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This 1-week, accelerated course builds upon previous courses in the Data Engineering on Google Cloud Platform specialization. Through a combination of video lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on labs, you'll learn how to create and manage computing clusters to run Hadoop, Spark, Pig and/or Hive jobs on Google Cloud Platform. You will also learn how to access various cloud storage options from their compute clusters and integrate Google’s machine learning capabilities into their analytics programs. In the hands-on labs, you will create and manage Dataproc Clusters using the Web Console and the CLI, and use cluster to run Spark and Pig jobs. You will then create iPython notebooks that integrate with BigQuery and storage and utilize Spark. Finally, you integrate the machine learning APIs into your data analysis. Pre-requisites • Google Cloud Platform Big Data & Machine Learning Fundamentals (or equivalent experience) • Some knowledge of Python...



Nov 19, 2019

Oh, this was great! I didn't have much exposure to distributed processing jobs. Really great to learn about staging, automating and tuning these jobs. I hope I can apply this professionally soon.


Apr 23, 2019

The course has introduced me to hadoop tools. I have learned how easy it is to setup a hadoop cluster using Dataproc. Will sure look for cases that have implemented hadoop and replicate on GCP.


Leveraging Unstructured Data with Cloud Dataproc on Google Cloud Platform: 101 - 125 / 467 レビュー

by Byungkee H

Dec 04, 2017

I want to give you 6 stars regarding bigquery to spark interacting example. Thanks.

by Yann K

Dec 31, 2017

I like the hands on part ... Especially the labs that build on each other.

by Alexsander P

Dec 31, 2017

Love this course, wish we can have a book that can go along with this material.

by Riebeeck v N

Feb 03, 2018

I enjoyed the repetitive nature give the mechanics for cluster setup and the sequential add on of information. I also like the fact that we are shown how to set things up by clicking around of the GUI and the corresponding cloud shell commands.

by shyam k k

Mar 11, 2018


by Shashank G

Dec 09, 2017

Very nice

by Walter S

Apr 23, 2018

Great course. Very well organised and very well explained.

by Narasimhan K

Dec 11, 2017

Fast paced course and saved the best for last. I wish there as more try out exercies

by Roderick P

Jan 28, 2018

I have a better understanding of how to leverage cloud Dataproc.

by Liam M

May 09, 2018

Exceptional - If you understand how machine learning works conceptually, then this course contains labs that will teach you how to apply basic concepts using Google's API. In my own circumstances, I believe this information is applicable to the enterprise space.

by Woiyl H

Sep 12, 2017

Thanks a lot for this excellent course, everything was prepared perfectly. No doubt 5 stars !

by david m

Jul 15, 2017

Excellent Course and expands on previous courses.

by nikhil s

Jan 27, 2018

Excellent cource

by Harold L M M

Mar 16, 2018

I liked this course very much, but, I think it would be better for all students if this course and the others based on codelabs, move to qwiklabs, which is a great training platform, and is already yours btw. Overall, this was a great course.

Thank you!

by Hadi G

Oct 11, 2017

perfectly to the point

by Sayyed M H Z H

Aug 31, 2017

There was some kind of editing problem in the video of Infuse Your Business with Machine Learning at 5.45min please check and make the correction.

by Ekhtiar

May 15, 2018

Amazing content! but then again it has to be since the course is provided by Google!

by Eric B C C

Mar 12, 2018

Excellent topical overview of Unstructured Data processing in GCP.

by Jas S

Jul 07, 2017

A few bugs to be expected, but really liked that we used command line quite a bit.

by Andrey S

Jul 04, 2017

great course, however if you know little about hadoop and etc, may be very complicated.

by Nick D

Aug 30, 2017

Very good course content and useful labs

by Justas M

Jun 26, 2018

Very thorough overview of data proc and its practical uses

by Mohit G

Apr 03, 2018

Fantastic course!

by Michael F

Jul 14, 2017

loved it

by Charudatta D

Jul 08, 2018

Very helpful in understanding Big Data Cloud technology overall