language after all) and broad range of topics (probably gives you all words necessary to survive short trip to China). What I didn't like in this course is lack of explanation: student is required to memorize entire sentences, but nothing was said about word ordering, personal pronouns and other basic structural features of language. I would also like to have more tests/ exercises with feedback, probably some review tests covering previous lessons.

by Sumonrat N


I’m happy to learn and I want to study Chinese because CHINESE for me It difficult Thank You 😊

by Araditta S


The teacher was remarkable. She was slow enough giving the student enough time to repeat after her. She made it very interactive and the tasks she put forward at the end of every section were helpful However, after a point they seemed redundant and too easy. They should be made a little tougher and challenging. Furthermore the passing cut off should be a little higher as it is too low. The lessons are spaced too far from each other and stretches over a very long period of time. They should be more compact so all things learnt and retained more effectively and instantly. Nonetheless, the teacher is able to teach Chinese very well for beginners, giving the perfect amount of coursework and relevant information that gives them access to the language. She has endowed the right skills for communication and has a very positive attitude with a smiley face that lifts the spirit of all people wishing to learn Chinese that excites their interest in the beautiful language.

by Makary M


I have gone through a beginner course before, so for me it was a refresher and an additional practice, although I have learned some new things here and there. I like the content of it and a stress on the conversation. The tests were a little too easy, I'd like them to be more engaging and challenging. Also I was also a bit disappointed in the absence of characters, because I like to at least look at them when I learn a new word, so that I can distinguish them from other characters that sound the same. Other than that it was pretty neat, wasn't a waste of time

by Alan A


This course was effective in testing what was learned and in testing simple, useful expressions, words, and sentences. However, I would have liked to learn Chinese characters along with the pinyin, as in China reading the characters is just as important as speaking. Also, I believe the quizzes were a bit too simple, there should have been more multiple choice answers to chose from, more questions in general, and even some pronunciation practice.

by Bjorn P


A several small errors (dropped tones, dropped letters / mis-spellings) in the main course content.

In the final review, they repeatedly use the wrong character and tone for "five".

These are really elementary mistakes which suggest that the course was not so carefully designed.

by Valentino M


Not a very good course layout

by Deleted A


Course is a little disorganized, and sounds are a little difficult to hear sometimes (in the exercises where you're asked to distinguished sounds, but I guess that's the point of those exercises. I don't quite understand the self-study videos because they're already in the main lesson videos, but otherwise, this is a wonderful course. I mean, I already speak a tonal language so the tones are easy for me, but they shouldn't be too difficult for non-tonal speakers too. Otherwise, this course gets you through the basics pretty quickly without too much emphasis on vocabulary or grammar and without Chinese characters; if you're keen, you'll pick up the grammar as you go along.

On a more technical note, the videos could be of better resolution, but that's not going to impede the course progression or anything. Kudos to this course's contributors!

by Kay B


If you want to learn some Mandarin and you are not sure where to start...just start here with this Course. It is all verbal and conversational. You do not have to learn Chinese characters and if you have been thinking, "No, Chinese is too hard to pronounce, its a "tonal ;language", blah blah whine whine "...please believe me, Professor Liu Xiaoyu is going to turn that entire generalization on its head and kick it out of the room. She speaks slow and patiently and if you can pronounce the words "seesaw, Jane Eyre, washer-dryer, car, how, why, and maybe" , then, you can pronounce Mandarin. Whats will be understood. Its a seven week course at your own pace and it covers a lot of ground. You will not be disappointed and you will be amazed what you can learn from her. Try it.

by Martin P H J


I really enjoyed this. Its main strong point is that the pronunciation is very clearly modelled, for students to copy. It covers quite a lot of ground. There are a lot of words in it, but many of them are recycled in later lectures, which helps them to stick. There isn't any grammar explanation, so if you like studying languages more analytically, this might not be the course for you, although as I said, I'd still recommend it if you are new to Chinese pronunciation. The only thing I wasn't particularly impressed by were the quizes, which were a bit easy, but I suppose they want the course to be accessible to as many people as possible, and not to put people off for fear of failing. Thanks for making this course available.

by Tigest A


Not to difficult for someone who has never spoken a word of Chinese before and also very comprehensive! For anyone interested in taking this course, I would suggest supplementing it with Peking University's Chinese Characters for Beginners course in order to gain a better understanding of some of the sentence structures and individual words that you will run into while taking it. Also, make sure to take notes to remember the various phrases you will learn! This was the first class I completed on Coursera and I am very satisfied and felt as though I gained a lot of practical knowledge! It's also not too difficult to complete and I would definitely recommend it for someone who wants to learn something new in their free time :)

by Elizabeth S


This course was so much fun. I enrolled on a whim and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm going to review a few of the modules again to solidify some of the concepts. The videos were all short--maybe less than 5 minutes each, so you have time to absorb what you've learned. If I did it again, I would do a quick review of the previous week's videos before starting the next group to make sure that I was really up to speed. The instructor did a good job organizing and presenting the information. Although it's an introductory course, it covers a lot of area. Numbers, food, hobbies/activities, seasons, months, days, directions, introductions and common phrases were some of the things that I learned.